eBaybuyer requirements

N Sep 12, 2018

I have no buyer requirements regarding number of lots allowed to be purchased yet no one can buy more than two items from me. This applies to auctions, store or a combination of both. When a third auction bid is placed a message is received by the bidder that teh seller only allows two purchases in ten days. The same happens when a buyer tries to by more than two store items. Multiple items can be placed in a shopping cart and they are all shown but when the buyer goes to pay only the first two items can be purchased.

I have been on the phone with eBay several times over the past month and they are totally stumped. They can't do anything to help resolve the issue so I am not listing auctions as I lose money when potential bidders are prevented from bidding.

I added several of my regular customers to teh "Exempt From Buyer Requirements" list but they still are limited to only two plots per ten days.

eBay customer support tells me that they have never seen this issue and that basically they have no idea how to fix it.

Has anyone seen this issue before???

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