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FedEx review: Driver lies. Did not deliver package.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I have paid extra to have my package ship on time to my house. I stayed at home all day to wait for my package. No one came and yet status updated with delivery attempted and "custemer not available or business closed". I called Customer Service and they said they don't have the driver information, they can't contact the driver, that I have to wait for another attempt which won't happen until 3 days later due to weekend and normal Monday off.
Four years ago, I bought a $500 camera and used Fedex service. They claimed they delivered it which was a lie since my dad was at home all day long and no one stopped by and delivered nothing. I filed a claim and they refused to pay me my camera.
Never ever use Fedex again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 12, 2022 5:47 pm EST

My complaint is about lazy drivers who will leave a notice for pickup instead of walking the 60 feet to my apartment.

Dec 04, 2021 5:46 pm EST
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I have 4 packages that have been on truck for delivery. The oldest has been 6 days. This happened earlier this year when I ordered from Kansas city steaks that was sent out frozen but I got it it was worthless.

Nov 12, 2021 6:31 pm EST

I sat my son down in the front of my house and told him to wait for a fed ex delivery. Watch the street for the fed ex truck, I said. Then I walked around the back. When I got back, I found a sticker on my front door, no package. I asked my son what happened. "The fed ex truck pulled up in front of our building. The driver walked out of the truck with a sticker, put it on our door, then got back in his truck and drove off." Did he knock?, I asked. No, he did not knock, nor did he have a fairly large package in his hand that I was waiting for all day. The underpaid and underqualified contractors fed ex hires use this ruse to save time. Customer service can do nothing, will not give me the number for the local distribution center. These people suck. Do not use Fed Ex. You may pay more, but at least you'll actually get your delivery and won't have to waste a day waiting around for the debacle I just experienced.

Nov 05, 2021 3:54 pm EDT

11/5/21 ordered an item off amazon and fedx was to deliver today per out for delivery. Watched driver stop 2 houses down and took package to house. I then get text that it was delivered. This was a 134 dollar screw up. I watched him deliver it to the wrong house. Called customer service and they told me it would be a process and could not get the driver to return. Mind you it was about 2 minutes from him leaving it at wrong address and me calling. All numbers on houses are very bold, what a load of crap employee.This is not the first time. I was told to go down to the neighbors and get the package. We are in the middle of a tropical storm here in florida. Why should I go get it when it is being paid for to be delivered to my home, poor customer service. I did go down in the storm and luckly someone was home and I got it. It seems if you want something anymore you need to have your hands on it . If the driver says it was delivered then your word is crap. It could be delivered to the back of their car for all we know. Very dissatisfied with all deliveries including usps. We in this area always getting someone else mail. It is a shame work ethics are so horribly anymore and standards of these huge companies go without question. It is a shame.

Aug 18, 2021 8:41 pm EDT

I ordered a package from MN, it was shipped out 8/10/21 to me in Va. Today is the 8th day, tracking shows it was sent to some town on Lake Erie, driven to Martinsburg WV after 2 days. Left there for a few more days and now local for 2 days. Currently says delivery exception. Bull hockey! Our trail cam shows they didn't even Come!

Jun 14, 2021 1:35 pm EDT

Recently I have also been notified by email that my packages were delivered to my front door, but in fact they were NOT. I think these Drivers are stealing the merchandise. Fed-Ex you need to investigate these cases and hold your drivers accountable! You are making it too easy for them when all they have to do is report it delivered and they get away with it. This is WRONG!

May 03, 2021 11:24 am EDT

I have had several deliveries reported as delivered and they took days to actually arrive, including a next day delivery that didn't arrive until 4 days later. I think they are lying to keep their "on time deliveries" numbers up. One time they stated that no one was home and I'm staying at a hotel that is open 24/7.

Mar 10, 2021 8:26 am EST

I ordered two Apple Ipads, Generation 5, from Groupon, which were on sale. They sent the package through FedEx tracking #[protected]. FedEx said it was delivered, I went right outside, and to no avail, they were not there. I waited and waited, and nothing came. I reported the issue the next day, and they claim they were going to look into it. I filed a claim, and according to them, it was delivered when they said it was delivered. I cannot get a refund or new Ipads sent out because FedEx lied and said they did deliver it. Well, who the hell did they deliver it to because it, sure enough, wasn't me! I am pissed. My children are upset. I am out of $625.00. FedEx employees are thieves, and whoever stole, I pray Karma gets you!

Mar 07, 2011 9:54 pm EST

I've been trying to have my package delivered for 2 weeks and it's like pulling teeth. I ordered a leather bench that was supposed to arrive on the 23rd of February. They said they delivered it at 10:01am, but there was no package, and that the driver scanned it back into his posession at 1:30pm (or so I was told). I called customer service, they said they would send it on Friday -- I was home all day, no package. I called back, they said it was with the driver and they would try again on Monday. Monday, there was still no package. I called back, they said they don't know what the scan actually was, even though they told me it was with the driver. I filed a claim, they investigated, said they couldn't find the package. I called the company I ordered it from, they sent out a new one through express. They tried to deliver it Friday, I wasn't home. I called Saturday, they said I had to be there to sign and the only deliver before 3pm Monday - Friday (I ordered 3 other items that all came without incident and were left at my door without a signature). I told them I work Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm. They told me I had to come pick it up -- a 50lb package on a 45 minute subway ride after I paid $15 in shipping charges, and I have to pick it up? They refused to switch the day or time to when I was home and refused to deliver it to a FedEx Kinko's near my apartment.


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