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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Empire Today / no follow through and really poor customer service agents.

TCarlson on Sep 16, 2016

We recently had floor damage due to hurricane Hermine. After going through our options we decided to give E.T. a chance to replaced the damaged floor. Because of work / travel schedules there is a limited window to get the quotes / work done, so we scheduled an appointment for 6-8PM on...

[Resolved] Empire Today / extension gap

Cheryl Condict on Aug 30, 2016

I paid top dollar to have flooring professionally installed by Empire Today, but one week later I was looking towards one of my walls and the quarter round started falling off and also found the same thing happening all over the room. I would now need to take off the quarter round and...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet & Tile / Failure to service when promised and not returning deposit

I. Suria on Aug 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 Empire committed to install wood in my entire house. Collected a deposit; gave me an installation date for 4 weeks after the contract was signed. Two days before the installation date, they confirmed, and the day before the installation date they also confirmed. On the day of...

Empire Today / unethical behaviour

shbarton on Aug 8, 2016

To Empire Today buyers of future employees: My name is Sheila and I am a former employee of Empire Today. I want to warn anyone who is thinking of doing any kind of business with Empire Today. As a customer I warn want to explain their process. First, when a Sales Rep comes and visits your...

[Resolved] Empire Today / items missing when installing carpet

Kathleen Heiser on Jul 30, 2016

Do not hire empire todoy. On may 2, 2016 empire today were installed carpet in my bedrooms and my wedding ring and opal earrings were behind my dresser. I could not move the dresser myself so I had asked them to let me know before they moved it so I could retrieve my jewelry that I knew...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet

Stevie Culver on Jul 12, 2016

The finally fixed the issue. If the company had the carpet guys come out in the first place they could have saved themselves a headache! It took ten minutes and they didn't even have to move all the furniture. Customer service talk to your floor professionals before your argue with...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet and padding

Kathryn Weresow on Jul 7, 2016

I had this carpet installed 3 years ago, at the tune of 3400 dollars! The carpet is rinkeled the padding is not standing up the traffic thou I purchased the best she offered. And I live alone not much traffic here!!! When I called CS they told me they would come out and stretch it for...

Empire Today / flooring

Stevie Culver on Jun 29, 2016

I had my entire house done with Empire today. The sales rep was very nice. The wood guys downstairs were awesome.The carpet people on the other hand didn't call before the came, showed up late, and when the did show up, they did with a half crew, so it took twice as long as predicted...

[Resolved] Empire Today / do not use them - their customer service is terrible, their installers suck

TheresaC on Jun 27, 2016

I have left several messages with "managers" to call me back about mistakes on my carpet that was installed, along with the hole the installer put in the wall. I have also called due to 3 missed appointments and requested management to call me back. I have made a total of 6 phone call...

[Resolved] Empire Today / damaged furniture when installing carpet

Angeline Berry on Jun 20, 2016

I purchased carpet & from Empire Today and scheduled the installation for 6/2/2016 . The installers were unprofessional, complained about moving furniture [which I had paid extra for], refused to clean up the carpet scraps that were left & tried to leave without giving me the left over...

[Resolved] Empire Today / hardwood floor installation

DB76 on May 18, 2016

Words can barely describe my unhappiness with my Empire Floor installation experience. The contracted installers (not Empire employees)called me the day (Saturday May 14, 2016) of the installation to say they'd be at my house in 90 minutes. They arrived 2 hours later to install new...

[Resolved] Empire Today / bad tile work

aaalarry on May 5, 2016

Sales rep came on time with a great selection. After making selection and putting my 10% down, we had an install date one week later. On the day the installer was to arrive no one showed, so I called to see what was happing, the excuse was they were on a big job and had to re schedule, so...

Empire Today / floor installation and customer service

MDJ67 on May 3, 2016

I had a kitchen floor and bathroom floor (luxury vinyl tile) installed by Empire Today. I was told that it would be an all day job and the installers would call by 8 am to let me know their arrival time. At 11 am I had heard nothing. So, I called at 11:15 and was told they would be there...

[Resolved] Empire Today / bad carpet - hey said they would replace-avoiding my calls again

Peggy Bobeldyk on Apr 27, 2016

I had the carpet replaced. The carpet is bad . Right away it was snagging and running. I had them come out the inspector said the pattern was bad and the seam was bad. I told him I did not want this carpet. he said it would be replaced. nothing happened I called many times and could not... / carpet installation horrible experience

Donna J. Gilkey on Apr 25, 2016

I submitted a request for measurement, samples and cost for my rental that I am selling on 4/11/16. the appointment for this portion of the contract was for 4/14/16, which went as planned. I was given an appt. for install for 4/21/16, time of day TBD the day of the appt. I was called a day...

[Resolved] Empire Today / poor communication concerning returning to complete a job/bathroom toilets not replaced.

Empire Today on Apr 21, 2016

I recently made plans with Empire to install tile in my home. The sales representative was very good and we thought we could get the work done without any problems. A couple of years we also had carpet throughout the house and Empire install this with minimal problems. This time is a...

[Resolved] Empire Today / appointment no-show

Sebringgirl on Apr 11, 2016

We scheduled an appointment for a free estimate to redo all the flooring in our home. Appointment was scheduled via telephone on last Thursday afternoon for the next day between 7-9 pm. By 8:30 pm we had not seen nor heard from any salesman as to when they might arrive or offer to...

[Resolved] Empire Today / shutters

Gerlynn Montiel on Mar 29, 2016

On 2/15/16 we submitted an order for shutters. We submitted $250 and completely financed the order. On 2/20/16 measurements were taken and notified that blinds were orders instead of shutters. We have called 6 times (3/6/16, 3/8/16, 3/12/16, 3/15/16, 3/26/16, 3/28/16) and received no call...

Empire Today / flooring

Mary Lovely on Mar 29, 2016

In August, of 2015, we had flooring placed in our kitchen. We realized that someof the tiles were crooked. They sent out another install team. The y straightened crooked tiles in areas that needed to be done. We noted that there were areas where grout was not correct. Another team came...

[Resolved] Empire Today / ceramic tile and carpet installation

vstamp01 on Mar 19, 2016

We've had issues with a former sales representative from Empire Today, however the installation of flooring went well. Therefore this time we requested a different sales person to come out for a new order. Brian Hagen was sent to our home. He seemed relatively knowledgeable and friendly...