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FedEx is useless. I have freight arriving nearly daily and only FedEx causes problems. Their rag-tag ground service is unregulated since they use contract drivers, and air service is only slightly better. The tracking information is always out of date or in error and delivery quality is horrible.

I actually had FedEx call for directions, while a UPS driver was talking to me. I had HIM tell them how to get here and they still showed up the next day!

Now It's 7:00 pm, the tracking says that a package is 'on truck for delivery' Customer service says there is no late time limit for delivery. Any bets it doesn't show up! The driver is probably home having supper.


The next time you leave a delivery, up on the shoulder of the public road, off of our property, It's mine, and I'll file for a lost package. Maybe your lazy ways will change and you'll deliver it properly next time.


  • Si
    Siva Gowravaram Oct 02, 2006

    Recently we had a Cell phone shipped to us and the delivery guy threw our package from the road to the door instead of coming to our door and safely keeping it in front of our door. He didnt even knock the door bell. The tracking number for this shipment is 732533211849.

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  • Valerie May 14, 2008

    I am a buyer for Hilton Hotels, so we use FedEx all the time. NEVER have they arrived to pick-up a package for return due to an error they/'someone' made in the first place. We have had merchandise packed and ready to go for 2-5 months. Finally told them I was just going to toss it out the door...that's when they showed up. Zero integrity...FedEx only about the buck not the item or customer. The worst I've experienced. UPS or DHL all the way. Even US postal is better!! Calling does not help.

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  • Da
    daryl May 21, 2008

    get off your ### and bring to post office!!! not fedex fault if they did not caquse the screw up, quit your ###!!!

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  • Da
    daryl May 22, 2008

    NOTE T SCAMMER!!! You can file a claim, but fedex will deny to all ends. Fedex hates liars and thieves and hates you, YOU THIEF!!!

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  • Ny
    Nyingmeh Jun 16, 2008

    FedEx is utter useless. I have had parcels shipped from the USA and each time it's Fedex, the last message I see on the tracking service is :

    At dest sort facility POYLE GB

    Then it usually takes another 3 weeks and does not change and someday it pops up; guess what ? That was International Priority Shipment. A week ago I placed an order and the same thing has happened. Being in urgent need, I have asked my shipper to send the stuff again via DHL and I decided to pay again. I just received the stuff this morning. 72 hours later. FedEx is utter useless, maybe sometime in July they will pop up with the package.

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  • Ta
    Tamer Badr Apr 25, 2009

    Yes, also their offices here in Egypt are very bad, they have one car per office for everywhere, the driver may feel that he is tired and need to rest, then he just doesn't deliver and give the order the status "Address not found", and when you report that to office, they apologize and make no response, and they say that we tried to call you but there was no answer, your phone was off, ...

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  • Mo
    moesafwat Jul 31, 2009

    I totally agree, i had a package arriving from US to Egypt, it arrived in Egypt after 3 days which is good but i had to wait 2 extra days before seeing status changing to Clearence delay. I was just waiting after until i decided to search for Fedex number in Egypt which is wrong on Fedex website, it seems that they don't update their page and i received a notice by mail that my package was held at the customs, i checked number to call them to understand why they are sending me such notice, is there something required from me???!!! the phone number on the notice is also wrong!!! Well, I finally managed to get a number for Fedex Egypt after 3 days of waiting, when i called, i was told that it is held on customs so i asked if anything is required from me, the answer was "no", i told the guy so why i received a notice??!! he asked me to hold then came back advising that i should make a delegation for Fedex to clear the package (why no one told me that before??!!!) so i did and fax it to them, the next day i received a second warning notice from Fedex that my package will return to sender or destroyed!!!, i contacted Fedex number again and explained the whole story again and that i provided a delegation yesterday (it seems that they don't keep record of customers calling or able to track anything) he advised that this second notice is for telling me that it is held in the customs. The next day, i received another papers from Fedex which is a copy of the request done by Fedex for the customs and Customs feedback, i can tell you that i have spent almost 3hours trying to understand what those papers were about and what should i do with them, as usual, i contacted Fedex and as usual, they told me that it is pending clearence from customs, so i have to repeat the whole story with my contacts with Fedex, after she told me that if something is needed from me, they will contact me so i asked her why did i receive papers from Fedex request with the customers, she hanged a little bit before asking me to hold, after some long time, she came back and told me that she will put me in contact with their guy in the airport who advised me that those papers needs to be signed by some governamental party to allow my goods to get into the country (like i was supposed to know that by my own!!!) and i have to do it by myself as it is outside the airport!! he advised that once i have the approval, i should contact him so he send me someone to collect the approval (Thanks God), I managed to get the approval two hours after (good thing when dealing with governamenal entity), i called same number and resaid what is going on adding what i am requesting now as i was leading the whole process, i know what is going on more than them, but she advised me to call the call center (i didn't know that the number i got was the custom departement within Fedex) so i called the call center and explained what is going on and what i am requesting, he advised me my details so he can send someone to pick up the approval (he seemed new starter as there was someone beside him telling him what to ask me, it was surprising that they didn't get my info by themselves specially that i provided them the tracking number where my info are listed), well the courrier got and took the approval, two days later, it is still same status, no one is contacting me to let me know what is happening and the call center doesn't know anything (i believe the only tool thsy have is the tracking tool that i can check from the net which is not very clear to understand what is going on) so i decided to write this complain on Fedex as i still not getting any concrete step nor does they keep me updated.
    I forgot to mention that it is currently delayed from the initial expected date by 5 days and that i choose "international priority service" to get it soon but for sure i regret to have chosen Fedex for this shipment and i regret more that i have chosen "international priority service", it is really slow. And i still don't know how much will they surcharge me

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  • St
    steven biggs Oct 17, 2009

    I never got my intro package or any other dvd's all togeather columbia owe me 143. 00 dollares i want my money asap by fed ex or ups my nane is steven d. Biggs address is 1615 s. Central park ave #2 chicago il 60623 please call me asap at 773 / 522 / 2559 within the next 72 hours i also made police report with the chicago police report # is hr 590124 please send my money right away i been waiting cloce to 8 months i do not want to wait any loner for my money send it right away within 2 to 3 business days

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  • Ye
    Yells Nov 16, 2009

    So, on the day of June 1st, 2009 I was driving home from grocery shopping, and a fed. ex. driver hit me, he was speeding, and damaged the drivers side fender and door. I filed a claim with them, and Michelle Burrows of "Broadspire" is handling my claim, and it is now over a month later, and still NOTHING! My car is still damaged, and I have medical bills. Fed Ex Is a horrible company.

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  • Ch
    Chack Dec 15, 2009

    I shipped an empty Bicycle carrier last winter. It is huge, and it was empty. I bought the best one as the company guarantees safety of packed bikes. I shipped a bike one way and shipped the empty case home. The case was "lost" in Fedex terminal.

    The case cost about $600. Fedex made me search for all documentation I had and then without any explanation sent me $100 telling me the empty case was uninsured. This is nonsense. Now we must go to court and I made it my mission to tell the world to stay away from these greedy creeps.

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  • Fe
    fedex_stinks Dec 24, 2009

    I must agree! FedEx = useless!

    I understand it is the holiday season, and there could be some delays, but this is par for course anytime FedEx is used to send a packaage to my house. I live in a rual area about 10 miles north of Rochester, Indiana and since Rochester in the northern edge ofthe route for the driver who comes from Kokomo, he or she doesn't even bother to deliver many times.

    I even paid extra for 2-day delivery knowing that there may be a delay. I spent the day yesterday (Dec 23) at home all day knowing that I had to sign for the package. I watched the tracking online. I knew the package was in a delivery vehicle and on the way (according to online tracking).

    Traking said I would have my package by 7 pm. hahaha When It started getting dark, I knew I could just forget about it showing up. When I checked online this morning, my package was now back at the Kokomo distribution facility. I pretty sure the driver made no attempt to deliver this package. I was home all day
    and had my phone on at all times. Nobody even tried to contact me.

    Come on FedEx... Should I really have t drive 50 miles to your facility to find my package?

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  • Sk
    S K SINHA Jan 31, 2010

    Description/Content of parcel to be delivered:

    An attached letter of weight: -------------0.15kg
    Bonded BANK DRAFT of weight : -------------0.17kg
    Total weight of parcel : ------------0.32kg
    Color of Parcel : -------------White ( FedEx Envelop)
    Length of days :------------------------- 24 Hours
    Delivery Type:------------------------- - Premium Service
    Bill to:--------------------------- ------SATYEDNER KUMAR SINHA .
    Delivery Location:---NP 7 C PITAM PURA DELHI INIDA
    mno 9999355735


    HEL ME

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  • De
    DENNIS KEVIN Feb 21, 2010


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  • Br
    BringYourOwnCar=FedEx May 11, 2010

    Apparently FedEx doesn't deliver anymore; you must meet them to get your packages.
    I needed a package delivered urgently so I paid the extra money for Express Delivery. My package was supposed to be delivered on Monday, 5/10/10. Or so I was told. When the package did not arrive when scheduled, I called to follow up. I was told that the package would come in the next day. Sometime.
    I received a call at 9:46 a.m. on 5/11/10 and was told that the driver's truck was "broken down". Could I meet him? Seriously. As stated earlier, this package was urgent, I really needed it, so I drove the 7 miles and met him. When I got there, I was not given my package (that the driver had in his hand) right then because the driver was on his break. I was finally able to sign for my package at 10:12 a.m. Also, the driver must have repaired his truck between the phone call that I received and meeting him, because he was able to drive away.
    Upon calls to Customer Service, I was told that the package did not arrive on 5/10/10 as it should because:
    a) Incorrect address,
    b) Incorrect phone number or
    c) Driver Error.
    These excuses varied with the various/numerous customer service representatives with whom I spoke. When I told one of them that Iwas forced to drive to pick up a package that was supposed to be delivered, I was told that "that was on me".
    I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will NEVER use FedEx again.

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  • Je
    jeffrey922 May 11, 2010

    Fedex is a pretty big company... I wouldn't expect your one mishap to really persuade anyone.

    I don't disagree with you, but I wouldn't go so far as to never use Fedex again. For some things, they are very good at what they do.

    I am either really pleased with Fedex, or really pissed at them. Last year I had to go through a lot of trouble because the delivery truck kept coming at 9 am while I was at school. I came home to a slip of paper informing me they would keep trying, or I would have to pick it up.

    With Fedex, there is no way to tell them when a good time for them to come is, and with this particular delivery I could not simply sign a slip of paper and leave it on the porch.

    I think they changed that though because last week I missed a package and I just signed a slip they left me and it was left on the porch when I came home.

    Actual delivery times in my opinion are better than UPS and slightly cheaper sometimes.

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  • Da
    daffyduck1012 May 17, 2010

    On Thursday I discovered 2 door tags (tried to deliver) on my door. First off, if the delivery person had ANY sense they would have put the second tag in another location, not on top of the first, in hopes of getting them noticed.
    On Friday I called FedEx & was told all the packages for that door tag have been delivered. Situation resolved, or so I thought.
    Friday evening I get home & notice another door tag. I call again & was told that there are 2 packages that need to be signed for. Since I work "near" their facility I figured I would stop by & pick it up. I got the exact location & office hours.
    Monday I called to verify my packages weren't inadvertently sent out for delivery, they weren't. I arrived at their facility approximately at noon & was promptly told by the security guard that there were specific times for package pickup.
    On my way back to my vehicle I tried calling FedEx to complain (not once in my previous 3 phone calls had a "package pickup time" been mentioned) & was abruptly hung up on by their representative "Michael".
    Now my packages are being held hostage while I can figure out a way to get my packages "at their convenience".

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  • Ho
    Holly23 May 26, 2010

    I called to inform FedEx that i would not be home from
    1:30-2:30 pm everyday to receive my package. So for the last 2 days they came at 1:45 and 2:10. I called them when i got home and they told me that i have to drive down there and pick it up. It is 2 hours away from my home. So i guess i will have to drive down there to pick it up or they will ship it back within 7 days. Thanks FedEX for the worst service i have ever had. I will Never have anything shipped from them again.

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  • Bi
    bigbea Jun 24, 2010

    Great article on the decline of Fedex and fedex office as well.

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  • Ki
    KimD46 Aug 12, 2010

    Very bad service from Fedex. Fedex didn't deliver on time stating I have an apt# on my address but my order receipt tells me otherwise. Attempted to deliver the package but didnt leave it in my porch. They said they needed a signature. Called them to reroute at my work address. They didn't show up. Got a message to pick up the package in Moline. I'm so pissed off!!! They should have told me the first time I called that they can't deliver at work. Why can't I just pick it up at Davenport locations. I have to friggin drive 30 mins. to Moline to pick it up. I'm so pissed right now.didnt deliver the package on time

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  • Si
    Siplicity Sep 08, 2010

    I phoned ±3 weeks ago to get a quote. I had to phone back three times, and eventually got prices over the phone, but never received a written document, either by Email or fax. When I queried it, I was told 'the computers are down, our email doesn't work'.

    The customer order has now materialised, the quantities are slightly different, so I need a re-quote, and then I can ship. When I phoned, I was told the computers were down, so no quote could be done. I phone a few hours later, and the computers had just come online, and I was told you will have quote in 10 minutes. 30 minutes later nothing.

    I phoned the 0800 number on your website - it doesn't work. I phoned your national number (011). I was put on endless hold music. I gave up after 10 minutes of holding. I sent an email via your website - nothing, no response.

    If you are not making as much money as you think you should, it's not because of a 'world economic melt down'.

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  • Ke
    kertwo Oct 28, 2010

    FedEx Sucks.

    Day 1 attempted delivery: 11:08, door tag left.

    Day 2 attempted delivery: 11:19, door tag left. Fedex driver is an idiot. If I am not there at 11:08, what makes you think I will be there at 11:19. Real people work. This guy wants to zip through his route without a care.

    Day 2 call service center and leave specific delivery instructions. Left an afternoon, five hour period of availability.

    Day 3 item is loaded on truck.

    Day 3 item comes off truck 30 minutes later.

    Day 3 I call the service center. Item taken off truck because driver is unable to accomodate delivery hours. Well service center you are the one that told me they deliver till 8:00 PM! Service center suggests that I can pick up. No I can't because its 1.5 hours away...that's why I paid for delivery. Guess I get to blow my Saturday and wait for my package.

    FedEx you SUCK. USPS or UPS is the only way to go. They have good just suck!

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  • Di
    dillhole1966 Dec 06, 2010

    An order for car parts was placed on 11/30, RockAuto.coms website advertises 2-3 day delivery via FedEx. According to the tracking information it will not arrive until 12/7, far more than 2-3 days. This is unacceptable - we have customers waiting for a week because of these parts not being delivered in a timely fashion. FedEx takes no responsibility and points all blame at

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  • Cf
    CFoster Dec 18, 2010

    We've moved to Australia and tried to get some boxes shipped over (small boxes with personal items in). Took 6 weeks to get the account set up in the first place, then finally organised a date for pick-up - the driver never turned up. Not given any answers for this, organised another pick-up and the driver refused to take the packages as they had personal items in and Australia doesn't accept them!!! I've checked with customs and there's a whole department dedicated to shipping personal items so this is complete rubbish. This was a week ago and I still haven't had any response from Fed Ex so my boxes still haven't even been picked up. Crap customer 'service' and nobody has a clue what they're doing. The account 'manager' is Gemma Mynes - never deal with her or Fed Ex at all, the worst experience I've ever had.

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  • Kr
    krisi929 Dec 31, 2010

    My package was supposed to be delivered on a Tuesday, and it is Thursday and has still not been delivered. I called FedEx 3 times. Wednesday afternoon I called and they said they guaranteed they would be there between 6-8pm. I waited all day, no delivery. Thursday I waited all day at home AGAIN, and did not get anything. I called at about 1:30 and said they should be there before 5. I check online and it says "delivery exception" when NO ONE rang the bell or left a slip. The driver was too lazy to drop off the package and they all cover for each other. Still no package and I got overnight shipping. WHAT A SCAM!

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  • Te
    Tevear Jan 14, 2011

    I have two packages shipping from Apple that require signatures. Both packages were scheduled for delivery on 1/12/11. One package is coming via UPS and the other via FedEx.

    I print out the pre-release signature forms for both shipments and tape them to my front door at 7am. They are taped right beside each other and to ring the doorbell you would be staring right at them.

    UPS delivers the package no problem. FedEx says "no one was home". Either the driver is a liar or blind as bat. Either way it is simply pathetic. And to top it off, there were people at home, in my house the entire day!

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  • Ch
    Chris D. Jan 14, 2011

    that would be a good suggestion if the following stores you boycotted, Wal mart sears, sams, Bj's Best Buy, target JC pennys amazon barnes and noble, American Eagle this is just a few of the over half million merchants that use telecheck.

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  • Ro
    Rolex Jan 19, 2011

    Federal Express delivered a breach package to my door with an expensive watch. The watch had been stolen while the driver pleaded she needed to deliver all the packages in her truck. Federal Express meanwhile did the investigation which attempts to defer the breach to others as in myself as the reciever. Fortunately I took pictures of the package presented and called police to file a theft report.After 6 weeks still no insurance money from the shipper of record. Upon review of Fed Express securtiy reports and the insurance carrier of record emails bewteen the two question my integrity siting "something's strange" with this package? To the inside theives at Fed Express good job of concealing your ring, perhaps someone inside Fed Express security is on the take???? Bottom line use the US POSTAL service they need the revenue.

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  • Br
    Bruute Jan 24, 2011

    A package was sent me from the UK. it was a return and repair but I did not know I had to declare that so customs wanted to charge me. I eventually got hold of Bradley Johnson who was extremely helpful in trying to help me.Unfortunately customs being really stubborn I ended up paying the extra tax as i desperately needed the package which i did express to the call centre and was promised delivery friday afternoon 3or 4pm. When I called at 4pm they had not even left the airport yet.

    6pm and the airport is closed my package is still there and I am left stranded. I was willing to collect the package and was told it would be at midrand but after contacting several people seems as the package is still at the airport. Dont people understand URGENTLY NEED IT TODAY!! if they call and told me to collect it I could have now I have to cancel my plans for this weekend, So I am in a fantastic mood.

    I am so angry with rage you cannot believe...I personally phoned and kept in touch with the call centre to ensure it would be delivered to day. TOTALLY DISGUSTED!!! how can you run a business like this...

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  • Xe
    Xenor Feb 15, 2011

    Didn't receive a package by FedEx and they had listed the reason on their site as not home or business closed. When I checked further I found FedEx had actually put my package on the wrong truck and will not change the reason on their site to the truth.

    I inquired further and they said they only have a very few keys in their machine and use not at home, etc when THEY make a mistake. I suggested they add another key or two and they declined. This means to me that they endorse lying. This makes for a great company profile and makes you wonder, if they lie about this, what else have they or will they lie about? A moral company, I think not.

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  • Gu
    Guitarninjateck Feb 17, 2011

    Fedex is a joke of a courier service and I wholeheartedly voice my support for all consumers to switch to UPS! They always leave doortags instead of attempting to deliver packages. What is the point of a delivery company that doesn't deliver and forces customers to pick up their packages?

    Some countries are run by dictators and are called banana republics because they can't seem to do anything right. A few years ago I would have been enthusiastic about Fedex's service because they used to be professional. They aren't anymore. Period.

    Every single time there's been a door tag left at the entrance of my apartment complex with no other evidence of a delivery attempt. It's like they don't even try to enter the building. Then the door tag they leave usually says available to pick up for one hour before we close and attempt to deliver again the next day. At UPS you can request that they stop the package so you can pick it up yourself if the couriers themselves are unable to deliver it to you.

    UPS should be eating Fedex alive right now and I don't understand why people still patronize Fedex.

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  • Ma
    Madpegs39 Feb 21, 2011

    So had a package shipped monday, and all week until 11 pm last night tracking said...2/11/11 delivery. Anniversary is Monday so finally made plans for the weekend, to celebrate...2 teenagers staying off...was going to be the first in years. Get up this morning and delivery now 2/12/11. Had to cancel plans, they won't hold it in my town for me to go get...When asked why the tracking changed, they said the 18 wheeler is going slow due to weather.So then I ask what am I supposed to do about the money I am out for not being able to leave today...Nothing we can do.So now have to wait until they show up tomorrow to leave. USPS shipped to me 6 packages this week and they were ALL ON TIME! I will NEVER used Fedex again!

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  • Mo
    Morgan Feb 22, 2011

    Fed ex. i arranged for a redelivery. Sat in all day. By 1pm phoned and was told the delivery would take place that afternoon.

    They did not show.

    I phoned and was told that i would receive a call back within the hour by a manager.


    Now I have just got through to an agent on the other side of the world (canada) who advises me fed ex uk is closed for the day!

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  • Ts
    TSV34 Mar 28, 2011

    Sounds like a letter from Fedex, but it’s a fake one. Don’t fall for it!

    ====================FEDEX DELIVERY===================
    Attn: From FedEx,
    Date: 24/06/2009.

    This is to inform you that there is a package in this office deposited by a private
    organization body, Your email address was attached to it and is to be delivered to you.
    I have been waiting for you to contact me for your confirmable package which contains a
    Bank Draft of 230, 000.00 USD and some vital Documents.
    Kindly contact our branch office (FedEx West Africa, Head office.) via our Attorney
    Name: Peter Goldsmith
    Email:[email protected]
    Tel: +2347035404004

    You are required to provide him with the following information:

    Marital Status:
    Telephone Number:
    NOTE: Every claim has en expiry period of Fourteen working days (14days).

    Barr. Andy Stevens.
    ===================FEDEX DELIVERY===================

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  • Nu
    Nusrole Apr 04, 2011

    I have been waiting since Dec 21st. for Fedex to deliver my 8 year old daughter’s Christmas gift that I ordered from Toys Us. Fedex keeps telling me they cannot deliver it due to the weather. They said they tried to delivery it ON Dec. 21st, Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd, Yes we had 15 inches of snow Dec. 18th 09 but my road and drive way was clear early Dec. 22, 09.

    Fedex also said they tried to deliver the item Dec. 24th at 2:18pm but no one was home that is a life they DID NOT attempted to delivery it on Dec. 24th or any other day, we were home waiting for the package. in fact my husband was outside. He would have seen Fedex. Fedex told me they will try to deliver the pacage Dec. 29th. After Christmas. So thanks to Fedex my little girl can’t have her Christmas gift till after Christmas. I will never order anything from anyone again as long as they use Fedex for shipping.

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  • Vi
    Vickie44 Apr 24, 2011

    I was awaiting and tracking a Fed Ex shipment via the computer. After 5 hrs. of waiting, the system notified that a delivery attempt was conducted and I was unavailable. I never went anywhere!!! I contacted Fed Ex customer service and informed of this blatant lie. After being placed on a 5 minute hold, I was informed that the driver would "return" in a hour. I waited an hour and contacted Fed Ex customer service a 2nd time and was informed that the 1st request was never placed and this time the information would be input via the computer for the driver to “return.” I waited 30 minutes and contacted Fed Ex customer service a 3rd time to verify my request. They informed that the request was placed, but the driver was not “returning” because his work day was over. At that point I was levied and requested a supervisor. I informed the supervisor of the continuous lies by their company and requested permission to pick up the shipment at the Fed Ex station. However, I that was not possible because the driver took the delivery vehicle to a secure place which did not have the vehicle keys. I will never, I repeat never utilize Fed Ex for any of my shipments...NEVER!!

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  • Su
    sujai May 03, 2011

    a shipment was expected to reach us on 26th april, I am writing this on 3rd may. it has been stuck in Delhi due to some reason, which we are never told exactly what the reason is. Every day we are told someone will contact us in few hours but NOTHING happens. To make the case worse fedex website says our shipment is in MUMBAI now, but the customer care says it is in Delhi. For a shipment addressed to jodhpur, it is strange if the shipment is in Mumbai.
    Amid all this frustrating handling of shipment at fedex end, we are incurring a huge business loss.

    Tracking number: 797006308661

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  • Et
    ethan07 May 17, 2011

    North Carolina to Canada---almost 10 days, then the small package was not even delivered to the door, it was dropped in the mailbox at the end of the driveway. The recipients had stayed home for 3 days for fear of missing the driver. No explanation or compensation was offered.

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  • Ih
    ihartmac2011 May 17, 2011

    and they didn't check for mail either? lol

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  • St
    Stragz Jun 01, 2011

    I recently used Fedex to mail off my transcript request and I ask the customer sales associate can I send a Fedex envelope to my previous College so they can forward my transcript to my new College to get it processed through the mail faster. Plus I asked can I pay for the postage now so my previous College will not have to worry about any postage fees because thats not there problem. The customer sales associate told me Fedex would bill my visa card once the College was ready to see the envelope back. Wow! Maybe a wk later I get a email from my previous College saying Fedex sent them a bill for $41.05 and they would have never sent my transcript out if they knew this would happen plus they placed my records on hold because of all this confusion. So I am very disappointed I was told one thing and Fedex did another. Not sure why the customer sales associate told me I would be billed on my visa by Fedex and it never happen? Please in the future say what you mean and do what you say! I threw the tracking number and receipt away and hopefully Fedex will contact to get this billed paid for cause I am not happy about the outcome of this delivery which was my first time using Fedex for delivery. I used the Fedex in Honolulu, HI.

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  • So
    somebodydidmewrong Jun 11, 2011

    FedEx used to provide good service and now it just plain sucks. I won't be using them again. Even the form for submitting complaints that is on their website doesn't work, not that it matters. The few personal shipments I make each year don't add up to much but for business the amount is large enough to provide me with great satisfaction spending it with one of their competitors. It feels good knowing I am doing my small part to lessen their market share. Hopefully they will go out of business soon.

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