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Y Dec 04, 2019 Review updated:

I went to the family dollar last night around 4-5pm and noticed that the cashier, unknown name, had her child in the store with her behind the counter. To my unstanding, any employer that has employees is not aloud to have their children in the store while they are working. Shouldn't employees have proper child care for their children while at work? Not only that, she was eating something while checking out customers. I'm sorry, but i wouldn't want to see you chewing and seeing your food being chomped in front of me. That's not customer service if your feeding yourself while checking out customers. That's what breaks and lunch breaks are for. Maybe they need to retrain the employer and provide her with proper customer service skills and to say hi and thank you for shopping at family dollar. Because I was greeted at all, and that's rude..


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      Dec 05, 2019

    Family Dollar does not provide neither breaks nor lunch breaks, since there are no laws requiring companies to provide breaks of any kind. Our workdays are often 10 hours with no breaks. Family Dollar's only policy concerning employees eating is that a receipt be immediately presentable upon request to make sure it's not stolen. Policy does however dictate that employees can not allow friends or family to loiter while the employee is at work.

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