Express Flooring Complaints & Reviews

Express Flooring / installed laminate/ planned carpet installation

May 11, 2019

The method in which this company practices business has been repeatedly disrespectful to my family and our sensibility. From the salesman, Neil Hoffman, taking advantage of an older woman's trust to showing up at her house unannounced (after requesting to cancel our carpet installation) to...

Express Flooring / carpet installer

Sep 13, 2018

Bought carpet on August 16 was told the carpet will be in and install in two weeks got a call stating that they wouldn't be able to do it until September 12 got another call stating that they couldn't do it September 12 they would do it September 13 the window is from 9 to 11 received a...

Express Flooring / supposedly non-scratchable wood like flooring planks

Jun 15, 2018

Last May, when the salesman made his pitch on the product that we decided to pay a very large cost to have installed, that sales pitch seemed to be deceiving. As the salesman took a car key and vigorously raked it against the sample piece of material that we had chosen, it never once made...

Express Flooring / itemized billing

May 15, 2018

I was promised an itemized bill from the "design salesman", but never received one, which is my reason for writing this complaint. The in-stock flooring that I purchased was to be discounted 70 per cent (as their TV ad designates, but I believed I was 'cheated' out of that...I also think...

Express Flooring / carpet

May 08, 2018

I had my carpet installed 2 years ago with a lifetime warranty. The carpeting is coming up at at tack on points, carpet is fraying, and carpet has large areas of being loose (huge ripples). I expect this to be addressed since I do have a warranty on the carpeting. Carpet lies flat, even in...

Express Flooring / carpet installation

Jul 03, 2017

Warning: Avoid this Company! Jerry Lederer, Henry Jaffe, and Richard Duran Scam artists who prey on the old and the weak. I Worked for them for 6 Months in Phoenix from Sept 2016 - Feb 2017, the general sales pitch is to find Seniors and Bill them as much as possible to Maximize...

Express Flooring / very poor communication and scheduling mistakes

Nov 18, 2016

Since Wednesday, November 2, 2016, when initially contacted and consulted with an Express Flooring Representative regarding flooring installation we have encountered noting but problems, first being told that a planner would be here within two days after initial consultation, nothing...

Express Flooring / in - home estimate

Dec 05, 2015

On 12/05/2015 I called Express flooring to get an estimate and home as I spoke with the guy he asked me several questions one of the questions was when I married I told him yes but my wife is out of town my home was flooded and I needed carpet and wooden floors put in my house well he told...

Express Flooring / misrepresentation of products and warranty

Nov 25, 2015

Do Not Buy From Express Flooring!!! My husband wanted a quote from them...I didn't after reading their bad reviews. The sales manager came, gave us the sales pitch..I had my doubts about the density & quality, but he promised the carpet was the newest technology in manufacturing, and...

Express Flooring / bait and switch style of business / terrible customer service

Oct 12, 2015

Trust the old saying. If something sounds too good to be true, it is! That's exactly what happens with Express Flooring. After making a point that their estimate was free and scheduling an appointment, they called 15 minutes before the appointment was supposed to be over to say that...

Express Flooring / poor quality and install

Jul 02, 2015

First we we're sold and paid for high quality carpet and padding.When they delivered the pad and carpet, my wife noticed the pad was we refused the pad and they brought a better pad The install was done and we had to have them back to fix two door ways, that the carpet wa...

Express Flooring / laminate floor

Sep 03, 2014

We had laminate flooring installed in our living room, dining room, hall, and master bedroom. The flooring is separating at the seams, peeling, and splitting in many areas. We contacted the manager of express flooring and also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The manager...

Express Flooring / horrible customer service

Aug 21, 2014

I had express install carpet and vinyl. I was told it had a 45 year guarantee it was installed last November I have been trying to get it fixed since Feb. and still nothing. Vinyl is ripped coming up in place and carpet is wrinkled across the whole room. it looks like I have had it for 20...

Express Flooring / poor carpet and warranty

Jul 28, 2014

Carpet installed in less that a year has wear on it. A carpet that we were told by sales man would not happen. Carpet has to be stretched and is no big deal. The problem is we paid for a carpet that has wear in less than a year and we are told well it is mashed down and is not under...

Express Flooring / horrible customer service and follow up

Jul 15, 2014

Do not buy from the company!!! Wish I had seen this board before I bought from them. Sure they come right out and can get it installed fast but if you have a problem after the fact they are non responsive. Had them out on an installation issue and they said nothing was wrong and within a...

Express Flooring / after sale non-support

Jun 10, 2014

We had dealt with Express Flooring on a smaller job about a year and a half ago, and aside from having to project manage the project ourselves, it went OK. This time, we wanted to expand on the project we undertook earlier, and contacted Express Flooring to see if we could match the color...

Express Flooring / carpet delivered, not carpet signed for

Sep 16, 2013

Do not buy from this company! We signed the contract and set a date for the install, which was 2 days later. He confirmed that the carpet was in stock. The next day we found out that the carpet was not in stock and set the appointment for a week out. They cancelled again because they...

Express Flooring / laminate flooring falling apart

Mar 10, 2013

Express Flooring came to our home to give us an estimate on flooring. We explained that we wanted to replace our "builder" linoleum and carpet with something more suitable to our lifestyle. We explained to the salesman that we needed something that would stand up to our large dogs drooling...

Express Flooring / horrible service

Jul 19, 2012

I purchased carpet from Express Flooring and had it "installed" near the end of May 2012 in four bedrooms of my house. The first problem was they measured the carpet wrong for one of my daughter's rooms, delaying the installation another day. They also did not put any padding under...

Express Flooring / outrageous costs

Jul 04, 2012

My experience with Express Flooring was a very negative one. Here is what happened to me; judge for yourself. I paid $2, 036 to have fiberglass linoleum installed in my 200 sq foot kitchen and 71 sq foot laundry room, $1, 636 and $400 respectively. After the workman came but before the...

Express Flooring / customer service

Jun 26, 2012

The company had 2 weeks before installation date. They led us to believe that installation would take place "first thing in the am". I had a call mid morning saying that installers would not be here until 2pm. I had rearranged my schedule so I was available. I also have a large Doberman...

Express Flooring / sales

Jun 24, 2012

An Express Flooring salesperson recently came to our house for an in-home estimate. He was due to show up between 12 and 2 pm. At about 5 minutes until two, we called the company to make sure that he was on his way. At 2 pm, he showed up and stated that he was late because he had to drive...

Express Flooring / poor customer service/ employees lie

May 07, 2012

Four hours late on first day of install. Five hours late on second day of install due to a "tire blowout" on the freeway. No problem, things happen. But five hours to change/fix a flat? Really? I don't think so. When they arrived, my wife was talking to the installers and discovered...

Express Flooring / lying sales rep

Nov 19, 2011

During the sales pitch the sales rep (Chris) showed us this very professional and well created PowerPoint presentation. Further, Chris had my wife and I fill out this questionnaire asking us what our top 5 concerns were. Trust was our number one concern. Chris than focused his presentation...

Express Flooring / disappointed in customer service

Aug 15, 2011

Express flooring was my first choice for getting new carpet. And when I filled out the free estimate form online I was pleased to get such a fast response from Heather Emerson (Phoenix, AZ) But after being put on hold immediately and then somehow I was transfered to another employee, Cassandra. I...

Express Flooring / mismanagement/customer service

Jun 20, 2011

A complete fiasco! I contracted with Express Flooring to install hardwood floors in three bedrooms. Terms of the contract included the moving of all furniture and the removal of all carpeting. The install was scheduled to take two days (Saturday, Monday). I was told that the install crew...

Express Flooring / fraud

Jan 07, 2011

We had carpet and vinyl flooring installed on September 13, 2010. After one week the carpet showed wear - track marks in hallway and other areas which vacuuming did not fix. We had requested from the sales person a carpet that would withstand traffic and would be easy to maintain. The...

Express Flooring / refund not processed


I had a presentation of installing laminate flooring in my home on 7/28/10 at which time I placed a $700 deposit to get the work done. The next day, after reviewing the thousands of complaints against this company and seeing their F rating from the BBB, I cancelled the contract both by...

Express Flooring / installation repair-flooring replacement


Ok they called me within 2 days of me posting this complaint and filing with the BBB. I spoke to a Jake on Tuesday and he said himself or another supervisor Tracy would be coming out and personally inspecting my floor on Wednesday between 9am-11am. I get a phone call from a John saying he...

Express Flooring / flooring replacement


Over a month ago I called Express Flooring because the laminate flooring was lifting in my office and chipped a corner of the flooring. An installer came to inspect and found that there were other areas where it was lifting. He said he would take the info back to the office and they would...

Express Flooring / beware of this company - horrible service


As of 6/19/10, this company has an"F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. This company provided extremely terrible customer service and initially refused to address the problem with my tile installation until I withheld payment and filed a complaint with the BBB. Save yourself the grief!

Express Flooring / awful customer service


Express flooring was my first choice for getting new carpet. And when I filled out the free estimate form online I was pleased to get such a fast response from Heather Emerson (Phoenix, AZ) But after being put on hold immediately and then somehow I was transfered to another employee, Cassandra. I...

Express Flooring / cheated and ripped off


All you have to do is check the Better Business Bureau and that will speak for itself. Express Flooring has a rating of F and in November of 2007 the company's membership in the BBB was revoked because of complaints that reflect unfavorably upon them. Mr. Jaffe is has lied about every...

Express Home Services (Flooring) / High pressure sales approach


Contacted company for an in-home estimate on laminate flooring and ceramic tile. Salesman claimed that he didn't know the thickness of their laminate flooring. This is basic information when reviewing laminate flooring. Salesman took an inordinate amount of time to take measurement...

Express Flooring / lies and fraus


WOW, can not believe how rude this peoples are Specifically the Owner, Nick 602-864-3300 . Be careful.

Express Flooring / lies and fraud


Express Flooring has a rating of F and in November of 2007 the company's membership in the BBB was revoked because of complaints that reflect unfavorably upon them. Mr. Jaffe is has lied about every detail of our experience. In fact the very people who installed our carpet informed u...

Express Flooring / a very unprofessional floor installation and customer service experience

We purchased a laminate flooring at the end of March with Express Home Services. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the salesman and how well he sold the company not only on their product but their wonderful customer service! That quickly ended as soon as the installers entered...