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I purchased an iPhone from them once before. No problem. That was 2 years ago. Purchased another just before XMas and paid for next-day FedEx delivery. They charged my card then never sent it. I emailed with no response. Called five times 5 days AFTER XMas. Still had not been sent. I emailed once again to inquire and then received a response that they simply cancelled my order! I emailed back and asked why. No response. I called 10 more times, but nobody is ever "available" to answer. Press any number (believe me, I tried them all), and one's call simply gets dropped. A COMPLETE SCAM COMPANY. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, unless you are a masochist who hates your money and your time.

iphone 7

July 27, 2019 I'm out $35 because they tried to sell me a bent iPhone. Returns are a hassle and no concern for your shipping costs. There's a reason for their low prices - these guys are junk dealers! If you don't believe me, try googling other reviews for n1wireless. They should make things right and refund shipping when the problem is completely theirs and not the customer.

iphone 7

mobile phone

Very bad experience. I ordered: -new phone (new - open box) -with extra high quality screen protector. What I...

customer service

I feel like I was scammed - customer service non-existent

I ordered an lg v20 from n1wireless on aug 12.
On aug 13 I got an email from n1 that stated the phone was on back order.
On aug 13 I emailed sales and support to cancel my order.
On aug 21 I got an email that stated my phone was being shipped.
Aug 21 I again emailed sales and support to inform them I cancelled my order on the 13th.
On the 23rd the phone arrived.
I have called their phone number [protected] more than a dozen times and the system always rings out and hangs up.
No one picks up the phone.
Their office is at 1425 - 37 street in brooklyn.
I happen to live in brooklyn and will try to stop in and find out what is going on.
I do not recommend this company.
They make me feel like I was scammed.

scam site!

This site is a complete scam. Lots of reports of "refurbished" or "open box" items being sold as new in box...

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I do not recommend

Purchase two Jawbone Era bluetooths from N1 Wireless of which one was defective. As I live in Canada, I received the items just as there 15-day "dead-on-arrival" coverage expired. Although N1 Wireless claims that the items they sold is covered by the manufacturer's one-year limited warranty (and I was directed by N1 Wireless to make a claim to the manufacturer). In fact, N1 Wireless is not an authorized seller thus there is no manufacturer's warranty. Subsequent attempts to contact N1 Wireless to receive a replacement unit or a refund went unanswered. Upon recent of these two items, it appears that they are “open box” or refurbished items although their website description makes one assume that they are new items.
I do not recommend purchasing items from N1 Wireless.


Don't buy here. I think they sell Refurbished or Knock-Offs as New. They don't answer their Customer Service Phone. The Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus was delivered UNWRAPPED with:
NO Earbuds, NO Warranty, NO USB cable, and NO Free 1 year Vocalyst program. This is all included free from Plantronics as part of the package.

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    voice122 Jun 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    N1 sent me a faulty phone, ignored my request for an rma( 3x), by which time it was too late. when asked for a manufacturer adress so as to access the 1yr manufacturers warranty, they were unable to supply !

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    erinthemoon Aug 12, 2011
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    I ordered a new, unlocked Apple iPhone from these people and shelled out extra for 1-2 business day shipping. Not only was the iPhone refurbished and not new (the cheating, lying ###), but it got here in a week rather than 1-2 days. Don't do business with these ###s.

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    coooter Sep 17, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Purchased a new item. Received USED, discontinued model and WRONG item to boot. Took a month to receive return auth. Don't respond to emails or phone calls. Sent item back and the charged was 20% restocking fee. This is a fraudulent company. BEWARE!

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    a9818sal Oct 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a new HS850 bluetooth and they sent me a refurbished item. They are not dealing to their customers in good faith. I'm not buying to this company again.

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I purchased a wireless headset from this company and when I finally received the item after 12 days, it was broken and didn't even work. I returned the item and didn't want to wait for a refund before I purchased another one thinking they would just swap them out without a problem. I was wrong...

I ordered a second one and that one too was broken. I sent multiple emails and none of them received answers. I called around 7 times and sent more emails asking why no one was answering the phone and was finally able to talk to someone on the phone who proceeded to yell at me calling me a liar and saying that none of their products are faulty.

I requested a full refund in total of $103.98. They refused multiple times but finally agreed to submit it to their corporate and I eventually received a mere $39.99.
So, I am supposed to pay for a product that I don't even have and shipping for 2 items that never worked in the first place.
Yeah right... There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company, and I think I will be the one to start it.

My experience with N1 Wireless was terrible

My experience with N1 Wireless was terrible. I purchased a new cell phone. The phone arrived in a box with a broken factory seal (the seal stated “do not accept if this seal is broken”). The phone was packed sloppily, had fingerprints on the keypad, the protective film over the phone display was missing – this phone was obviously not new. Plus, it came with a European charger, which would require me to haul around an adapter wherever I used it, and this was not indicated when I made the purchase. I returned the phone on the strong evidence that N1wireless did not send me a new phone and requested a full refund. Instead, they gave me a refund that is $37 less than the price I paid, holding back the shipping charge and a 20% restocking fee. I spoke with a billing department supervisor to insist upon a full refund and he became insulting. In the end, N1 wireless got $37 of my money for sending me an item other than what I ordered. N1wireless appears to have a culture of disrespect toward its customers. It's Better Business Bureau rating is “F” because of many unanswered customer complaints, and most of the complaints are over “refund and exchange” and “product” issues. An internet search shows that many others have had similar and worse experiences with N1wireless – there are complaints of items being advertised as new and instead being used or damaged, the work “refurb” scratched off of one product, empty boxes shipped instead of items purchased, and the absence of customer service and willingness to believe customer complaints. Just as with me, many others complain that certain employees of N1 wireless are rude, dismissive, and unwilling to believe customers when incorrect, broken, missing, or used/refurbished items are shipped by N1 wireless. My strong recommendation is to never do business with N1wireless. It is very possible they will not ship you the item you ordered, and instead will ship you a refurbished or used item when a new one is advertised, or the item will be broken or have missing parts. When you complain, you will be met with denial and/or rudeness and will not get a full refund. My recommendation is the check out the Better Business Bureau ratings and internet reviews of other resellers and avoid N1 wireless. N1 wireless earned their BBB “F” rating through a pattern of dishonest and disrespectful behavior. Avoid N1 wireless.

  • Te
    Telecom Man Oct 16, 2009

    Gave me a refurbished cell not new; box was already open. Cell went bad within six weeks. Company refused to take it back. STAY AWAY from these people!

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  • Pd
    Pdile Jan 08, 2010

    I purchased a refurbished Jawbone 2 headset. It didn't work. I called and sent emails but no one would reply or call back. I finally was able to go to the manufacturer and they are exchanging the headset.

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  • Ar
    Arkadyy May 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a new Dash cell phone from NI Wireless . Received the phone and it didn't work. Mailed the phone back and requested a refund or a working phone. Have not received either. This business needs to be investigated for scam practices.

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  • Fo
    Foster Dec 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company somehow used stolen credit card information to charge my credit card with almost 300.00. As a result, I had to cancel my account.

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  • Fe
    Fernando Luiz de Moura Jul 31, 2014

    Me the same thing happened, I'm from Brazil and bought a Cell Order ID: 1765799 which was packed in an envelope with no protection and got the phone and the charger completely destroyed and my injury with taxes from my parents was $ 320.00 USD. I complained and they put the blame on the carrier, but is not true because they use this artifice to blame the carrier. I advise staying away from this sit for purchases not have to hassle.
    Fernando Luiz de Moura

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They are practicing false advertisement and they are scammers

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!. They are practicing false advertisement and are scammers. I ordered Southwing SA505 bluetooth headset from them. This is the second time I ordered. The first time was a pleasant experience. I received the order in an unopened, manufaturer's box. The device worked well, like new, just as I ordered. I decided to order another one. This time there was a generic looking whitebox inside that they slapped a Southwing label on. Inside the box, I receieved a charger and quick start guide, BUT NO HEADPHONES!!!. I called, had a hard time getting through. When I finally did, I was put on three times. I finally spoke to a customer service "supervisor", by the name of Albert. I told him the situation. The headphones were not in the box even though the packaged was intact. He insisted that I have them and there was nothing he could do for me but offer me a car charger for headphones that I do not have. They are a bunch of scammers. They are based in NY and you can tell that by their attitude that they do not mean well. DO NOT BUY FROM NY BASED ONLINE COMPANIES unless they are nationwide. They are run by foreigners looking to scam us. The FBI should look into them.

Resolved Stay a way from buying from

Stay a way from buying from Bad service, bad phones. Mine arrived with keypad problem and not working charger. Later I found that it was refurbished phone! (as well as probably all of them on their web site) I had to call always to check/remind if they sent, received, had in stock etc. No apology from costumer service. Beside, I paid shipping $15 (regular ground!) + $8 return shipping (they don't send you free return shipping slip even if they sold you not working item) + $10 restocking fee if you aren't ordering anything else from them in replacement of original item.

Resolved Never again will I use this company

Customer service is NON-EXISTENT!! I have tried many times to contact them to receive a part of my order that never arrived. Their "customer service" phone line never gets answered and I can't leave a message because their message box is always full, which tells me that I'm not the only one being ignored.

Never again will I use this company.

Resolved Received product that was dirty, filthy and used

I ordered a Bluetooth headset from this company - and received product that was dirty, filthy and used. When you call the company, you get put into a voicemail - and don't get a call back. I finally called every number on their list - and there are many - and got a person who said he'd send me an RMA so I could return it to get my money back. Guess what - never received an RMA.

Resolved Shipped wrong charger

I order a Jabra BT5020 (Blue tooth headset), received it with in 5 days (fast shipping) when I read the instructions it said to fully charge the head set before using. I pulled out the charger that was shipped with the headset only to find that it doesn't even fit the headset. I've emailed once and called 15 times with no reply for a week now. I simple fix would be to send the correct charger. Will not use them again.

Resolved Scam and cheating

This is the only company I've ever written a negative review on. I stupidly ordered from them without looking up other customer reviews first! Purchased two bluetooth headsets "open box", receiving them 9 days later. They give you 7 days to return defective products for exchange. If they ignore you for 7 days, they figure they are home free.

One headset had a broken microphone, both came with only one ear piece (instead of the 3, (sml, med, lrg for fitting they) advertise. Both headsets were filthy with earwax and dirt.

They ignored the two emails I sent to their customer service. I called twice too, both times during their business hours. Their answering machine came on both times, so I left a message. No response. I'm now in the process of disputing the charges with my credit card company.

If you are considering doing business with these guys, do yourself a favor and read the customer reviews on-line.

  • En
    Enriqueabreu Feb 15, 2010

    I'm from Venezuela I too was scam and cheating, do not speak English well, I want to know whether there is a way to sue my email is N1WIRELESS [email protected]

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  • De
    Denise76 Mar 05, 2010

    I ordered a bluetooth headset claiming to be brand new and N1 Wireless mailed me the older version (I can tell because of where the serial number is) with a big scratch on it and a dirty earbud! The headset had obviously been used before and was not in original packaging. They are cheaters and don't give you what they claim to be selling.

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  • Ra
    Rajkiran khangarot Jun 15, 2012

    N1wireless only cheats. They give defective products. I mail them money order, they didnot even collect from post office. I called them several time and told them to collect, even then they do nothing. I sent two money order twice, both time they didn't collect that. I had loss of 50$. Even now they have my 120$ money in store credit. I don't know how to take that back. If I order something more of 120$, they don't collect money orders, they only demand credit card information. I don't know what to do.

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Resolved Overcharged

First, if you get a defective product you can't return it unless it does not even power up. When you do return it, they will not pay for shipping and they charge a 20% restocking fee. I bought a new product which did not work and it cost me over $20 to return it and restock. I now have to go elsewhere for the product. They should have just asked me for a $20 donation!

Resolved Worst company I have ever dealt with

This is worst company I have ever dealt with. I suspect it is a 3 person company who really do NOT care about the customer. I order 4 jawbone headsets (~$360) late december, reviewed all four about 2 weeks later (After picking 3-5 day shipping) They charged me more for shipping than originally stated. (Only $5 so so I got over it!) when I received the product 3 were functionally and 1 did not work. (I suspect these are refurbs marked as new!) It took me over 1.5 week to reach a person to get a return authorization. The online authorization did not work ( I tried 3 times!) I finally got in touch with someone and got the RMS code. I asked for a refund they said "no" not on headsets I said ok exchange and give me a new on. (This was hell to get them to agree given that it was past their 10 day return policy ONLY because they do NOT respond to their email or answer their phone- note you can't leave a message because their mailbox is always full!) Anyway I finally got the code sent item back and waited and waited and waited... Everyweek I everyday and reach a person I get the run around or get hung up on, I finally reach someone with brains "Jennifer" and she investigates the matter. She come back after being on hold for 20mins and said we found it, it took this long to get it processed because our tech guys had to verify that it did not work and we were backlogged, but we'll be sending out a new one 1st thing next week. (I reached her late friday!) I was supposed to get an email when it shipped.. no email I called and called and called.. Hung up on multiple times, was promised a call back several times which never happened I talked to someone claiming to be in power, manager he said the return was never received (complete lie!) told him that the item was found and that Jennifer said it should have been shipped out a while ago! I was the put on hold for ever and then mysteriously I get disconnected. Since then I keep getting the run around and when I ask to speak to Jennifer she is alway out to lunch or home or something.. I have sent emails to support (I once got a response saying sorry for inconvenience they will resolve the matter!) LOL I have even faxed then to inquire about my issue and no response!

I will be attempting to do a charge back on my CC but this was ordered in december so I don't know how my bank will handle it.. (I believe that is why they string u along for days, weeks and months!) They wear u done.. from calling every day, to every other day an and now only once or twice a week!

Resolved scam!

i ordered NEW pink razr v3 phone and they sent me REFURBISHED phone instead! it's not even a good refurbished phone since it was obviously painted over with pink color that doesn't even match back cover. even on invoice, it doesn't mention anything about it being refurbished. when i try to return them, they sent me email saying "we do not process refund/return requests via email." and they had me calling non toll free number. when i try to call their number, they don't even answer and give me the run around. avoid them like a plague. they are scam artist!

Resolved Scam operation

I order and bought 2 �JawBone� headsets from "N 1 Wireless" ( on may13 2009 Order #: [protected]

Their website states that it is new and in original manufacturing package.

Additionally pictures on the page show original manufacturing package which is a nice plastic box.

Instead of that I received collection of bubble wrapped pieces in the plastic bag.

I call their Support line explain situation and was forced to get RMA number thru their website.

I was promised full reimbursement. N1Wireless issued partial reimbursement withholding TAX and Shipping.

I contact them again and was promised full remaining sum.

4 days later I found that they reimbursed only Tax.

I call them on June 11 and they told me that they did not reimburse shipping at all even if it is their fault disregarding of their promises.

Overall their business practice reflects pure scam operation:

1) They deliberately mislead customers providing false information about item condition.

2) They overcharge shipping 2 times over the regular price $20(versus when I ship back fully insured, with notification, 2 day delivery $10) with the same USPS carrier.

3) They refuse full reimbursement even trying not to return Taxes and shipping.

4) They did not respond on emails, their voicemail box is full and not accepting any messages and it is almost impossible to get some one online.

5) Searching their company review on the web show that this is their common practice.

Resolved Don't Buy From N1 Wireless. Scam operation.

Don't Buy From N1 Wireless. Scam operation. I order and bought 2 “JawBone” headsets from...