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L Aug 05, 2018

I was instructed that I would need to be home to sign for a package from Redstone in Boulder, CO on Friday, August 3. At 5:42 pm tracking showed that I was not available. I was home and I also have the Ring door bell. I checked the recordings from Ring and there did not show that anyone came to the door or rang the bell at that time. I also didn't receive a door note regarding a failed delivery. I called customer service and spoke with 5 different people due to the phone getting disconnected. Out of those five people only one (Sharon) even tried to find out what happened. All others could only say they would try again on Monday, August 6 to deliver. I was also told by two of your representative that the vendor had the wrong address. I checked my shipping invoice and found they have the correct address. I insisted they contact the driver and ask him to make the delivery. All except Sharon refused. I was also told when I asked to speak with a manager that they would not speak with me and the supervisor was the highest I could speak with. I was also told if I want the package Friday, I could go to there shipping location to pick it up. I found this odd, because the package was on one of the trucks. I feel like I have been lied to & insulted as a costumer. This has not been the first time I have had a problem with delivery of a package in the past 6 months. The first time they delivered to the wrong address. So this time my husband checked with the neighbor at 2220 Lariat (our address is 2200 Lariat) to see if the had a door tag and they didn't. At this point I suspect the driver didn't attempt to deliver the package. I also am disappointed that the package could not be delivered on Saturday or Sunday. I will need to spend another day of my time waiting for a package that you did not attempt to deliver when it was scheduled. I'm very disappointed with FedEx's customer service. I will also contact the vendor to let them know, so they can make a decision on where they want to continue business with FedEx.


Lessa Kam
2200 Lariat Trail
Frisco, TX 75034

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