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eBay Complaints & Reviews

eBayselling 100 items to receive your funds

I am very disappointed the fact that Ebay have to punish every seller when receiving their funds. It is ridiculous how the first time sellers have to sell 100 items before receiving their funds once the buyer buys the item. Instead we have to wait until 21 days to receive our funds. Ebay you need to stop punishing every first time seller. Fix this!

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    eBayry40210b grass trimmer

    I ordered this item from three (3) different sellers.

    Dealer 1. Ordered the item, immediately charged to my VISA account. Order cancelled by seller, out of stock.

    Dealer 2. Ordered the item, immediately charged to my VISA account. Order shipped to unkown address. Never received it.

    Dealer 3. Ordered the item, immediately charged to my VISA account. Order cancelled by seller?

    The charges on my credit were evenually applied. But not as fast as they were originally applied.

    Will not shop on Ebay again.

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      eBayfake netflix accounts scams|seller: boqlwa. store

      On this person's ebay store(boqlwa.store), he is selling these digital items: netflix accounts and the listing is called " Netflix Gift & Warranty: 4K UltraHD | 4 Screens | 1 Month | Personal " for $5 each.When I purchased from this seller, he sent me an ebay message with the "netflix account details" and notes that the "warranty will be voided if the e-mail is changed" This listing is a SCAM, Buyers like me that bought this has no power over the netflix account.The seller can change the login and password at anytime and say the buyer has changed the accounts details leaving the buyer with nothing.After I tested the netflix account credentials, I messaged him saying that the accounts details he sent me does not work and I provided a screenshot to him that the account doesn't even exist.He messaged me back saying "we both know that you changed the e-mail to the account." That doesn't even matter for the buyer because the seller can always change back the account details no matter what by doing a hard reset calling netflix company on the phone.On one of the his/her's other listings that sells netflix accounts it says 17 has sold in 1 hour, I JUST HATE TO SEE HIM/HER GETTING AWAY WITH THIS, THIS IS WRONG AND HAS TO BE STOPPED.HE'S MAKING A TON OF MONEY BY DOING THIS SCAM ON EBAY.Once the buyers give a positive feedback on ebay, there's no turning back, cannot edit the positive feedback. After the buyer puts a positive feedback, the seller can change the netflix account details and give the account details to the next victim so the victim can give a positive feedback saying it works, it's a scam cycle.This ebay seller has to be stopped, this is criminal. Even though it's only $5 each buy but it adds up very quickly, like seriously 17 sold in 1 hour and this seller is getting away with it. People is not reporting it because it's only $5 and left a positive feedback already so it's too late. Not me, I am the only buyer that left the seller a negative review.Below is the seller's ebay store. I know there are other netflix account listings out there but this is the seller I purchased from. STRAIGHT UP SCAM. He requested a partial refund of $1.99 but why am I giving him an extra $3 when I get nothing?? He risked $5 for his first negative feedback.


      fake netflix accounts scams|seller: boqlwa. store
      fake netflix accounts scams|seller: boqlwa. store
      fake netflix accounts scams|seller: boqlwa. store

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        • Updated by Jimson7 · Jul 04, 2019

          I hope alot of people reads this, maybe donate $5 to him just to give him a negative feedback so people is warned before they buy. With enough negative feedbacks, his account will be banned and if he decides to make a new seller account then he would have to start over from sq 1

        eBayseller contact

        I was looking for a Grasshog dual line spool cover on ebay and found the seller (the brain seller) offering this item. They offered free shipping and a very good turn around time for delivery. I receive the item I order on the date stated in a bubble wrap envelope, from the US postal service. I open the envelope and the item is in a clear plastic envelope. I open up this envelope and take out the item and I notice that there is a piece sitting in the bottom of the envelope. I look at the dual line spool cover in my hand and I can see were this piece has broken off, making this spool cover useless. I send the seller a email letting them know of my problem and suggesting that in the future they ship this item in a small cardboard box. I get a reply from the seller asking me to send them a picture of this item. I try to send them a reply, but I keep getting an error message from ebay that my order has been over 90 days old and my reply can not be sent. Ebay tries to convince you that they are very open and up front with communication channels, but I see it more as smoke and mirrors, to keep the customer lost and confused. I had a problem with a ebay seller over 2 years ago and said I was done trying to do business with them and I guess that I will continue with my past decision.

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          • Updated by wes ball · Jul 04, 2019

            I purchased a B & D Grasshog dual line spool cover from (The brain seller a few days ago and it arrived on time. It came in a bubble pack envelope and was shipped by the US Postal Service. I opened this bubble pack and the item was in a clear envelope. I opened this envelope and took out the item. I noticed that there was still a piece of plastic in this clear envelope, so I took it out. I looked at this dual line spool cover and I could see that one of the locking plastic tabs was missing and had been broken off in transit. I tried to contact the seller (the brain seller) and I get a error message that my order is older than 90 days. I had a problem with an item I order from ebay over two years ago and thought that would be my last experience with ebay, but here I am going down the same garden path. Ebay keeps saying that they are committed to having the customer satisfied with their transactions, but all I see is smoke and mirrors. Lucky for me this transaction was only for $11.99 which will not break the bank, but just leaves a very bad taste in ones mouth. If you thought my bad mouth of Ebay had gone away you would be sadly mistaken it has returned with a vengence.

          eBayvehicle purchase (1986 ford mustang svo)

          I recently purchased the subject vehicle.
          It was falsely described as being mint and flawless with original parts. Furthermore via message seller said no rust.

          Once received it has been found that there is substantial rust that has been painted over, many non original parts put on to hide the card real condition and many other items.

          I have attempted to contact seller through eBay, via text, via phone and via email.

          His email and phone are no longer active.

          I have offered to return vehicle for a refund but have been ignored

          This type of situation is going to force me to public state my situation as I'm getting no help from ebay

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            Jun 30, 2019

            eBay.com — no support for a seller who is being abused by consumer!

            Okay as a seller you ship products to the consumer. You take as many pictures as you can of item in a sealed...

            eBayfront grill mercedes benz - charged and never delivered

            My email is: [protected]@aol.com

            I purchased this item (below) - I paid, my credit card was charged, and all I received was the Mercedes logo - no front grill. I am beside myself and want action taken.

            The seller (below) hasn't fulfilled my purchase.
            The seller is:

            iman365-usa (742 )
            97.7% 正面評價

            This was my last message to seller -
            New message to: iman365-usa

            I bought this from iman365 - a front grill for a 2006 Mercedes ML350. Today I received a small light in the mail.
            I'd like to know what happened.
            My email is [protected]@aol.com. Obviously, I didn't order a small light for over $100.
            Please let me know why I didn't get the grill and what you intend to do about it.
            Thank you.
            David Joseph

            Sport Gloss Black Front Grille & Center Star For Mercedes W164 ML320 ML350 06-08
            Sport Gloss Black Front Grille & C
            Price: $129.00
            Buy it now
            Watchers: 5
            Quantity Remaining: 2
            Free Shipping
            Buy it now
            Get to know the buyer dajos-25

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              Jun 13, 2019

              eBay — motorcycle windshield for honda shadow

              On the date 4/11/19 I purchase a wind shield for a Honda shadow 2001 motorcycle I don't know why is not...

              eBayunfair return policy for sellers when item is returned damaged

              The item was carefully packaged and shipped by seller in accordance with normal shipping standards. The fragile glass portions of the item were specifically packaged well to avoid breaking during shipment.

              Upon delivery, buyer immediately notified me (the seller) that the item was "not clean" like the pictures of the item I posted when selling. The item had not been used for 1.5 years and other than a few remaining coffee grinds, the item was clean and sent to the buyer exactly as pictured when selling.

              The buyer then said that one of the glass parts of the item arrived broken. I find that hard to believe considering how well I packaged it. She also asserted that I wrapped the item in "toilet tissue." Ridiculous!

              I communicated with the buyer, offered to replace the broken glass at no charge to her, and she refused and said she wanted a brand new version of the item.

              I then communicated with Ebay;s customer service in the Phillipines on almost a daily basis until I received the returned item. I wanted to be certain I followed the proper procedures for this so I would not lose the money I sold the item for and on top of that receive a returned broken item of no value.

              As I anticipated, upon receipt of the returned item, what I shipped in perfectly good condition was broken in two places and no longer worthy of selling.

              I contacted Ebay again. They created a case for this item. They almost immediately sided with the buyer and the amount of the purchase - $127.00 - was automatically taken out f my bank account via Paypal.

              I did nothing wrong. I shipped the exact product pictured in the Ebay post I created and packaged it perfectly well.

              Now, I am out $127.00 and have a broken item worth nothing.

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                eBaycomplaint about 6godwater (69260)

                The seller 6godwater (69260) played both me and the system. I bougt the item that was never shipped and maid a complaint. They were answering my messages so your resolution center would register answer but when refund was ofdered I didn't answer, instead I waited for the money. Your resolution center closed the case but money was not refunded. Now I can't select the item to make another complaint and the seller still refuses to give money back.

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                  Jun 03, 2019

                  eBay — top quality portable g9 h-enail enail e nail dabber rig version 2 kit hot

                  Hi. My pack, track nrVR072825223YP was sendt from turkey May 13 to norway. But IT has not come, and no more...

                  eBay Customer Servicecustomer service rep

                  SONJA. Very dissapointed at this customer service rep. She had me wait for a long time saying a lot of things unnecessary, only to find out she can't do anything about the issue. Very disrespectful and mean. I hunged up the phone and called again, thank goodness to Jazz and Bernadette, they helped me right away, took care of the issue RIGHT AWAY. I really appreciate these people who really helps and shows very good customer service. I love EBAY but I am not pleased and happy with how this SONJA represented you guys. I hope other customers didn't have to experience this.

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                    • Cd
                      C. Diggs Sep 20, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Ebay's Fraudulent claims of Free Return Moneyback Guarantee.

                      Back in July of 2019, I made a good faith purchase in total of $153.07. The item listed was described as fully functional. Of course when I received the item, it was not as advertised. Even the photos they used didn't match. I immediately contacted the seller, for a refund. The seller told me to take it to Ebay... so I did. They told me that I have to pay for the return shipping, even though it is stated "Free Return Moneyback Guarantee". 51 days later, I still have the POS that was shipped to me, and I found the CEO on Twitter (Devin Wenig) talking trash about Amazon, so I publicly let him know the he and his company are frauds. An Ebay Rep by the name of "Ryan" noticed and contacted me on Twitter, and gave me the same busted form letter they gave me at the start. 51 days later, I'm still out over $150.

                      1 Votes

                    eBaycustomer service

                    I sold an item and had a return requested by the buyer. The buyer returned a fraudulent item. Ebay has refused to refused to refund my money. As a first time seller on eBay, I sold a piece of autographed sports memorabilia. After receiving the item, the buyer asked to have it returned and be refunded his money. I agreed to this request, and issued the funds back to him upon receipt of the package. Upon closer examination of the item, I quickly realized that the signature appeared different and took the item in to be looked at by a person who specializes in authenticating signatures. After seeing the item compared with it's previous pictures. He quickly determined that it was fraudulent and that I had received a completely different item than the one I had sent. I quickly reached out to eBay to let them know that there had been a fraudulent return, and that I wanted to stop payment on the refund that I had issued the day before. Ebay told me that they would open a case, and I was assured that the funds would be placed on hold until eBay was able to make a determination on the case. Within two days, I was called and informed that eBay had ruled in my favor and that they would be taking action to issue a refund to my Paypal account. Since then, a month has passed - I have had 5-6 phone calls in which I was assured that eBay was still working to process my refund and that everything was still going as they had said it would. Each customer service representative has been quick to identify what the hold up was, and told me that they would be taking personal control of getting the refund issued to me as well as be updating me on the situation as it evolved. I am still yet to receive a phone call from one of their customer service representatives. Throughout these calls, the story has changed three times - the first story was that it was just a delay of the funds and that I should be seeing them credited back to my account within 5-7 days. The second was that they had accidentally allowed my refund to go through and they had also refunded the buyer (giving him double the amount of money, and the actual item itself) The third and final story that I was told for the first time on May 21st is that the case had actually never progressed past it's infancy due to the fact that I had "voluntarily" issued a refund to the buyer myself. They contended that due to this fact, they weren't liable for any of the issues that had occurred or responsible for distributing funds to either the buyer or the seller. Despite recordings of these calls that they very clearly have access to, they have continued to state that their customer service team isn't at fault for both directly lying to/misleading me about the ability to put funds on hold in the first place. As well as the 5 separate representatives that told me that everything was progressing towards resolution. As referenced above, a month has passed now. Closing my window to try to pursue any alternative routes to recoup my funds, and all I am being told at this point is that "there is nothing they can do." and that "I have no other options. To put the cherry on top - they have also now billed me for a final value fee of $88 for the sale of the item through their website. To clarify - they are charging a percentage for a sale that was canceled, that they acknowledged was fraudulent, and spent a month saying the I was in the right and was going to be reimbursed. Bringing my personal total of losses to just over $800 and the piece of memorabilia itself. And depending on which story they choose to go with - potentially giving the buyer (scammer) over $1, 500 and an item that was valued at over $700. This is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had with any company in any industry. They have continuously neglected to act in good faith and now they have begun to completely deny any responsibility for the "lost" funds. Due to the timing, I am forced to question whether this is just a case of poor customer service, or intentional negligence. As of today, I have begun pursuing legal resolution as well.

                    customer service

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                      eBaycustomer service

                      I sold my late husbands phone on Ebay. The buyer isaacimohi was not home when Royal Mail tried to deliver. I explained this to him, he was very rude and abusive telling me i had not sent item, when i had tracking evidence. Unfortunately, due ot my husband dying, i wasn't thinking straight and when he said he didn't want the phone i refunded his money (£78) as i presumed Royal Mail would return my item since it hadn't been delivered to him. When i went to check Royal Mail i found out that he collected the item AFTER getting my refund (!st May collection), I then contacted him again requesting payment, he refused and refused to send phone back. i cannot believe that Ebay allowed this person to behave in this manner and was NO help whatsoever, i received conflicting information from Ebay. one week i was told i would get a refund within 5-7 days and when i called 10 days later i was advised all i could do was contact trading standards.. i find the number of years i have been a member and the fraud this man has committed, YET you take HIS side. I am extremely disappointed and have to add i will never sell anything on Ebay, i will use it purely as a buying tool. My late husbands phone has been stolen by a SCAM artist and EBay do nothing.

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                        I received a broken item from a sloppy seller. I let the seller know. I filed NEGATIVE feedback for the seller. The seller started sending me nasty, rude remarks, but on her site claimed she was not able to make me happy.
                        I look back today and find out on feedback she never received my negative??? Wiped off her site? Ebay took the side of this nasty seller, and never sent me an email letting me know they were taking off my NEGATIVE????
                        I see a new buyer gave this lousy seller a negative for receiving a broken item, and wonder how long this NEGATIVE will be on their site before Ebay erases it????

                        SELLER WAS krispar7 - ITEM #[protected].


                        MY EBAY - us-swa9

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                          May 16, 2019

                          Reboman0 — 4.3' 1080p dual lens car auto dvr mirror dash cam recorder+rear view camera kit

                          Hi I bought 4.3' 1080p dual lens car auto dvr mirror dash cam recorder+rear view camera kit from this store...

                          May 16, 2019

                          eBay — I did not receive yet my product

                          Hi, My name is Dokleat Kollari, and I am a citizen of Kosovo. From 25 of march, I've bought some product...

                          eBayebay account suspended mc999 mc018 mc067 mc183 mc011 mc062 and paypal hold limited

                          What a complete nightmare! Today I wake up and got 6 different notices like as if they sent me the wrong notice! They have suspended my eBay account and limited my paypal account said I have to wait 180 days to recover the money within the account.

                          This is the first time I have ever been in trouble with eBay and I dont even know what ive done wrong. They said we have suspened your acccount and will not give a reason why. I really need this money its my life and my pride and joy.

                          Can anyone help me with this?

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                            eBaybad handling of order never received

                            I Ordered sunglasses from from a shop on eBay located in the US to China, they were shipped via DHL.
                            I input the full address in Chinese including my phone number.
                            For some reason DHL claimed I refused the order but they never contacted me and refused to provide proof.
                            Ebay didn't accept my dispute and don't allow me to respond to their messages.
                            I was very dissapointed not to receive the order for over a month. Not even that but eBay weren't willing to hear me out.
                            This is my first order from eBay and was a terrible experience. This never happened with any other ecommerce platform.

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                              • Ra
                                Ragers65 Jun 07, 2019
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I have had a very similar situation with a sell from the US Sneakar. Fed Ex to deliver - absolutely no communication. But there was a tracking history. I was home when they said they delivered. No one came to the door or anything. I saw no truck that morning. eBay said seller had shown delivery history so case closed. Too bad so sad. No accountability whatsoever. Really disappointed in eBay nowadays.

                                0 Votes

                              eBayscammers and liars at customer service!

                              Horrible horrible customer service lying all the time. I sold an item and it was returned to me, even I don't allow returns! I also was charged a selling fee 72.50$ don't understand for what. L
                              Called to a customer service 3 times, talked with bunch of rude and unprofessional reps, who can't speak or properly understand english.
                              Finally got a customer representative ian and he promised me to reimburse selling fee.
                              Guess what? Was charged a selling fee right away after our conservation!
                              Called again, spend the whole hour of my life over the phone talking with chinese reps, who don't have a clue and they called me a liar and told that ian customer representative doesn't exist and he couldn't promised me that.
                              Filed a claim with my amex, hope you are disgusting scammers will all fire in a hell!
                              Pls, don't sell or buy there! Chinese scam!

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