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Why would a fed ex driver not read the note left in the door, not ring the doorbell, and not leave a door tag informing me that the package was now being routed back to the closes fed ex building which is a half hour away from my house? Customer service said I could pick it up... Then whats the purpose of having delivery? It perplexes me what the driver was thinking. Lazy? Ignorant? A combination of both? Oh wait. I forgot you dont need a college education to drive a happy meal box with wheels around and act like a [censored].


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    janet green 777 Nov 09, 2018

    my number 452983054823, my package was delivered by FedEx today 11/9/2018 at about 1.20pm. he left it in the drive way he did not put it on the porch by the door, good I was looking for him. I ask him could he put it on the porch by the door he said NO it is to Heavy and that is not his job he was very rude. I told him I was going to report him. I feel that driver need better and more training and he is very Lazy. my package was damage I had to call the company. I talk to a lady in Taxas she said someone will call me but she did not ask me for my phone number.

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