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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / installation

Monifa Williams on Aug 4, 2018

We had LVP installed back in May for our entry way, living room and dining room, and a small hallway. All went well with the appointment. My complaint is that once the cock or glue dried on the transition strips in the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen entrances they started to come up. I called and schedule a maintenance. Tech was a No-show!😠

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet installers

M@ryVC on Aug 2, 2018

1. Installers not taking responsibility for the bad work; and blamed the concrete/wood under the padding instead. 2. Empire doesn't stand behind their work. 3. Empire Today doesn't return calls. 4. Their customer service staff is non-existent once they've pocketed YOUR hard earned money 5...

[Resolved] Empire Today / vinyl flooring installation

NEVERAGAIN2000 on Jul 30, 2018

I scheduled my install for vinyl flooring throughout the majority of my house 2 weeks prior. I confirmed the appointment twice via email and at 7pm the night before, they called, left a voicemail saying they had to reschedule and then promptly closed the installation office so I couldn't...

[Resolved] Empire Today / contract and disputed total cost

Charonz on Jul 26, 2018

5/17/18 - original appointment scheduled and confirmed. Sales rep called to reschedule on 5/18. We had the customer, Beck Garcia, travel to the house specifically to meet the sales rep and they cancelled at the last minute. 5/18/18 - sales rep met with the customer, Becky Garcia and...

[Resolved] Empire Today / installers

Jennieplace on Jul 25, 2018

Carpet installers stold the key out of my safe lock within thirty minutes of arriving at my house. Which was forsure there prior to there arrival Damaged freshly painted house in many places in every room they installed carpet either baseboard or closet doors Broke many base boards using an...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpeting

Freda Perez on Jul 25, 2018

We have lived in my home for 21 years. We had the original carpet and replaced twice. This is the third replacement. I had carpeting installed in January 2018. I noticed at the end of June, the carpeting was fraying up at one end and the nails (where the tile meets the carpeting) were...

[Resolved] Empire Today / tile flooring

pmpmpmpm on Jul 16, 2018

After we had the tile installed in the kitchen and bathroom, we had to call for a crew to return to replace loose tiles and replace or add joint sealant. Now more tile are coming loose as well as more cracks are appearing whre caulk should be. I have have been on the line for up to 25 and...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet and vinyl floor covering.

chrystelle on Jul 16, 2018

I had carpet installed in, my home 6/25/2018. Vinyl was installed at foyer., where the carpet is connected to the vinyl, you can feel the carpet tack and they are sharp and hurt your feet. I have called Empire 9 times and they tell me they will, get with me about sending someone over to fix...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet and tile installers

Missy727 on Jul 14, 2018

I will be reporting your company to the BBB !!! Your management is SO UNORGANIZED!! We were originally scheduled for June 29-30th for our entire house to be re done !!! We are paying you so much money for that and you rescheduled for yesterday and today! Our carpet was done yesterday and...

[Resolved] Empire Today / empire today hardwood floors

NurseNancy11 on Jul 13, 2018

Shameful, unprofessional ! The hardwood floor installed four weeks ago is installed incorrectly. I have sent photos to Empire Today. Nothing's is being done! Several Nails sticking up where people can get hurt, nails all over the floor, dents every four inches from hammering, several hole...

[Resolved] Empire Today / wood floors, living room, stairs and hallway

Fred and Deidre Garner on Jul 6, 2018

I scheduled an appt. for installation of hard wood floors (engineered wood) on May 18rh. Living room, stairs and hallway a week in advance with Victor, sales rep. When the installers came they said they could not give me the rounded bottom step that I wanted and they came with laminate...

[Resolved] Empire Today / representative chris slemons

Mrs McKinney on Jul 3, 2018

Mrs Slemons arrived to my home to provide me samples of hardwood floor my request. Upon her arrival she asked me why I don't like carpet. I informed her that I did not call Empire for carpet. I called for installation of hardwood floors. She went to her card and obtain three board sample...

[Resolved] Empire Today / floor installation

Marissa Robinson on Jul 3, 2018

I called Empire and set up an estimate, the hours given were from 3-5 pm given an hours notice before arrival. The rep showed up at 515 with 20 min notice. I originally was getting carpet but the one I wanted wasn't in stock and wouldn't be ready for weeks. I wanted service done sooner so...

Empire Today / carpet/flooring repair service

Robert P Williams on Jun 30, 2018

I have an Empire Today tile floor (not under warranty) that needs repair. I would not have chosen ET however the tile that was originally installed is a non-standard 13" size that other companies do not carry. Other companies won't repair this flooring. Empire Today (says they do free...

[Resolved] Empire Today / flooring

CKir on Jun 26, 2018

They are a company that has false advertising. When they run their specials like the 50/50/50 deal they mark up the price by 100% and then promise to give you up to 57% off. The price they are quoting ends up being a full price with no special deal. I called the corporate office and they...

[Resolved] Empire Today / hardwood floors installation

patmilburn on Jun 23, 2018

Date: 6/15 & 6/23 Activity Id: 1-2936552855 I purchased 4 bedroom hardwood flooring and 2 bathroom ceramic floors. At the time of purchase I was told I could spreed the installation over several months. Which my first installation of the bathrooms was completed on 1/27/18, two bedroom...

[Resolved] Empire Today / mohawk laminate flooring

Stephanie Groff on Jun 22, 2018

· July 2016 - 1700 Sq. feet Mohawk Laminate Flooring installed through Empire Flooring for $16K Ø 1-year installation warranty Ø Lifetime product warranty · Within 3-6 months of installation started having issues with the floors Ø Boards separating Ø Boards lifting up from each other Ø...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet and laminate installation

Cbraunsdorf on Jun 19, 2018

I ordered 4 rooms and a stairway of carpet along with laminate flooring for the upstairs landing on April 5 from in home Representative Kim Hughes. She set up installation for all of the carpet on Saturday April 14, and vinyl install for the landing was April 28. When the carpet installer...

[Resolved] Empire Today / installation

George Diehl on Jun 14, 2018

On June 8, 2018 I entered into a contract with Empire Today for carpet and laminate installation to be commenced on June12, 2018 and work to be completed on June 13, 2018. No one arrived on this date and after repeated calls(approx 4) that day no calls were returned and I was informed that...

[Resolved] Empire Today / dissatisfied with installation of vinyl flooring

Robert Zaccaro on Jun 13, 2018

I had Vinyl flooring installed in my basement on Tuesday June 5th, 2018 and the strip that separates the vinyl floor and my kitchen floor has a large gap in it, is a different color than the other molding and you can see the glue they used to install it. I brought it to the installer...