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I sell on Ebay regularly. I pack my itmes with bubble wrap and peanuts to insure safe delivery. Obviously, I cannot insure that the delivery service does their job right though. I sent out a cast iron dutch oven shaped like a rooster last month, June, 2014. It is a very rare piece. The customer received it and it was broken. The entire beak/spout was broke. The customer was devastated, as she had been looking for one for awhile. She paid $200.00 plus shipping for this item, which I in turn refunded her after waiting for over 2 weeks for Fedex to respond. I made a complaint with Fedex the day I received the message from her that she received it and it was damaged. That was the second week of June. Today, June 30, 2014, I finally received a letter from Fedex. They have turned down my complaint. They stated that due to there not being damage to the box, it is not their mistake. Obviously, as the customer stated and as I believe, the box was dropped straight down and broke it. When that dutch oven left my house it was perfectly fine, but when the customer received it, it was destroyed. Fedex is responsible for that damage. I have used them since I started selling on Ebay and have made them a lot of money in the process. As of now, I will not give them anymore business. I am out the $218.57 that I had to pay the customer, plus the amount I paid for the item at auction.

delivery failure

Sir or Madam,
I'm a German student who came to Bali to absolve one exchange
semester abroad and I have a story to tell.
I studied one semester in London before I came to Bali. Therefore I was only for
2 weeks in Germany, which made me decide to sent my clothes, shoes and the like
directly to Bali instead of carring everything to Germany first and then to
Bali. I've asked the landlord of the guesthouse I've booked myself in if it's
okay to send it to them before I arrive which was almost one month later
(12.3.14). I've compared and booked a parcel over the website Parcel2go.com. The supplier FedEx
collected my parcel on the 17th of February 2014.The
parcel arrived a few days later in Jarkarta, but till now I haven't
recieved my own belongings. What happened?

I've received an email from parcel2go, informing me that my parcel has been hold by
customs and I would need to pay over 400 $ custom clearance. Immediately I disconfirmed and claimed that this can only be a mistake as you don't have to
pay duty taxes for personal belongings which won't stay in the country. Because
of the recipient wasn't only me they believed it was a gift for my landlord but
I cannot sent it to myself if um not there yet so this was followed by week's
of painful email exchange and phoning between me, my landlord, parcel2go, FedEx
Indonesia and the customs.

First parcel2go was asking me for my flight ticket (return flight in July already
booked) and the university letter which points out the end if studies in July.
They forwarded it to FedEx and FedEx to the customs.

Then they asked for copy of my passport, boarding pass and stamp of arrivel which
I've sent through 1 day after my arrival in Bali. More than a week later. my
landlord recieved a call from FedEx Indonesia asking for those documents. It
turned out that Parcel2go didn’t forward my email. I followed up again via
email, asking why it failed but never received an email back. Maybe the contact
person quitted or whatever but since then I haven’t heard from Parcel2go again.

After sending through the documents again via my landlord. Fedex requested a statement letter in Bahasa Indonesian. I
filled it out together with my landlord and the Fedex currier collected it.
After more than one week I called again. Fedex told me that it has been
rejected by customs because it’s handwritten. But no one told us beforehand to
write it on the computer. I wrote it again and printed it and they collected
again. After more than one week I called again and they told me my landlord has
to fill out the same letter too. And every time it took more than one week and
it took ages to call someone as the custom department in Jakarta of Fedex
Indonesia has no direct phone number. I have to call the local department in
Bali to request a call back. Sometimes when they called back I couldn’t answer
my phone because I was in University and they only try to call back once so the
whole procedure starts over and over again. A really painful process. Apart
from that I get different people every time so with every call I need to
explain my story again.

So the first time I received an official bill was on the 16th of April.
Almost exactly two months after the collection date. So even if I would have
been able to pay the taxes I would have to wait two months for my personal
belongings. I was really suffering because I only brought a small suitcase to
Bali and in my parcel there is most of my clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. In the
university we have to cover at least shoulders and knees so I had to buy some
appropriate clothes because mine were in the parcel. I had to buy some medicine
because mine is in my parcel. I had to buy new shoes because my pair is in the
parcel. I had to buy some kitchen equipment and cosmetics and a multiplug for
electronic devices just to name some examples.

Before I received the call and the bill from Fedex Indonesia customs company RPX, I’ve
actually thought that I would have clarified this misunderstanding that this
parcel is a gift to my landlord by sending through all the requested documents which
clearly proof that I’m a student here for a short period of time and so on. So
I was really shocked when I realized they want me to pay over 62% duty taxes (one
of the highest rates) which are around 200 Euros in my case, for a parcel I’ve
already paid 150 Euro for delivery cost. The amount is calculated on the
insurance value (300 Euro) which I decided I want to have from the insurance
should my items get lost or damaged but clearly doesn’t reflect the real market
value of the items because they are all old and used. I’ve also disconfirmed
that but they told me it’s always based on this value. It also took another
week to get an answer because it was impossible to answer to the email as there
was a delivery failure all the time because they used only outgoing call and
email system. But for me it’s really difficult not to have it written down.

I tried to complain and to claim compensation to Fedex UK via phone for the long
waiting time which no one told me before and also I don’t consider it as
normal, but they refused to talk to me as officially Parcel2go is their
costumer. Parcel2go has no service number so I need to chat with them in their
service chat. I tried three times, but they didn’t want to hear about any
customer problems, so when they didn’t want to talk anymore, they just closed
the chat session without letting me finish my sentence. Also they claim that
they have absolutely no responsibility for informing their costumers about any
tax regulations or national laws, but I think it would have been necessary to
at least request the documents beforehand to avoid a long waiting time or tell
me about the waiting time. I made a public complaint on their Facebook page and
after that, someone finally tried to listen to me. But instead of claiming a
compensation from FedEx on my behalf, which was the purpose of my contact, they
started writing me emails again and blackmailed me to pay the duty taxes
otherwise they will request to abandon my parcel because the deadline for
keeping it in the warehouse suddenly passed. But no one ever told me there’s a
deadline and also a warehouse fee increasing for every day. Since now they still
haven’t claimed any compensation on my behalf, neither tried to clarify with
the customs that there is a mistake in the original commercial invoice. I’ve
asked them several time for a contact person at customs or where I can go
because I was already in Jakarta but they haven’t told me.

They only offered me to return the parcel for 400 Pounds to an address in the UK
which is not valid anymore because I don’t live there anymore. I’ve asked them
to send it to Singapore but they refused to. Apart from that it would cost even
more to send it to Singapore which I also don’t understand.

I also wanted to report this case to the newspaper but I don’t have a lot of time
because I’m a full time student here now and I need to focus on my studies here
in Bali rather than trying to get my own items which is my right to have here!

In the meantime I’ve been to the Fedex Indonesia in Jimbaran but also there they
don’t know what to do and no one can tell me a contact of customs directly in
Jarkarta or where to go. The import department of RPX told me again that the
recipient is not me and therefore it cannot be seen as personal belongings so I
explained again that I couldn’t put only my name on the address when I sent it
because I wasn’t in Indonesia when the parcel was delivered. Although I
explained the same story over and over again many times in the last three
months no one seems to care, listen or trying to understand. I also asked my
professor from university to help me and she sent also the student enrollment letter
and a confirmation from my studies in London through to FedEx but we haven’t
heard back from them. The communication is really difficult.

The customs refuse to amend or change any of the taxes they charge me although they
know it’s not right and legal. They are ripping me off for choosing to study
one term in their country.

The main problem is that I’m not prepared for this as its usual not necessary to
pay taxes for personal belongings which will be for personal usage only and won’t
stay in the country. Also I cannot pay this huge amount because I’m a poor
student financing everything by myself here and this is a lot of money. I will
not have enough money to stay in Bali if I need to pay this. If no one helps me
soon they will put my items away and I will never see them again. Even then I
will need to pay the duty taxes so I will leave Bali with debts which I cannot
pay back in near future so I don’t know what will happen to me. I have
nightmares and problems to sleep because I’m so afraid I will never see my
personal items again.

I don’t know what to do anymore or who to ask as I don’t know anyone here and my
energy is nearly over.
I’m begging for help.

  • Da
    davidgevorgian Jun 10, 2014

    I made a purchase for $260 on hobbiking. I pay $45 tax, Fedex Priority shipping $64 and $36 for clearance service are include ($24 for Fedex service, $2 for Computer time, $10 for security). Got Fedex service in Israel.

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  • Sw
    Swapan Acharjee Jun 29, 2014

    My docked number - 606966976470, And my Complain number-0628002760.This parcel is not delver to me. Its delver to unknown person. Still now I don't get the parcel.You think what is your service.I known it is big organization. I don't known what is delivery conditions, please do something. As soon as possible.
    Phone no-9332241431.

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  • Fe
    FedEx India Jun 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Swapan Acharjee,

    We request you to kindly check with the shipper as this shipment has been returned to the shipper.

    Best regards,
    FedEx Express

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  • La
    Lance Davidson May 26, 2015

    RPX Holdings Inc. are the biggest criminals in Asia. They are a corrupt, deceitful, and nasty group of shysters. They overcharge for their handling fee which is the same price or double than what the original shipping fee was from the sender. Frederick W. Smith should seriously consider putting RPX Holdings' contract with FedEx "under review".

    # 628660426859

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document undelivered

Fedex Malaysia just wasted my time and money. I have a document that was supposed to be delivered to me from my brother in GB. It took Royal Mail only 1 day to delivered it to me from Scotland to KL, however Fedex Malaysia still haven't delivered the document to me after 3 weeks. I don't know how their logistics work, but when I look them up on Google Map from their collection base to my house to could actually delivered it to me within 5 working days by foot. I've been calling their customer service quite a number of time and their response had been the same, as if they don't want to take any responsibility for their negligence. I advice people to stop using Fedex Malaysia, otherwise if you wanted to get rip-off and waited for eternity for your delivery, then Fedex Malaysia is the choice for you! By the way if Fedex management wanted to know who I am this is my document tracking number [protected]. Thanks for nothing!

  • Br
    BrendaOoi May 24, 2014

    Totally unhappy with Fedex Malaysia too. Bought a nursing pump online for RM335 (approx USD 104.60) including postage. Been taxed by fedex for RM247.90 (Approx USD 77.47). Although there been confirmation by local custom officer that there shouldn't be any duty on my purchase!! They placed my pump under unrelated code and expect me to pay for it!

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very late delivery

I ordered a car part for my vehicle. The part was scheduled for
Delivery on 3/7/14. I needed the part, and counted on it, so I could
Turn the car in on saturday 3/8/14, I waited all friday and saterday,
But no luck. I called very early, 0100, sunday morning to see what their tracking showed. My tracking showed pickup on wednesday
3/5/14 and departed fedex location at 0552 on thursday morning
The 3/6/14. That is the last scan. The fedex agent told me what he
Could. He said my packge was still in california and "should"
Be delivered on tuesday 3/11/14.
Now, other than the fact that I have a case of the red #, and
Still don't have my part, what the hell good is the tracking???
Shipper auto anything tracking #[protected] also, why do
I get the feeling that i'm dealing with a government agency that
Just doesn't care?

failed to deliver

On Friday Feb. 14th I was scheduled to receive a valuable and delicate item by FedEx Delivery. I gave up...

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stolen/left expensive merchandise outside

In an attempt to rebuild my credit I opened up an account with Fingerhut. I placed as order on 12-19-13 for a...

where shall I start...

I am amazed that FedEx continues to be in business based on my present experience. Given the holiday season is quickly approaching I understand it is probably FedEx's busiest time of year. I had 2 packages with the same tracking number:
[protected] posted to be delivered 12/17/2013. It was getting close to 5 pm so I called to inquire how late FedEx delivers so I could keep an eye out for my packages as opposed to leaving them on my doorstep and risk theft. The FedEx woman told me they deliver up to 6 pm. After 6 pm no delivery was made so I recheck the tracking information which continued to state package was on vehicle for delivery. So I called to verify if there was a change and this FedEx person claimed that "this particular driver" delivers up to 8 pm. Once again 8 pm passes no package- I check the tracking again and call FedEx about my delivery. Lo and behold the FedEx person told me I was most definitely to have my package delivered this day and that the drivers deliver up to 11:59 pm. Three different employees each with a different responses. I told the third person about what was conveyed to me by the two other FedEx employees said then remarked I was surprised it would be so late that I would need to wait for my package. The woman said my signature was not needed and it would be left at my door. I was not going to take a chance because I did not want to have my package stolen so like a fool I waited til midnight and no package was delivered.
If there was a problem I would have understood- I am not an unreasonable person. I was anxious for the package because it was worth over $440. and contained two plush electric blankets I was going to give to a disabled couple who were having trouble paying to heat their home. I did not know this couple. I met them when I was passing out free meals. Their hands were so fragile and freezing it just weighed on my heart. I guess no good deed goes unpunished because on 12/18/2013 initially the tracking information stated my package on vehicle for delivery and later changed to unable to be delivered as a result of weather conditions. It also stated package was on vehicle for delivery 12/18/2013. Guess what? Package delivery attempt could not be made. Why? Weather related conditions. I know the area well, received packages from UPS and USPS Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I asked my UPS man about delays and weather and he checked knowing where my package was coming from a place near a UPS office about 40 minutes away. There were no weather related problems the highways and roads were and are perfectly clear and have remained as such up to today 12/19/2013. Weather delays my foot! I noticed tracking information removed my package from vehicle last night, never went back on it, and "no delivery attempt made" was listed this morning on 12/19/2013. This is the 3rd time in 3 days when the weather did not have any trace of snow. In fact today was beautiful much like an early Spring day @ 52 degrees.
I emailed FedEx office about this w/o a response to date. I asked if I was being "punished" for merely contacting FedEx to ask about delivery times even though all 3 employees either intentionally misled me or lied to a customer. How could such a profitable business run a company so poorly that customers such as myself are treated in such a petty manner? I will avoid using this company in the future and hope others who experience problems rely on UPS and USPS. Both are reliable, courteous, efficient, and do not lie to customers. Funny thing is on 12/17/2013 UPS delivered a package that I ordered at the same time as the blankets, yet here I am on day three and FedEx fails again. I notified the company I purchased my items from. FedEx is over priced and shoddy at best!

live animal ship

So i had a lizard live shipped over night, tracking number came up that he would be delivered to my house by 4:30 pm TODAY, 4:30 came and passed and no delivery. im at work and i called customer service (45 mins on hold) they told me he was shipped ground instead of overnight and it was the breeders fault, its not. they then told me he would not arrive till 4:30 on monday night but as a courtasy to me they would ship him to me by 4:30 tomorrow. They CHARGED the breeder the fee to have him be here by tomorrow (not a courtsey). I now have to make sure my child isnt around when the package comes because his lizard will most likely be dead in the box. The nasty lady on the phone in escelations showed no empathy at all over the situation and told me i could drive the 2 hours to crofton to pick him up. This is not acceptable and i will NEVER ship a live animal through Fedex ever again and will make sure to let everyone know how horribly you all treat LIVE animals!

bad job

I have worked as a temp and for multiple contractors at fed ex home in st. louis MO. As a temp it is an okay...

poor delivery

There was a knock on the door on Thrs. morning and I went right down to open the door. I opened the front...


i filed this complaint in Chicago District Court they sent me a Pro Se Litigant Package this corporation i...

duty/tax charges

Why is FedEx sending me an invoice for duty'/tax charges for £60.28 when it's a birthday gift sent from Malaysia by my family, when they had already paid the courier charges.
I think it's a ripoff!

did not receive order

I ordered a small heater from VMInnovations no 11/24/2012 . Received e-mail of delivery on the 28th or 29th. I had to go out of town on the 28th.I called early on the morning of the 28th and informed the person I would not be at home, requested for the driver to keep the package on truck and I would come to pick up. FedEx informed me they delivered the package to my house. I never saw this item. When I informed VMInnovations they said that FedEx delivered. Therefore I have to pay for something I did not receive. This is very bad customer service!!! FedEx needs to prove this delivery.

aggressive, bad driver

I was trying to pull out of a parking lot onto a four lane highway with a middle merge lane. I got into the merge lane and noticed the left lane was open and a Fedex van (#112618) in the right lane. As I was half way into the left lane, the Fedex driver changes lanes and cuts me off. I raised my hands in the air like in a "what-the-hell" gesture, and I notice he gives me the finger from his left mirror. He continues down the road changing lanes several times when vehicles are not going fast enough for him. I thought Fedex drivers were supposed to be professional. I guess not.

  • Why The Long Faces Apr 20, 2013

    Why are you complaining about HIS hand gesture when you made one yourself? That is like hitting someone then complaining that they hit you.

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  • Ri
    Richard Barrett May 13, 2013

    Residental deliveries are worthless, 3 times now, .No one home during the day, so Ihave to drive to in traffic to pick up #1 Paycheck 20 miles, oh it's on delivery truck I rush home and find truck.#2 Paycheck, one day attempt to deliver sent back, droive to City of Industry 90 miles.#3 Verizon cell phone, had some one at house did not hear FEDEX at door, called and told I could not pick up, called Verizon and told I could pick up 50 miles. Give me USPS, post office 5 miles.

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work hours

Since st. Patricks day, the hours of employees has decreased which I knew ahead of time and some managers ha...

failure to deliver

For the third time I have ordered from a company who uses FedEx to deliver and I have had the same problem each time. I take the day off work to wait for the package, it never comes. I check the tracking number on the website and it says failed to deliver because business was closed or person did not answer. So call them up and they say no one answered when they buzzed the apartment. I never heard it, next day I wait again and hear nothing. Phone, same thing again, so I test the apartments buzzer, works perfectly. So each time I have had to take a cab across town ($33.45 there and $33.45 back) which defeats the purpose of getting it delivered. Not to mention FedEx has cost me over $190.00 in cab fees. AND they tell me it's my fault for not answering and I have 3 days to pick up my package or they send it back. Not using FedEx or any company that uses FedEx ever again.

another greedy, selfish loser

So my dog is thee friendliest, most happy dog I've ever had/known. This guy pulls up, and without...

not trustworthy

Beware of this Fedex facility, they lost my package or maybe stolen by their employee, I had called the FedEx...

unsafe driving

On 3/2/2013 fedex ca driver lincese plate # 71353e1 run red light causing me to stop in center of insection...

smartpost packages never arrive

I ordered something from amazon It was shipped by smartpost. But it never arrives. I waited and waited, thinking that fedex would deliver it in front of door or at least leave a tag. When I found it was delivered online, and there was nothing around, I contacted Fedex. They said they had delivered it to USPS. I went to USPS office, they said it had been delivered. I went back home, and waited and waited for one week. Nothing showed up. USPS called once, asking me to check around, even my neighbors. I don't want to judge that there might be potential thief around, because I saw too many complaints about Smartpost online. The USPS customer made me feel like I lied to them. And they confirmed that someone had left something in front of door. This is extremely funny, because USPS NEVER NEVER leave a item in front of my door. They only leave a tag, every time! And this item certainly can not fit into the parcel lock of my apartment. Another funny thing is: USPS asked me to check neighbors on other floors. Hah, imagine why they would take something that obviously does not belong to them!

Same experience happened on my wife. She waited for her online order from the Carter's. The order was delivered by Smartpost. For one week, the tracking system was always showing: arrived at XXX (her city). Until today, she saw online (delivered attempted, check local office). She and her roommate were at home the WHOLE DAY. There is NO TAG, NOTHING AROUND!

Anyone who has ever received a package delivered by Smartpost?

Please do not deliver anything using smartpost!