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Dollar Tree verified

re : store manager - unethical behavior

I was visiting your store on Highland Ave in San Bernardino. As I was getting ready to step inside the store to purchase birthday material for my daughter's, I noticed the Store Manager A.K.A (Jaunita) Walk out the store and approach a group of workers that were talking to one another . On the property next to the dollar tree. I and my children hear Ms. Jaunita telling them to get the ( [censored]) away from her store and that she's calling the police to tell them they were tresspassing they politely asked Ms.Jaunita to talk to them nicely and in a professional manner as a store manager should carry them self's. Jaunita then started to yell ( I'm calling the cops and your all going to jail, low life's and also calling them bums and drug addicts. Jaunita then got into a conflict with a female customer, the customer telling her to speak right in front of her family. Jaunita then started to take pictures of everyone without permission. Ms Jaunita scared my children and they no longer wanted to go into her store, . Jaunita is very Disrespectful twords individuals and arround family's. Jaunita is causing the community to no longer want to go inside that store. Jaunita should not be using wrongful language arround customers and families. I feel Jaunita should be Disciplined for her actions and careless decisions. Jaunita is putting her safety and her teams safety at risk. I really hope you can fix the urgent issue at hand and in a timely manner. Thank you. My children would like to request a new polite Manger who follows company policy. So we can return to our neighborhood store.

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    TheManager Jul 24, 2019

    Lies. You just don’t like Juanita. Cool story though

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