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1 Jul 05, 2019 Review updated:

I visited your store # 5123 located at 2014 S 7th St in St Louis, MO. on Thursday, July 4, 2019. I arrived at approximately 8:25 am upon arrival I noticed (2) Employees standing outside of the door. I walked up and asked if the store was open because the hours are listed states they open at 8 am.

(David) with whom I was speaking stated no not yet I'm waiting on my manager (She had an unexpected situation). While standing there waiting with 2 other customers, I personally witnessed 4 additional consumers arrive and leave due to the store not being opened.

I proceeded to ask (David) if the manager had given him a ETA as I didn't want to just wait around indefinitely as I had left a crew of people working at my home. He stated he was advised their arrival time would be around 8:30 . I then mentioned to him it's now 8:35 can you please follow up for confirmation since it is now past that time now? (David) then proceeds to tell me "Oh I didn't speak with her directly I spoke with the manager that comes in at 1 pm." " I don't have the opening managers number."

When you young lady arrived at or about 8:47 am . (David) runs over to her can and begins a conversation with her. I promptly asked if he could let her get out of her vehicle since we've been waiting for her arrival. She gets out of her car with a fast food bag sipping on a beverage. Proceeds to look at us and very angrily state " The store doesn't open until 9 am!" I then asked her what is your name? "Sam!" I replied, Sam? what is your last name? "I don't tell strangers my full name!"

I replied; Sam you are very rude and nasty she then stated "You don't talk to me like that!" I was so disturbed by her actions and comments. At 8:54 am I called the nearest store Store #1768 located at 3637 S Kingshighway Blvd and asked to speak to the manager (Kevin Stross) answered the phone and was very gracious I asked to have the incident reported to their district manager.

I'd also like to mention this is not the first time I've visited at this store shortly after
8 am and it not be opened on time.

Stephanie Wicks-Franklin


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    BarryMA Jul 05, 2019

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    TheManager Jul 05, 2019

    You sound pretty damn snobby.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 06, 2019

    The manager didn’t have the right to get breakfast on her way in? She came in four hours early and hadn’t eaten yet. You had no right to insist that she get out of her car. Stores try to open on time but things happen. No one else got angry about it and were rude and disrespectful.

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