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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

Empire Today / hardwood engineered floors

Jim John Brown on Mar 30, 2018

The second salesmen were terrible. Only showed two styles and did not give sales that was advertised. The wrong flooring was sent and then they could not match the stairs. They lied and said the cherry wood would change colors in a couple of months. All mangers and human resource people we talked to were very unprofessional. Will never use them again.

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / the whole company

Cindy Swanbeck on Mar 30, 2018

I was supposed to have my carpet installed this morning and yesterday late afternoon was told that all their installers were calling in sick. Apparently their workers all quit and now I'm left with a house with no carpet, no padding . If you call corporate they either hang up on you or...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminate/carpet

Dawn M. Radloff-Andrew on Mar 28, 2018

My husband and I paid for a total first floor carpet and laminate. We are now being told after the 3rd time that someone has come out that our laminate was completely installed wrong. The workers were supposed to show up today to replace the carpet on the stairs that is falling out. No one...

[Resolved] Empire Today / poor installation. terrible customer service and resolution

Joy Pierson on Mar 20, 2018

I had new vinyl installed in our bathroom Feb. 15, 2018. The installer, called "Lucy", did do a good job on the vinyl itself, but the baseboards are terrible. There are gaping holes along the edges and the areas behind the toilet and next to the tub are both sticking out and look like she...

Empire Today JOB FL86084/Empire Today / unprofessional installation of vinyl

Toni Burke on Mar 6, 2018

I wish I had seen this website before I contracted with Empire Today. My installation was several months ago and I have included the Empire Today Job # FL86084. While my vinyl floor was being installed I did not like the white quarter round and white caulking that was all over the vinyl...

Empire Today / carpet warranty not being honored

Teresa Tanoos-Carlock on Mar 6, 2018

I contacted Empire about replacing our wrongfully installed carpet that was supposed to be "top of the line", only for the fibers to clearly be damaged with large dark spots showing up less than 5 years after it was installed in August of 2014. Per the request of Empire's Becka Rodriguez...

[Resolved] Empire Today / repair/installation of laminate flooring for the 2nd time.

Lori Jo on Feb 21, 2018

Service request number 1-2799954851 and dealings with local area market eagan office - We had laminate floors installed on 3/11/17 in our kitchen, hall and bathroom and we noticed a few days ago. The laminate floor planks in the kitchen and hallway has moved again (fixed one already 10/14...

[Resolved] Empire Today / vinyl wood floor

Chfd128 on Feb 14, 2018

I had a saleswoman come sell me $3000 worth of vinyl wood floor for my kitchen area. The men showed up and didn't tarp off but 2 areas. My wife was sending me photos and video while I was at work. They were tearing up my tile and making a huge mess. Due to the lack of tarping they left a...

[Resolved] Empire Today / flooring

Henry Broussard on Feb 8, 2018

I had empire come out and do my carpet and flooring, they sent two means that did not speak english.the salesman said they would level the floor.the floor is pulling apart at the seams and the color of the tiles have change colors. very ugly and i ask to put down the moldings where my...

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / flooring

Paulette Cohen on Feb 4, 2018

I paid $4000.00 for kitchen to be tiled. The grout grout as the wrong color. Soon the grout began to crack away from the tile. They came and cleaned but did not repaire grout. They were rude and said they would fix it for another $650. I'm still complaining but they say it's not their...

[Resolved] Empire Today / installation problem

william pugh on Feb 3, 2018

This is my second complaint since hiring Empire to install my hardwood flooring. The first installation date was a no show no call, when they did come the next day they didn't have the quarter round to complete the job. We were told we would received a call the next day to give us a time...

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / flooring

Henry Broussard on Jan 30, 2018

I had empire flooring come out and show me some flooring samples. i picked the floor i wanted. i paid right then.they came out and laid the floor and in a week time the floor lost color and started to pull apart. i call many times and i said i want a inspector they said they will send...

[Resolved] Empire Today / empire flooring installation failure

Berrios Donna on Jan 26, 2018

since 11/30/2017 I have been trying to get my living room and dining room floors corrected bad product and poor service by the first installer. they sent out another team on December 4 2017 who stated the floor need to be ripped out and repaired again, I was approved for this on December...

[Resolved] Empire Today / luxury vinyl flooring

Erika R on Jan 22, 2018

7 months ago we paid for $10, 000 of luxury vinyl flooring. We are still trying to get it completed today. Run from this company. They are both incompetent AND unethical. We are in NC and dealt with a salesperson from Rocky Mount. The installation crew arrived to put it in, but the glteam...

Empire Today / carpet quality

Cinn Marr on Jan 20, 2018

I was told the carpet quality was excellent for dogs that they won't mess it up...well, it did not work. It easily has came off with my little dachsund. This happened within 3 weeks of installing the carpet. Few spots are messed up. Dont think this is a good quality carpet like it wa...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminate floor

Debra Hergert on Jan 20, 2018

I had laminate floor put in a couple months after installation it started to bubble. I called someone came out fixed issue. One month later it started bubbling in same area plus others. I called someone came out said they would be back Jan 13, 2018. The man never showed up. Customer...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminate floor installation

PastorPhil on Jan 9, 2018

Last year we has laminate floor installed in our home. The installers came and the job was not done well. There was bubbling and the seams did not connect well and it was generally shoddy. They came out to try to repair it, but it needed to be replaced. Many calls to Empire Today finally...

[Resolved] Empire Today / flooring installation scheduling

Pkillen on Jan 4, 2018

I had my flooring consultation where I was told it would only take two days for installation and removal, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. I came to my new property early the first scheduled day, no one showed until noon. They could not finish in one day, so stated they would be back...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet

RobinSt on Dec 27, 2017

I had carpet installed a year ago. I got second from top of the line and the carpet looks 20 years old already!!! The nit is coming apart, and I ordered the 8lb top of the line under carpet support which I did not get because the carpet is not thick or soft and hardwood floors are creaking...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminated floor

helena dejesus on Dec 8, 2017

I was just hung up on by Robert Produtto! (last name could be spelled wrong) This guy was so rude that I would never want to do business with a company that has employees like this!! I hired Empire to do my floor and they did it wrong, It had pot holes in it when you walked on it. They did...