Family Dollar Stores #00302refunding my coupons because the scanner was broke

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Saturday 8/11/[protected]:04:43--I went to check-out noticing a sign "CASH ONLY" taped over scanning machine. The cashier informed me that it had been down they were waiting for it to be fixed. Having a FULL buggy, I decided to go to the atm machine close by to get cash. Came back and paid for my items. As I was leaving wondering why my total was $86.19 I realized that all my digital coupons were not included. I went back in store and explained my issue. Cashier said there was no way to refund my coupons due to the fact the scanner was down and I would have to bring everything back in do a full refund and re-buy the items one the following day.
This being a BIG inconvienence: #1-Travel time one way for me is 30mins to the store --#2 Saturday is the only day for the $5.00 coupon--#3 the ATM cost me an extra $5 for the transaction cause it was not my bank #4 some of the coupons I was using expired on this day.
I am requesting a refund please. Please inform me of the status of your decision. I am a regular customer, in which I go this store at the least 3'xs a week.

refunding my coupons because the scanner was broke
refunding my coupons because the scanner was broke

  • Updated by Kelley Pritt · Aug 13, 2018

    Store location is Covington VA 24426 NOT Covington GA


  • 9w
    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    a coupon doesn't entitle you to that amount as cash or anything else
    the system was having problems

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