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B Aug 01, 2018

I'm taking the time to write this email, because of a conversation I had with a Fed-X agents earlier on the morning of Wednesday, August 1, 2018. He was very rude while he spoke to me along with being very impatient. I deal with Customer Service Reps everyday, all day. Never have I had anyone speak to me the way he did. I told him politely that he was being very rude. His disposition and attitude showed that he didn't care at all regarding customer satisfaction. I would not be surprised to know that he speaks to many clients like this and nothing has been done to stop it. He was very emboldened to continue to speak to me the way he did without the slightest apology. I feel it's important for FED-X to know how their employees are speaking to their customers. He also told me his name was Edward. I was told by another person that his name was Caesar.

Fed-X makes it very difficult to register a complaint. They have no prompt on their phone system for Customer Service. You have to go through a number of prompts to speak with someone. Most people probably just give up and fail to make complaints. This is probably the reason why employees will continue to treat their customers poorly.

I finally spoke to someone who promises my situation will be addressed. I will wait and see. Fed-X is a wonderful company with many great employees. However, they need to get rid of this particular guy. He will at some point spoil their reputation, if he has not already done so.

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