Dollar Treestore management / retaliation

M Jul 28, 2019

I've worked at Dollar Tree #02522 (Worcester Fair Plaza) for about six months, and I've seen incredible acts of retaliation toward employees and other members of management since day one.

The Store Manager (male) displays great favoritism toward another manager (female), providing her with the most hours possible, while I, another female manager, receive bare minimum hours. We both hold the same job title, but he favors her greatly. While I receive between 32 and 34 hours each week, she receives 38 to 39 hours (the maximum for a part time manager, the position that we both hold, is 40).

An employee approached me and informed me that she couldn't work one of her shifts, as her Social Security income only allowed her to work a certain amount of hours. I informed the male Store Manager of her inability to work the shift, but that I was able to find coverage and that everything would be fine. He told me, and I quote, "She can't work that shift? That's fine; we'll just dock her a shift next week.", even though the following week's initial scheduled hours were in compliance with her Social Security restraints.

I myself make a point to never call out from a job unless utterly necessary (if I'm severely ill or if there's a family emergency). I called out ONE time thus far because my partner was in the emergency room in critical condition. My shift was intended to be eight hours long. I gave the female manager five hours of notice that I'd be unable to work my shift. I informed her that she could use some of my sick time to cover my absence, and we agreed that I would cover one of her shifts that week to supplement. She never used my sick time as I requested.

The following week, my hours had dropped from 36 hours to 24, and the female manager received 37.5 hours. I was docked a full shift as punishment for calling out, and claimed that there was a shortage on hours. Meanwhile, all other members of management still had the same amount of hours. Since then, they have been gradually increasing my hours, but they still practically refuse to schedule me more than 34 hours, while she, a manger that has called out multiple times, taken vacations, and requested consecutive days off, still consistently receives the near-maximum amount of hours.

I still have not been fully trained by the Store Manager. When I was first hired in March, he hurriedly gave me the run-down of my duties and then took a one-week vacation. I'd been with the company for four days and was expected to operate as if I'd been completely trained. We (assistant managers) are having performance reviews and are being evaluated to see if we are deserving of a pay raise in the next week or so, and I'm confident that I will not be receiving a raise due to my boss' negligence. Rather than scheduling the two of us on the same day so that he can continue to train me, he would rather schedule himself with the other female manager.

I recently had a bad breakup with my partner and confided in the female assistant because I was upset. I told her about what had happened in confidence. She then spread the story to my staff, exaggerating details to an embarrassing level. I have since heard comments regarding what "happened", and it has affected my quality of work. The female manager has also interrogating my direct subordinates, pressing them about if they had I had done "anything I [she] should know about that could get her [me] in trouble". She also insists that they tell her what I ask them to do on their shifts.

I am actively seeking relocation, but have yet to tell my boss in fear of having my hours slashed even further.

I am full prepared to write a letter to the Regional Director and subsequently begin a petition to have the store manager and female assistant separated immediately. Testimonies from my employees will be included.

The favoritism that is displayed between the store manager and assistant manager has caused a hostile work environment and has made everybody that works at our location uncomfortable. I strongly recommend that this female manager be demoted, relocated, or terminated due to the pattern of disrespect that she actively displays toward our employees as well as other members of management.

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