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K Dec 18, 2019 Review updated:

Yesterday there were more than 15 people in line with one cashier. When asked for a manager I was told the store does not have one at this time. This store and the other Dollar Trees in the area are the same! Understaffed and understocked! The stores have 3 registers but I have NEVER seen them used at the same time in any store. Please do something to help this location. I walked in and walked right back out. Not even worth the $1 in the long run.


  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Dec 18, 2019

    If the store is understaffed it's because there's no profit to be made at that location. Id say you are shopping between the hours of 4pm - 6pm, which is typically the only time of day you have that many customers at one time. The rest of the day they likely never have a line. If they had lines all day long then Im sure they would hire more help cause then the profit would actually be there to justify that kind of coverage.

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  • Ke
    KetogirI Dec 19, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 I never asked for your opinion so why don't you shut up and mind your own business.

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  • Bi
    Bigivan Dec 24, 2019

    @worstfist she didn't ask your opinion but she opened a complaint on a public board LOL

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