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Express Flooring — Installation and excessive carpet wear. Rolls and waves in the carpet

We bought carpet from Express Flooring in January 2016. Recently we noticed excessive wear in high traffic...

Express Flooring Carpet

See photos. This is the second carpet they installed. I was told when I purchased it, it was there BEST carpet and why it was double the price of all the other quotes received. They claim they can fix it but when their installer, Juan, arrived, he said it could not be fixed. Then they said they would send someone else, who did not show up.


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    Express Flooring — Salesperson's rudeness and omission of mandatory arbitration clause.

    BEWARE. Express Carpeting's salesperson(person) was rude and arrogant. Its advertising incomplete. After...

    Express Flooring carpet warranty and incorrect installation over the years.

    Our experience with Express Flooring started 4 years ago in November 2015. And since then it has been nothing but one issue after another, culminating in this week's nightmare. This is the third time carpet is being installed (two reinstallations) into my home due to warranty issues and poor installation.

    Earlier this week we received an email from Bret to confirm the tile removal. I immediately called Bret, left a voicemail then replied to the email to remind him that this was a carpet installation, and was assured it was fixed. Friday morning a crew showed up to do the tile demo. Obviously, we turned them away and I called Bret, left a message and emailed him. Then called the office. Eventually, after multiple calls to Flooring Express throughout the morning and early afternoon, Devon called me late Friday afternoon saying he though this was supposed to be a vinyl installation?

    Today has just been an addition to the nightmare. I have been in constant communication with Bret and there has been nothing but mistakes made. We are in the middle of having the carpet installed at the moment, and not enough carpet was ordered for to finish the job. Unfortunately Bret, you didn't listen to the things that I had said and ordered the wrong amount of carpet for the job that was needed. I have every email that I have corresponded with you from the beginning. I can't believe that I was charged the upgrade amount of $1, 427.25 for this whole job to just still not be done properly. I have absolutely no faith or confidence in this company. Now somebody has to come back on Monday, which is going to interfere with my work schedule, to finish the job. And even the upgraded carpet still looks like extremely poor quality.

    The only positive thing I can say is the installers that are here today have been incredibly kind and hard-working and seemingly embarrassed that they could not perform the job that they were called in to do on their day off.

    The initial carpet and the first replacement carpet was such poor quality I question why you offer it. I hope that this "upgraded" carpet really is a better quality.

    Was now informed by Henry, Monday morning that carpet can't be installed until the following day. Beyond frustrated that I took the day off from work and now having to adjust my day tomorrow.

    A large home improvement project, such as having flooring replaced, is disruptive enough one time, but repeating the process two additional times is beyond frustrating. My husband and I would like compensation for the time we have invested preparing our home for two additional carpet installations as well as the multiple mistakes made on the current, unfinished installation.

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      Express Flooring laminate flooring installed in my kitchen and 2 bathrooms

      Warning: Never use Express Flooring!
      Date of contract 6/10/2019
      Salesman: Corey Hoffman

      Date flooring installed: 6/11/2019

      Salesman: did not give us what we requested. He did not provide us with an itemized contact so we could understand that we were getting what we asked for.

      Installers: they were not professional installers. The work was sloppy, had glue on my kitchen cabinets, on my drapes, and the basebaord. Installer used my personal property to mix his glue and then left it sitting in water in my kitchen sink. The chaulking is horrible both in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. It is on the new flooring, cabinets and baseboards.

      Complaint inspection done on 6/18/19 was not accurate and person doing the inspection was "touchy" and made me very uncomfortable. His name in not on the inspection report and Bret Hooyman from Express Flooring will not provide me with the name of the person.

      It's just over 2 months and having problems with the flooring in the kitchen and 1 bathroom. I do not want anyone from Express Flooring in my home again and cause more damage and I am uncomfortable having any employees from Express Flooring in my home.

      As I was not provided with an itemized contract from Express Flooring, I am requesting 1/2 of the amount I paid so I can hire another company to have m flooring replace by professional installers.

      Miller, Gerald & Janice

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        Express Flooring — poor quality and install

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Express Flooring laminate floor

        We had laminate flooring installed in our living room, dining room, hall, and master bedroom. The flooring is separating at the seams, peeling, and splitting in many areas. We contacted the manager of express flooring and also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The manager said the problem with the floor was caused by the way we were cleaning it. We used the mop and cleaning product provided by Express Flooring. They sent their technician out to see the floors and he agreed there was a defect with the laminate flooring that was used. They offered to replace the floor but we would be responsible for the installation and labor fees. This was not acceptable to us. We now have floors that are chipped, peeling and splitting. I would not recommend Express Flooring to anyone. The way they talked to my husband and me is unacceptable. Any reputable company would try to correct the problem to the customers satisfaction. Why didn't the manager come to our home himself. Both technicians he sent were stumped. My advice "Stay Away From Express Flooring".

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          • Gn
            gnemack Aug 24, 2010

            They damaged one of my appliances during an installation and refuse to pay me for the parti I purchased to fix it Erik Vance is no customer service rep. thic company does not have any customer service once they have your money, it ig gone never to be seen again

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          • Lo
            LORI HANON Apr 08, 2015

            Installation was a joke, could see all the seams, they have now been here 4 time to "fix" and i am still not satisfied. . . What a joke of a company. . . I want my money back, so i can get a real company.

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          Express Flooring horrible customer service

          I had express install carpet and vinyl. I was told it had a 45 year guarantee it was installed last November I have been trying to get it fixed since Feb. and still nothing. Vinyl is ripped coming up in place and carpet is wrinkled across the whole room. it looks like I have had it for 20 years. Their customer service is the worst in the industry. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone in fact i would love to let people know just what a rip off they are. I have contacted channel 3 news to see if they will do a story so other hardworking people will not be scammed by them

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Express Flooring — poor carpet and warranty

            Carpet installed in less that a year has wear on it. A carpet that we were told by sales man would not...

            Express Flooring — horrible customer service and follow up

            Do not buy from the company!!! Wish I had seen this board before I bought from them. Sure they come right out...