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CB Retail Stores Family Dollar Denied service and treated like much much less than a person in front of many customers.
Family Dollar

Family Dollar review: Denied service and treated like much much less than a person in front of many customers. 1

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I bought a cell phone from family Dollar would be help of an associate it was led for me to believe that it was a Verizon phone which was easy to believe because it said Verizon or total by Verizon on the box so I believe the associate and I bought the phone. But when I got home and tried to activate the phone and put my old SIM card in it it was not a Verizon phone and my SIM card will not work it is a totally different company which used to be simply total or something like that Verizon acquired this company but they are two different companies. So because I could not use this phone and get my awesome card to work I went back to simply swap the phone out. But right from the start I knew there will be issues the assistant manager started looking at me as if I was the plague and I just said I'm just waiting for you and the manager to quit talking so I can get some help over here. So the manager said you cannot return cell phones that sells on the receipt. But I had read the whole receipt and there was nothing about non-returning of cell phones so she said okay I'm going to do it I don't want to but I'm going to return it that you return it. And mind you the store had many customers in line and she started making comments about my parents and she said it looks like there's blood on this box I said that is not blood it may be a little dirt she said no it's blood just like those sores that are on your face so I'm not going to refund your money look at your face you have sores all over and she started picking up the box by the corners and really showing out and being very dramatic the assistant manager named Constance I think I never got the manager's name but large black lady and during the time they was saying this to me two customers actually sit their items on the floor and walked out shaking their heads. I was literally almost in tears because my medical condition has nothing to do with the phone but that's where she was making it stay was because of the medical condition which I am on disability for. But she said she would not return it because of the source which to me is a blatant discrimination against a disabled person. So and then when I left I came back in because she hadn't gave me my receipt and she had like she couldn't find it and I said I'm not going to leave until I get my receipt but she finally found it in the trash. And I said I just wanted to transfer my phone and she just hollers get out and again I'm just beside myself and what just happened over the phone. This happened at the family Dollar store on Ossie Davis parkway in Waycross Georga. I cannot find the receipt for the sale but it was put on my NetSpend card ending in 3089. And this happened around lunch I think it was or maybe a little later. I think this is escalated to even more than swapping of a cell phone at how bad I'll humiliated in front of so many people. All I wanted was a Verizon phone and not telling my Verizon. And instead I got humiliated * 10

Desired outcome: I want a Verizon cell phone

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Ceyaire Milon
, US
Dec 18, 2023 1:52 pm EST
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I am so sorry you had to experience that. I have no affiliation with Family Dollar, however I have been in management/senior leadership in retail for many years, and this is beyond unacceptable. Whether the policy allows for the return or not, all brick-and-mortar stores, and establishments have a social responsibility to provide a considerable level of customer service to their PAYING PATRONS! As a fellow human being, that works and leads in this industry I offer you a sincere apology. If you do not get the resolve, you are looking for on this forum, I would suggest contacting your state attorney general's office for the treatment you endured as a consumer with a disability. I hope this helps. Blessings to you!