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I'm complaining about store number 06220 cashier lady had no name tag so I don't know her name she gave us a lot of attitude and complained about her store to us cuz it was very hard for me to get around because I'm disabled and she try to blame it on other people that go in that store and then she claimed that she was by herself that's why she couldn't do things she rolled her eyes at us and got very upset with my husband was just trying to help me we didn't appreciate how her attitude was towards us as customers and try to blame it on our kids which we had under control they didn't touch anything so we would appreciate if you could fix that over there with that employee today is Friday May 17th 2019 Colorado springs Colorado719-432-5498 my name is delina crespin [protected]

May 17, 2019
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  •   May 17, 2019

    Can’t you use punctuation and proper grammar and spelling like normal people do I don’t see why being disabled matters what did your kids do she wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t do anything see how annoying it is to not use punctuation

    Life must be hard for you, being you.

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