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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Empire Today / lvp

Bhastings on Jul 6, 2017

My name is Barbara. I was scheduled for LVP installation on 7/3. My fiancé and I spent the weekend preparing by moving things out of three bedroom closets, off shelves, etc. When the installer arrived, he said he wouldn't be able to take up and dispose of the carpet because it smelled of cat...

[Resolved] Empire Today / inability to contact anyone

Kathy Kelly on Jun 29, 2017

I had a sales rep come to my house and after much deliberation decided to go with over $7, 000 worth of new flooring. He confirmed the date they would be there. We removed all the furniture and had my husband stay home to be on site. I called to confirm the day before. The day OF...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet installation

SharonCR on Jun 26, 2017

My name is Sharon, Job # X088619-4887528. After getting quotes from several companies, I decided to go with Empire to install carpet in three bedrooms, as well as hardwood the the closet of the master bedroom. The installation was scheduled for Friday, April 29th. The installer arrived at...

Empire Carpets & Blinds / blinds

Debbi Callahan-Campbell on Jun 23, 2017

We called empire after we purchased our condo and we heard that Empire was good with price and customer service. Boy, what a mistake that was. we purchased vertical blinds for the bedroom, living room and kitchen, and almost everyone of these blinds have broken or I should say that where the...

[Resolved] Empire Today / vinyl planking flooring

Bobbi Kaeppler on Jun 19, 2017

Hello America, my name is Bobbi. I had used Empire Today in the past for carpet and was satisfied. Not even a year ago, I wanted to replace carpet with laminate flooring so I called them. The sales person was familiar as I had him in the past so naturally I trusted him. He suggested vinyl...

[Resolved] Empire Today / inconvenience, safety issues and lack of follow through

Alfredo 3 on Jun 17, 2017

My name is Alfredo and we went with Empire Today due to it being a large company with reported good products services. We were promised that Empire today would be out 5/3 and 5/4 to put in LVT for our kitchen, two living rooms and mud room. The first issue was that they called the day...

[Resolved] Empire Today / installation and service

dduenas5 on Jun 14, 2017

Hello, my name is Daniel Duenas. I decided to go with Empire for my flooring needs. I purchased flooring for the entire house - carpet in the bedrooms, hardwood floors for both living rooms, vinyl flooring for the kitchen, entrance, laundry room and mud room. I was promised 10% (which I'm...

[Resolved] Empire Today / tile "buckling"

Davida English on Jun 7, 2017

After 1 month of install we notice part of the floor being uneven but thought if may of been a minor issue...Woke up one morning about a month later and the tile and sealant had completely come un done in that area of the floor...Called and had empire installers come out 6/3/17 and they...

[Resolved] Empire Today / wrong color hardwood floors installed

E Kyser on Jun 6, 2017

Empire Today installed carpet and some Luxury Vinyl Planks in two room that cost more than 5k to install. Empire Today installed the wrong product on May 9th, and wanted me to provide proof. I provide them with my contract stating I wanted " American Hickory Syrah", I also provide them...

[Resolved] Empire Today / flooring/carpet

stacif on Jun 1, 2017

I ordered new flooring April 21st, 2017. Install for floor was set for March 15th with carpet March 17th. Flooring was entire living room, kitchen, hall and two entry ways with high volume carpet for stairs. They sent one person to do the flooring and after 5 days from morning till dark...

[Resolved] Empire Today / cancellation

Marie McCash on May 31, 2017

Yesterday I told your representative that I don't want to make a decision because I have to present the offer to my husband. She pressured me into a signing by her argument that that's why she is here to sign a contract and when she leaves the offer is off but don't worry, I have 3 days to...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminate floor

Corbett3861 on May 15, 2017

Empire installed wood floors in my family room and the service was so great, I decided to have laminate flooring in my kitchen, bathroom, pantry, foyer and laundry room. The flooring is not durable and has streaks throughout the laminate. The installers told me that once I cleaned the...

[Resolved] Empire Today / empire today carpet installation

Jessica Hunt on May 7, 2017

So if I could give zero stars to this horrific company I would. It all started on Tuesday May 2nd with out consultation. We were very specific that if they could not install on either Thursday or Friday of this week we could not use their company. As our movers were delivering our...

[Resolved] Empire Today / wood floor installation

Eunah001 on May 5, 2017

I had wood floors installed in my home by Empire today on 4/7/17. A couple weeks later my wood floor buckled & bubbled. I contacted Empire and they sent the contractors back out to inspect the floor. The moisture reading in the area of the bubbling was measuring at 78% they claimed that...

[Resolved] Empire Today / unethical behaviour-damages occurred at the home as a result of empire floor contractors

C. Patterson on May 2, 2017

From april 24-april 26th, empire floor contractors arrived at my home to install lvp floors. this is referencing activity #: 1-2567424638, contract #: 037faar282. the issues are: (1) empire floor contractors removed the bottom guides from the pantry door in the living room area to install...

Empire Today / carpet runner

St on Apr 12, 2017

We bought and paid for new carpet in our dining room which was installed with no problem HOWEVER... A runner was also ordered and pd for. We were told that the runner would have to be bound all the way around and would take approx 10 days to get done. At that point, the runner would be...

Empire Today Memphis / Installer warning

7101 on Apr 5, 2017

My $98, 000 frustration Previous installer 7101 My name is Ramon and my company began installing for Empire Today Memphis almost 3 years ago. For the first 2 years it was a GREAT PLACE to subcontract so I decided to dedicate two of my crews to their office. My problems didn't start...

[Resolved] Empire Today / vinyl plank flooring

Marcusfbarkley on Apr 3, 2017

A repost since I still am in no better spot after 2 days and promises the situation would be alleviated: I don't normally do this, especially in the middle of a job, but after my terrible experience thus far, it seems warranted and may actually get the attention from Empire that I have not...

Empire Today / vinyl installation

Nancy Niles on Mar 31, 2017

Last Wednesday, we waited for the installers who arrived during the two hour window. Hooray. However, upon their arrival, they told us we needed a plumber to disconnect the refrigerator and we needed quarter board for the molding once the flooing was nstalled. The sales rep never told u...

[Resolved] Empire Today / manor carpet

Bonnie Evans on Mar 26, 2017

We purchased this carpet in November 2014. After it was installed we were having problems with pieces of the carpet coming up every time we vacuumed. We were told by Empire this was normal. It continued to come up plus the matting on the carpet or down and they sent a representative out...