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I am really frustrated with eBay as a source of products and eBay could care less about what its customers think. I have bought a lot of CD's from eBay vendors and I am finding that about half of the vendors lie about the condition of their products. eBay makes it virtually impossible to complain about bad sellers because you are required to wait for days before submitting a negative review. Since it is so difficult to give an accurate review the ratings of many vendors are artificially inflated as positive reviews are easy to give and are facilitated by eBay. That is why I have very often not made a purchase because I do not fully trust the vendor. Amazon is ten thousand times better in this regard and I totally trust Amazon sellers. I guess this is why eBay stock is practically worthless when compared to Amazon.

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Feb 15, 2015 11:09 pm EST
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I totally agree with the complaint, I sell and buy on ebay but much less now, especially buying as I was ripped off by a seller who never refunded a return. Two months later I finally got refunded but only because the dispute had expired on paypal. Had I seen the seller's feedback I would have clicked out of the item so fast as to be grateful Some buyers even said she should be removed because she's a thief. That was my experience exactly. I've never had a seller run off with my due refund, lie to me, and ignore my Cases and ebay messages. Its a case of theft and stealing- not a good aftertaste in a consumers mouth. I must have called ebay, paypal many times, in addition to my bank. Ebay says well, the misconduct (my wording) goes on their record but looking at comments and dates problem users are not outted at all. I also have a major gut leak with eBay's fees. I have 100 free first' listings free each beginning month. I've just listed 44 but now I'm being hit up for listing fees already again. I do sell on amazon, I don't get instant paid but amazon is so much an easier venue to sell, whereas eBay's a pimp of a back breaker. I can get paid what my item is worth over amazon but not ebay. I've found 2-3 other auction sites/stores but the traffic to them is not very good and I've made no sales. Yet at the same time I can tie some small decline in my sales over ebay to eBay's own decline in buyers.

Mar 07, 2014 2:26 pm EST
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Is there any competition I can use instead of eBay? Thanks. John. England

Mar 13, 2013 1:48 pm EDT
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I say a lot of the good seller had left ebay, mainly some bad sellers. on there, i bid on items and seller has another count and up the bids way too high, .i had another seller sold an item after I have purchased it.i had two sellers kept my money wasn't much but I did not get it back.i had sellers harassment my email address..some sellers wanted it paid right after I won it it, place won't give buyers any time., very pushy.bossy place all about money, , when they did ship items to me.put in a envelope.or package wasn't in good shape..i go to other places to purchase my items., ebay has turned into a rotten place,

Mar 13, 2013 1:35 pm EDT
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I bought items on ebay.i got some rude sellers and couple sellers - don't like new buyers.some, wanted it paid in two hours or sold somebody else.sellers will cancel item..if you try to cancel item for a reason they will give you unpaid mark, , and leave you bad feed back but block you from giving them a bad feed friend been harassed by one seller name nessundorma.person emailed my friend three times a week calling him names and threating him, critize him.he also had another seller call his phone, .it is more of a place that has gotten out of control.used be a good place not anymore. to buy from not friends and family we purchase from amazon.etsy and other places they treat consumer a lot better than ebay, im sure in future ebay will lose a lot their buyers because of this., just be bad sellers

Feb 26, 2013 10:14 am EST
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Sellers have not protection at all in EBAY. I did sell a brand new HOMEDICS item to a buyer and it was returned because he said it have a bad design a it hurts but he told to EBAY item isn't as described. This is not true are a bunch of lies but he open a case and ask for a full refund I respond to EBAY explaining everything, even buyer return a different and older model than I sent to him. EBAY don't care about that, they made the decision in the buyer favor and gave the refund before i can appeal the decision. They made a decision in 25 minutes and whet I appealed they said it takes 72 hours to answer. It's like somebody was sent to a fire squad and get shot before can appeal. I don't understand how and AMERICAN company based act like a COMUNIST TIRANY.
Now I'm closing my seller account because I can't work with that bunch of coyotes, wolves and snakes

Dec 01, 2012 3:25 pm EST

I agree one hundred percent that sellers are bidding on their on items just to push up the price. Or if the sellers arent bidding up the items, its probably a family member. Recently had 4 disasterous experiences with ebay sellers.
I will NEVER buy on ebay againl

Feb 10, 2011 7:22 pm EST
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I read the description about several products I bought on ebay-the sellers are too often dishonest as their main objective is to make a quick buck. I am sure that some buyers do not read carefully, but sellers also inflate the virtues of their products. I had a seller lie and say that he had DVDs of contemporary movies. 1oo of them and he posted a picture of a pile of DVDs stating that there were too many good titles to list them all. I paid 2.00 per title for cartoons, third rate movies and duplicates.
He had someone bidding the price up I am sure because every time I posted a bid, the other person immediately posted a higher one. The pattern of bidding was just enough to push the price up a little at a time for this great deal that was actually a scam. I ended up paying 4 times what they were worth.No return address on the mailed box and no contact address on ebay. Same thing happened with defective electronics from Hong Kong- a huge recurrnig scam on ebay. The b uyer then closes down their site leaving buyers with a defective product and no recourse.
E bay does not help you get your money back and their insurance is worthless as they do everything to not compensate you for your loss. ONLY BUY ON AMAZON. EBAY SELLERS ARE SCAMMERS BIG TIME. Some are not but a lot are. They are the CRAIGSLLIST of consumers.

Sep 03, 2010 9:36 am EDT
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I agree ebay has nothing to do with the sellers... No Protection whatsoever... thus all the good honest sellers are no longer on ebay and leaving a bunch of scammers... Ebay charges an arm and a leg for sellers in which they pay the employees with ... If a seller has a problem it's oh well all we want is your money and who cares what happens to you the seller... I had sold an item on ebay and a buyer didn't like it... well, she did not READ the Description nor look at the pics so this was truly a case of buyers remorse... I had emailed ebay about this SEVERAL times and NOT ONCE did ebay reply to any of my questions or concerns instead they just ruled in the buyers favor with no explanation at all - put a hold on my paypal account and so on... in the end they buyer did agree that she did not read description, did not ask questions nore really look at all the pictures and we worked it out because it was her fault... Not all buyers will admit they goofed so as a seller you will lose Everytime... It's just not worth the fees they charge for sellers to be totally unprotected and end the end... all the good old honest sellers finally had to leave ebay leaving a bunch of new comers who don't last long or are just run off by the lack of care from ebays customer support. BUYERS it really is YOUR Responsibility to ASK questions, LOOK at the Pictures and READ that description... If you don't well it's shame on you... being that this happens more often that not... the good sellers have just had enpough and have moved on... We use to buy and sell on ebay but not anymore... bottom line ebay just doesn't care about the sellers at all - If there are NO sellers then there will be No buyers - No ebay!


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