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I would like to share the harrowing experience I have just had with Fedex Ground. I live in Dallas, TX, and Wednesday I ordered two very expensive tickets in Austin, TX for this weekend's Texas vs. OU matchup played in Dallas where I reside. The price involved in the tickets was 545.00 for two tickets, which is a tremendous amount of money for me. The shipper stated the tickets would be sent overnight, with early morning delivery. I also had visitors arriving from out of town on Friday, which were also attending the game. On Thursday, the day the tickets were to be delivered, there were three people in my household, including myself. The door bell never rang and I checked periodically through out the day, making sure the envelope package had not been just left at the front door. By the end of the day there was no package.

When I contacted Fedex the next morning and gave them the tracking number, their records stated the envelope had been left on the front porch at 12:08 pm. I searched everywhere and the package was no where to be found. I again called customer service ( the second of about nine or ten calls). The advice given on this call was to go out in my front yard and start looking behind shrubs--she also stated it would be a good idea to check shrubs in neighboring yards along my street. I did not think this should have been my responsibility, but since the kickoff for the game was at 2:30pm on Saturday and I needed to leave around 8:30 am, I began to feel a sense of urgency. With no luck searching the shrubs on my street, I placed another call to customer service, the advice given to me was "maybe you should drive around to different streets, other than yours, and check address that could possibly be similar. I found this very uncomfortable, but I began knocking or door of strangers, inquiring about my delivery. This was to no avail.

On my next call to customer service they suggested I might speak with the manager of the station in Garland, Texas. This is where the driver received the envelope. He was very helpful and said he would make some inquiries and contact me back. This was around 3:00 pm--by 8:45, I had not heard back from him. I contacted customer service in Memphis and asked if possible, could they locate the manager at the Garland, TX office--Kevin was the only name I had. I was eventually transferred to someone by the name of Robert. He stated Kevin was on the receiving dock and knee high in packages. It would probably be several hours before he would be able to return my call. I explained the dire situation to the gentlemen on the phone and I needed to speak to Kevin--time was running out. I needed to leave by 8:30 the next morning. Kevin eventually came to the phone. His reply was he needed to speak to Colleen who delivered the package. He also stated it was a good time to call because she was in the office at that time. He ask if it would be possible to call me right back, he needed to questioning her. On his return phone call, he stated after questioning Colleen, she was unable to remember anything--she no recollection what so ever. It was time for her to leave--Kevin asked that she try to retrace her steops. I heard Kevin, the manager ask for her to contact him reguardless of the outcome.

One hour and a half passed with no word--I again called Kevin who stated she stoped at a house located in the next block from my house, and they did not have the enveople. I made it clear to Kevin that I had already perused this area. Kevin stated that after that stop, she had to go home--she told Kevin she would come before 10:00 the next morning and again to to retrace to steps. Meanwhile, Kevin pulled up the delivery she made prior to my 12:08 delivery and the delivery after my supposed delivery. We both agreed there was absolutely no way she could have made it to my address in the amount of time she had logged. So to make a long story short--she obviously delivered the envelope to the incorrect address. So at 11:00 pm there were two people out looking on streets not even in my neighborhood, this also including Kevin him self from Fedex, which I will be eternally grateful . Knocking on doors of strangers at 11:00 at night seems absurd as well as somewhat embarassing, but we were desperate to locate the tickets. With no success Kevin stated our only recourse is for Colettee, the driver to try to-stepp her route in that neighborhood. He call her and she stated she would start around 9:00 am. This was the last resort.

At 11:00 this morning, still no word from Kevin. I called him and he stated that he was unable to get Colleen to answer her phone--and since she would not answer her phone there was little he could do. The next time I contacted him he stated he was able to reach her, but she again stated she no recollection. He stated her was very sorry for the inconvenience (If that is what you would call it). He stated that Fedex has high standards and they take issues like this very seriously. That was no consolation at the time.

In the scheme of things I know this is meaningless to Fedex--they are a large corporation. I do intend to write a letter to Frederick Smith, but I am notexpectingg any type of response. The incident, however small to Fedex, was huge to me. I have been saving for this tickets as well as out of town company. the entire day and evening was spent on the phone with Fedex. I felt Kevin the manager was very understanding, even though it was limited to what he could do. As far as the driver, Colleen, apparantly it was the least of her concern. She will never know how many people her lackidazial attitude affected so many people--I have always had a high opinion of Federal Express--I am suprised they would allow this behavior, however maybe that is the best they can get.

This has been a devastating experience to me--and I am not trying to be vindictive--I hope this may truly help people in the future to not end up in the same situation


  • Dw
    dwissel Nov 21, 2006

    Is it me or does FEDERAL EXPRESS seem much WORSE at delivering packages than UPS or even the postal service. I routinely get packages delivered to my address that are not even close to the correct address. On two separate occasions I got packages of writing manuscripts delivered to my door intended for the writer of the manuscript. One was a rare piece. I could have simply kept the manuscript and somebody would have been out a great deal of money. But instead I called up the INTENDED person and she came over and picked it up. Much to her relief because FED X actually claimed it was delivered to her address. Now the addresses are the same number but not the same street. Mine is 1sss Melayn. In the case of the writer hers was something like 1171 Ste Rte 42. So not even close.

    In the latest go-around the FedX airbill was clearly marked 1171 Melayn Drive. But where did Fed X deliver the package: 1171 Turfway Court which be the way is a NOT existent address but for which Fed X claims it was actually able to leave the package on the doorstep.

    This occurs maybe one every 3 months….and the WRITTEN part of the addresses…i.e. the streets are NOT EVEN close.

    I say SHIP UPS…screw FEDX.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Doss Dec 06, 2006

    Fedex Ground Customer Service is the Worst

    Recently, I ordered a disk drive to be shipped via Fedex Ground a distance of 30 miles from San Jose, CA to Watsonville, CA. The Fedex web tracking indicated a 1 day delivery. It's now 7 days later and I still don't have the package with no delivery in site. The package has been misrouted a total of 3 times to LA, Sacramento, and is now in Portland, OR. Repeated calls to customer service have resulted in no help. Promises to call me back are not kept. Because I needed the disk drive for my business, I made a trip to the local Fedex ground depot. I waited approx. 45 minutes for the representative to try to sort the issue out. He came back and said there is nothing he can do because the package is now at one of their hubs. "If all goes well, you should have it in a few days." Ya, right. These guys are incompetent.

    I have used UPS 100’s of times in my business and have never had a problem. Just yesterday I ordered some items via Amazon in the morning. They arrived the next day in perfect condition ! This is ground service from Washington state to California in one day. UPS rules !


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  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 13, 2006

    My experience with your delivery service is very poor. On three different occasions your drivers have failed to locate our residence, UPS doesn't have that problem. We live on a well travel blacktop county road with name and address plainly on mail box.

    Your local phone number is not given out by your 800 operators when it would expedite the contact with your office to give the drivers precise direction they seem to need.

    Calls to your 800 operators did not get the needed updated information to the termenal in El Dorado AR in time to correct their problems either.

    My package is 4 days late and I have to be on hand because a signature is required.

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  • Th
    thomas michel Jan 28, 2007

    I, too, just had a bad experience with fed-x delivery. This is about the 3rd. time the delivery person has failed to find our house - even though they have delivered here before. This time was critical however. My electronic thermometer in my tropical plants house went on the blink, and I ordered another one. I checked with fed-x tracking, and they said the new part was on the truck for delivery to me that day. Therefore, we did not worry about heating during the subfreezing night. I rechecked tracking when the part was not delivered by 7 p.m. "driver could not deliver - couldn't find address". USE UPS!!!

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  • Dr
    Dr. Sk. Nazmul Huda Feb 12, 2007

    I have the worst experience with Fedex. They gave wrong information to me repeatedly. Missorted and later on did not handle adequately our shipment.

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  • Ak
    A k Feb 19, 2007

    Fed ex is lousy. A merchant shipped me wrong product and they cant give me a location to drop it off. I have to leave it outside my door and hope noone steals it? these are expensive products. Xccccccc fed-ex..they give wrong info at customer service also, they said I could take it back to a kinkos plaxe..then said i could take it to a fedex express place..then a fedex ground place..but after running around, i realized none of them accepts return packages anyways..this is crazy. they have many small companies within fedex..u have to look into the small label that say kinkos or express etc before finding out what to do..they are not worth the trouble.

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  • An
    Anthony B. Feb 23, 2007

    Count me in for a HORRIBLE FedEx experience.

    Ordered $650 worth of musical equipment. I monitored the tracking daily. All of a sudden one day (as 2 sisters and myself were home all day) it says "Delivered" and it was clearly not (or not to the correct address I don't know which). Called up real nice and civil to try to get this sorted out.

    Finally got a hold of somebody at the Hub station and although I wasn't allowed to speak to the driver, she called him up and asked him about it. His response was "Delivered left at the front door". I wonder if he was reading off his little handheld computer because that's exactly what the tracking page has imputed. Didn't bother to even try to remember anything or retrace his steps as this was apparently too much work for him.

    Later I called customer service and opened up what they call an "incident investigation". They stated they would begin tracing my package right away and would call me back in 24 hours. Ok great I thought!... Two days pass by and still no promised call. I call up several times and it's clear from the tone of their voices that now I'm just an annoyance. They tell me to wait another 5-7 days!

    What really made me mad about all of this was the absolutely horrible customer service I experienced. Still no updates so I basically gave up with FedEx and their so called "incident investigation" as the last response was "Nope, no new information. Thank you for calling FedEx". Wow, thanks for the info. I'm sure you FedEx guys are working real hard on this. Please!!! By all means don't break a sweat on my account.

    The only saving grace in all of this was the shipper. They offered to send me out another package free of charge (this time with a trace and signature) and I feel bad because they are the ones eating it when FedEx clearly messed up big time. I really hope they get reimbursted from FedEx but who knows.

    I hope you're reading this FedEx because I get the feeling from reading other sites that you don't consider recipients as your real customers (the stores using you as shippers are) but after hearing my story and I quote "This is not the first time we had this problem with FedEx and missing packages"-directly from the place I purchased it from, maybe they'll consider changing to UPS or USPS as I suggested to their CEO.

    Also, don't forget FedEx.. it's the recipients who choose what shipping method to use and if a site only has one shipping method, there are thousands of other online stores and such to purchase the same product from that do offer different shipping methods. I will NEVER EVER use FedEx again.

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  • Ti
    Tim Corman Nov 02, 2007

    Ordered tickets to Ducks versus Sun Devils for Saturday's game the previous Thursday through an online ticket agency located in Colorado.

    I paid priority next day delivery for two tickets to be delivered to Tillamook, Oregon by Noon Friday. By 2pm, the tickets hadn't arrived so I contacted Fed Express and discovered that the tickets "missed a flight" and would be delivered to Portland, Oregon Saturday am. Since I live at the Coast, I was told that the only way I could get the tickets on time and drive to Eugene (to make it to the game) was to drive over to Portland or Salem to pick them up!

    Since this saga is still in process, I've yet to find out what will happen.


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  • Na
    Natalie Mar 03, 2008

    I, like many others also have had much respect for Fed Ex in the past but after my experience with them recently, I have to say that never again will I use their services and I will tell eeryone that I know about my unpleasant experience.

    My company made the mistake of using Fed Ex to overnight a package to my home address which was extremely valuable and time sensitive. The package was to be delivered on a Friday morning, but never arrived. A message was left on my home phone by the carrier indicating that she could not deliver the package because there was not a unit number, however upon speaking with her later that evening she indicated to me that she had knocked on my door and no one answered. Okay, I was able to accept the fact that she was unsure of where to deliver the package.

    I then called customer service and gave them the correct address and was promised a Saturday morning delivery by the representative. That Saturday morning delivery turned into a late Saturday afternoon delivery when I was not at home. Luckily my 16 year old was at home and received the package for me, but discovered soon after the carrier was gone and the package had been opened that it was the wrong package with a completely different address, which contained a very expensive blackberry cell phone. She called me and I then placed another call to customer service and stated my frustration when I was told by the representative to go dirctly to the Fed Ex office (which by the way was a 45 minute drive away from my location at the time) to retrieve my package and that I would not need anything. I then had to leave my son's appointment with his optometrist and set out to find the Fed Ex office. Upon arriving, I entered the office and requested my package only to be told that I could not have it and that it would be delivered on the following Monday. The representative (who displayed a serious attitude) did not appear to care about my distress and immediately dismissed me to a supervisor who made very light of my situation and did not seem to know anything. By this time I was heated and told the crew that I refused to go back home without my package. I was forced to call my employer who then had to go into the office on her day off and fax over information to Fed Ex in order to satisfy their needs. Only then was I able to retrieve my package.

    The next morning I received a call from my neighbor who by the way has the same first name as I, and told me of her woes with Fed Ex and to my disbelief her package was the one which had been delivered to my house and later retrieved by another Fed Ex carrier. She too was frantic because at that point she did not know where her package was and had also paid for overnight shipping.

    SHAME , SHAME, SHAME on the FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION which allows such shabby customer service.

    Never, ever, ever will I attempt to do busines with you again.

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  • St
    steve otto Apr 14, 2009

    I agree -- FedEx Ground is awful!!! NEVER have anything shipped with them. I've just had a bad experience trying to retrieve my laptop computer which Costco shipped via FedEx Ground. I'm not going to go into the details, but UPS and USPS (the postal service) is much much better. --steve otto, Oregon

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  • Di
    disappointed12345 Sep 30, 2009

    I will NEVER use Fed Ex again! My Father's house burned to the ground in the Auburn fires last month, and they lost everything! They were homeless and distraught and sleeping at their church, so I urgently took up a collection of money and bought gift cards to Target so they could buy socks and underware, etc... and also packed a few sentimental things like photos, and an antique tea cup for my step Mom who lost all of her deceased Mother's dishes. I ran to Fed Ex, thinking they would be the best and fastest method to send the package... this was 26 days ago. The worst thing is my Dad was so upset about loosing a painting I did for him, so in the package I sent another original painting... needless to say, today is Sept. 29th, the package I sent on Sept. 3rd never made it to my Dad's church, and after weeks and weeks and numerous phone calls, I finally had them return it to me, and today I received it... it was battered and ripped, and when my husband and I opened it, the tea cup was broken, the picture frame smashed... again... I will NEVER use their horrible service again... every time I called I got the run around, and was given promises that were never kept, and all the undue frustration makes me sick. I didn't even state here all the details, but I will just say that they must be suffering from major cut-backs to have such unqualified, uncaring people working for them (or not working). I am now having to reframe the painting, and pack everything up and will go to the good old post office tomorrow.

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  • Tr
    Transporter Oct 15, 2009

    Hello. I am a FedEx Express courier and I understand your frustration. Unfortunately we are all humans and make mistakes. I don't wanna defend rude or unprofessional behavior but sometimes it's not the driver's fault when something goes wrong with the package. Many shippers don't use bubble wraps/peanuts, double wall boxes because it costs too much and it adds some to the gross weight. They offer you cheaper shipping price but at the cost which in the end will cause you a headache. When an average station process over 16, 000 packages and envelopes a day it's really hard to treat every single box as >> fragile << especially if you HAVE TO deliver it to customer before 10:30AM. Therefore 99.99% of the time when the product is properly packed is delivered to the customer in the original condition. Otherwise don't be surprised if your painting/vase or bottle of wine will be delivered to you in pieces. Proper packing by the shipper is crucial! But it's not FedEx's fault.
    As for late packages - sometimes (due to weather, accident or government actions, plane delays, FedEx upper mgmt ideas, etc.) even though we do everything we can to BE ON TIME we simply cannot deliver the package at the promised time. It's not because we just don't care. Trust me most couriers at my station care about their jobs and do everything they can possibly do to satisfy you - our customers. We really do almost everything to be there on time. We know that you spend a lot of money when you ship something using express service and I can assure you that I have NEVER turned down anybody who needed my help. I never left FedEx Ground packages left in the Express drop box. I always take them to the station, even though drop boxes are to be used ONLY for express shipments.

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  • St
    StefE Oct 17, 2009

    I rarely have dealings with FedEx because it seems that most of my packages are sent via UPS. I have nothing positive to say about my latest experience with FedEx. I had an expensive item being shipped from my father, so of course I was not going to sign the door tag and allow FedEx to leave the package on my doorstep and risk the chance of theft. After the 1st delivery attempt was made, I called FedEx and asked if they could just hold my package at the hub and allow me to pick it up because I would not be home all day the following day, therefore it would be a waste of the driver's time and gas to make a 2nd delivery attempt. They stated there are 3 delivery attempts, then the item is taken off of the truck for pickup. They also stated that they can notate my account stating that I wanted to pick it up, but if the driver arrived back to the station after closing, he or she would not get the message. So basically another delivery attempt would be made. The first attempt was made on a Friday, the second on a Saturday. FedEx stated that they don't deliver on Mondays, so I would have to wait until Tuesday for the 3rd delivery attempt. WHY go through all of this when I as the customer asked to have my package left at the station so I can pick it up?!?! Then after Tuesday, the driver will leave the package at the hub for pickup and it would be available on Wednesday. So, I have to wait from Friday to Wednesday to get my package?!?!? Utterly ridiculous. 6 days of waiting when I could have just picked it up! Major inconvenience to me and also a waste for the driver/company. I do have a job, therefore I can't sit at home and wait for a delivery which is why I requested picking it up. Unfortunately, their communication time is horrendous so the drivers don't get the memo in a timely manner. With UPS, after a delivery attempt was made and I called their customer service, they had a representative call me less than an hour later and my package was left at the UPS location and I was able to pick it up that same evening. I don't know why FedEx is not able to do the same thing. I am so annoyed...

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  • Tr
    Transporter Oct 17, 2009

    To StefE:
    I have no idea why didn't they hold the package for you. It seems unbelievable . I see plenty of times (during the morning sort) package with a paperwork attached to it and big HOLD AT LOCATION sticker. Unfortunately you must have talked to the "wrong" service agent.

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  • Ra
    RANDY SCOTT Apr 19, 2011


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  • Jo
    José Eduardo Aug 15, 2018

    inform you that upon arrival of your cargo to Luanda, after inspection, it was verified that your shipment from the United States showed signs of damage and the box was empty.

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  • Di
    DimitriNunes Aug 20, 2018

    I submit a shipping to Angola/Lubango ( Iphone 7s and a screen for iphone 6s) since 03/04 and its in Spain/Madrid over threes weeks. I would like to know how we can resolve the problem?

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  • Fi
    Fiveamsunshine Sep 01, 2018

    He leaves packages on our bumper of car. I left note on gate saying what to do and he continues to leave packages in plain view i have had 3 items stolen because of him. When i confronted him he said my bad... he never leaves a note saying i have a package... plus i have the Iring and he stays clear of it. 209.329.1936 please call for full story

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  • Mi
    Mikerfs Sep 18, 2018

    Fedex Home Delivery takes all day for the package(s) to arrive never despite what the email saids about Scheduled delivery between 8:35 am - 12:20 pm for example the packages always delivered many hours later.

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  • Ja
    James Franklin Butler Sep 18, 2018

    I had ordered a laptop and today I was watching for the truck...it flew by my house like I didn't exist. And why shouldn't it, it'd had already delivered my laptop computer to another house down the road from me. I ask you isn't that enough make you smile?

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  • Jo
    Joseph Gillyard Nov 19, 2018

    fed ex delivery sucks. delivery driver couldn't find MIAMI.WTF.HOW DUMB ARE THEIR DRIVERS SMH... one little document and this fool did not know where THE CITY OF MIAMI IS LOCATED.
    but fed ex refunded me my overnight next day fee $ 40.00 ... still didn't get the damn package. UPS is by far the best...
    I'm going to switch back to them.

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