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To Whom it May Concern:
I Traci Lee Proctor, Sales Manager for the Emmett, Idaho Dollar Tree Store #3682, would like to bring this to the attention of the Dollar Tree Corporate Offices, Management, and to whom ever else is concerned with this matter. This is my testimony of what I have witnessed and acknowledge to be factual information.
When everything first started I was suspicious of how Jon was favoring Della and how they acted when they were together. One day on my way to Boise I drove by Dollar Tree going down Highway 16 and noticed that both Jon and Della’s vehicles were in the parking lot very early! They were there at 8:00am instead of the usual time 8:45am like all of the rest of us usually are. So next time I worked I checked the camera and seen Jon and Della come in the store, go towards the back down the candy isle. They were off the camera for about 50 minutes before they came back up to the front. Jon goes into the office and starts doing the office stuff, including weighing the tills and the safe money, which Della should be helping with. Della was standing in register #4 fixing her underwear in her pants and putting her belt back on, which she was wearing when she came into the store. This is not the only time Jon and Della have arrived early for work together.
Some of the things that have happened are:
1. Jon and Della arriving for work early and off the clock.
2. Della’s husband was thrown out of the store permanently because he was accusing Jon and Della of having an affair.
3. Della’s husband found Della’s “Secret” phone (Della carried two phones at all times, one her husband didn’t know about) and found inappropriate texting between Jon and Della. He sent them to Dollar Tree. Sue Stephens and Joe Prophet came into the store to conduct an investigation about the texting between Jon and Della. Myself and Barb were questioned by Sue and Joe and we told them the things that we knew. The next day I called Sue Stephens and left her a voicemail telling her that there had been stuff going on for almost a year, I also told her I wasn’t comfortable saying this in front of Joe that’s why I called her cell phone and didn’t say much while being interviewed by both of them.
I wasn’t the only person aware of what was going on all this time, everyone can tell. Customers have even approached me and stated that they thought something was going on between the store manager, Jon, and the cashier, Della. The other employees that seen the videos of Jon and Della are Barbara Lamb, Theresa Berg, and Cindy Summers.
I had been being treated poorly and having to endure a lot because of what was going on with Jon and Della and that is why I showed the other employees. Barbara blew up at Jon one day when he had told her that he had to get this stuff figured out with Della. Barbara told him that yes he did and that we knew what was going on with him and Della. I felt like Della should have to have a Doctor’s note for her diagnosis of depression as well as I did for my fibromyalgia, especially when Jon’s always excusing the things she does due to her depression. Jon told me I only received a 13 cent raise due to my attendance. All of my absences have been due to my fibromyalgia and other emergencies. I find this discriminating that her depression is seen superior to my fibromyalgia, which causes me a large amount of physical pain.
One recent incident with Della in the store was when Jon told her she had to wear the Santa hat and bell, per company policy. She threw a huge fit in the store, in front of customers. When I walked over to her register to ask her what was wrong she was so mad at Jon that she took the candy canes in her hand and threw them extremely hard at Jon’s register belt which was register #3. She cursed, using the “F” word in front of customers, saying “This is ###ing ###!” She didn’t want to wear the hat because she claims to be Jehovah’s Witness, although she did dress up for Halloween and did make Christmas stockings for all of the employees. It was so bad that Jon had to call Homer Cleveland in to finish Della’s shift so he could send Della home. Jon of course blamed it on her depression and her “bad divorce” with her husband. As soon as Jon left to go home Della came in with 3 new Christmas hats to wear to work that she purchased at our largest competitor’s store. One was a black “Frosty the Snowman” hat, one looked like a Christmas “Cat in the Hat, ” and the other was black and white with the words “BAHUMBUG” embroidered on it that she took and had her sister’s shop put on it. The next thing after that she started texting my cashier, Homer Cleveland, asking him to please switch shifts with her so she could work the next morning with Jon, opening. When I came in that afternoon Della was wearing the “BAHUMBUG” hat and Jon said, “Oh I thought it would be okay, they’re kinda funny.” No one else would have been able to do that and not get reprimanded. Della and Jon claim to be best friends so it makes things different for them.
Della gets to work whatever shift she wants, which is usually whatever shift Jon works. She gets to work all of the extra hours available and any of the other employees can verify that. Della knows how to do management procedures and use’s manager’s codes. She has even used mine without my permission or knowledge.
You can ask any person employed at this store and they will tell you that I, as a manager, am not allowed to tell Della to do anything because she runs to Jon and says I’m bossing her around, then Jon has to have a talk with me about it. So I just let her do as she pleases. She does as little as possible on the clock.
Della has been able to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants and Jon has always covered for her no matter how big of an issue it has been. I think Jon is worried about making Della mad in fear that she will tell his wife all of what has went on between them.
Last Christmas (2008) I was written up because I said something to Della and Doris about them not doing their jobs, while I was off of the clock. Della was given five extra hours to recover the store, while the others did pack aways. When I went in the store they were laughing, talking, and eating Taco Bell while the cashier, Theresa was doing both of their jobs. To begin with no one had enough hours for a lunch and shouldn’t have left the store on a break to get Taco Bell. I asked them why they weren’t helping her and it broke out into a major argument, resulting in my write up. It wasn’t fair to give the hours to someone that wasn’t fulfilling the job duties. When the store doesn’t get thoroughly recovered, it makes it harder for the next crew on shift. If Jon wanted to hand out write ups, he should have written everyone up!
Not too long ago Della was threatening to quit and she told me that Jon begged her to stay. I think this is also due to his fear of his wife and family finding out about him and Della.
My 13 cent raise doesn’t even pay for that gas I used to take the deposit to the bank for the store over the past two years, off the clock! I have been told by Jon that sometimes you have to “take one for the team.” This means that if we are over in hours that I would have to clock out for lunches and breaks, giving the store my time. For over a year and a half I clocked out for lunches and breaks and was not able to leave the store. Also, one of the cashiers mentioned she noticed a decrease on her paycheck, which she brought to Jon’s attention and he told her it was due to taxes. I have never heard of your wages getting lowered to cover taxes!
Della always has bad personal hygiene. I am positive there is something in the company policies about hygiene and appearance, or at least there should be. Many customers have made complaints about Della smelling of body odor. Jon has even had to make Della buy deodorant to use at work because of these complaints. She always looks dirty and her hair looks dirty. She is always rude to customers. I have gotten several complaints about her rudeness and that she ignores customers so that she can text on her secret phone. One little girl even started crying because of Della. She had come in to get tortillas and was at the register before she realized they were opened. She handed them to Della and told her they were opened and went to get another bag as Della screamed at her, “Because you opened them!” in a very rude manner. The girl is around the age of 14 years old and left Dollar Tree in tears. She came in on a different date and brought this to my attention but I am not allowed to say anything about Della without getting written up.
Even after Joe Prophet and Sue Stephens came in and did an “investigation” Jon and Della are still working together and no action has been taken. They both just covered it up and pretended that nothing has happened. I believe this is because of Jon and Joe’s personal relationship as good friends. This is a conflict of interest, Jon’s superior should not be his friend, just as he should not have relations with the employees he supervises. Joe Prophet has treated me bad everytime I have approached him for help and has talked very poorly to me. He has even made comments to suggest that he would like for me to quit my job. For example: I had to call him because the deposit was over 17 dollars and he was a complete jerk to me. When I asked him not to talk to me like that and stated that I am done being treated like crap, he replied, “What does that mean Traci, what does I’m done mean, huh?” I feel uncomfortable at work and with talking to Joe Prophet. Also, to find out the 17 dollars that was over “a customer had found” in the store, according to Jon, but he had not mentioned that when I had called.
Action must be taken for the company’s best interest. The whole town of Emmett, Idaho knows about Jon and Della and the town is not very big. Everyone knows about Jon’s feelings toward homosexuals and the remarks that he has made. It could end in some serious lawsuits for Dollar Tree from the homosexual communities if Jon is continually allowed to voice his opinion of others.


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    unhappyemployeeinretailhell May 31, 2010

    As an asistant manager at a DT in a different state, I definately feeel your pain and frustration. I'm shocked and angry that the situation was partly caught on camera and also confirmed by other employees, as well as evidenced in the text messages turned in by the cashier's own husband AND NO ACTION WAS TAKEN AGAINST THEM!!!? At the very least the violations of their own corporate policies re tills, safe and not entering the store prior to 15 minutes before opening, etc on camera should be cause for "immeadiate action up to and including termination" as the policies themselves state. There are a lot of policies that aren't followed as well as several other problems in my store that I was going to report in hopes for a better work environment but after reading your complaint have decided to seek other employment before doing so. How sad it is that honest, policy abiding employees with strong work ethics must suffer while less worthy employees get to keep their jobs and get rewarded for being sub standard. Best of luck to both of us!

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  • Sh
    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @unhappyemployeeinretailhell why don't corporate or the districk managers do something about their manager. And yes they do kmnow whats going on I tell you

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  • Sh
    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @Sheayy Then they don't do anything about it either.

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  • Ma
    Mark Bilsby Jan 25, 2011

    Just the fact you dont have "any gooder english" is a clue to your red neckness.. Go to school, give it up..

    Get over it and move on!

    -2 Votes
  • Lr
    L.Ravenwalker Robison Jan 17, 2019

    @Mark Bilsby Diction Nazi. When people get upset and are trying to type at least a couple of years worth of injustices. Words get garbled. Are you the Complaint Board Owner/Moderator? If not no one cares what you have to say, think, or contribute. Old adage, " If you can not say something nice, say nothing at all."
    So zip it buddy, no one cares what you have to say. I bet you wake up every morning thinking "Whose life can I make miserable by word or deed today?" Then you actually smile as you lock step around your home on your way to work. G'day mate!

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  • Sh
    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @Mark Bilsby I sure hope that you weren't talking to me buddy. Oh dang I spelled District wrong.. Get a clue and take time to talk to the other employees about things that their not happy about. You don't have a dam clue on whats going on in the stores cos your NOT THERE!

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  • Sh
    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @L.Ravenwalker Robison Amen to that cos all he has to do is listen and not do a dam thing about it. I think your an asshole for talking to me that way. Over paid and loves his job.

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  • Al
    alicia88 Feb 01, 2011

    I hate Dollar Tree I worked there and people are just favored constantly..I hope things work out in that situation for you I'm so sorry that is [censor] and someone should do something hopefully they did already but I feel bad for you what a bunch of low life [censor]..

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  • Fo
    Former D.T.E. May 17, 2011

    Have you advised upper management? If so, what were the results? If I may be so bold, have you pursued any other avenues for "corrective action?"

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  • Sh
    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @Former D.T.E. Yes Yes and Yes

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    Sheayy Apr 10, 2019

    @Sheayy i'm not D.T.E. i'm still working.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Palmer Jan 13, 2018

    Because I am home sick in bed due to something at work, I have been humoring myself with reading "employee complaints" on different companies..
    This one of DT though has me curious..My first thing is for Traci Proctor who says that fibromyalgia keeps her from working...As a 30 year sufferer of this, I would like to let you know that I work 2 jobs..I am a 38 hour a week employee as a waitress and I spend about 30 hours a week cleaning houses..
    To think that somebody actually calls out because of it just blows my mind..I feel may be you should get on a good pain management plan and suck it up for the most part..Although the pain and fatigue is torture, to give in to it makes it worse..Keep moving, stretching and making life happen..
    Secondly, the Dalla and Jon thing..
    I am appalled that a man would want to be with a woman who he has to tell to buy and use deodorant at work..Sickening...Also..if " everybody" in town knows about them.Dont you think his wife knows as Well? So either he is a good provider and his wife w ont leave because if that..Or there are reasons that she stays with him..A fool would be the best worst reason..Everybody should mind their own business and let them hang themselves..If she is depressed over a divorce, maybe her ex was a lot wiser than she and Jon or his wife ...
    Now to the real reason for the complaint ..
    Treatment at DT... There are to many jobs and people looking for real employees to put up with abuse in the work place..Also..Every boss has a boss has a boss etc..Keep going to the highest level...And if no good comes of it, there is the department of labor..No one should just take abuse..
    It would probably be hard to prove that one employee is treated better because they can always say that you are not a good employee is the reason you don't get good shifts or whatever ..But to mistreat you because he wants his stinky girl friend to work with him is not a good reason..File a suit against the company that allows this if it is clearly a " written" rule ..
    Sounds like Jon is a real winner that I would want running my business..He should really be the push for a lawsuit..You have to grow a backbone..Dont use Fibromyalgia as an excuse not to work .And don't "allow" anybody to mistreat you...

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  • Ha
    Hank2 Jan 15, 2019

    @Suzanne Palmer Everybody suffers pain in different ways. You yourself said you are home in bed due to what happened at another job. You shouldn’t be calling in to work because you hurt. You should suck it up and get good pain management. Giving I only makes things worse..right???
    A man will take a BJ from anything. It doesn’t matter if they smell good or bad or even if it is female. The only thing touching the man is the mouth and it is only touching his oenis so he dies t really care about hygiene Look at all the prostitutes that give a $10 BJ. Do you think they smell good or are pretty. I don’t think so.
    Might even be your partner out getting/giving them a good BJ.
    Get over yourself. You are not the special one you think you are. You are only special in your own mind

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  • Ro
    Robin Alwine Mar 14, 2019

    @Suzanne Palmer Just a comment: I've also suffered fibro for decades. There are different levels of suffering from one to another patient, and you may have a lighter load to carry. Don't waste your time or effort allowing your mind to blow on it. You have better things to worry about, like offering your loads of corporate experience with it and these situations from the complainant. If you are a server or waitstaff - they don't call them waitresses in a corporate environment - I'm sure you've encountered these boorish managers. Sounds like you may not be in a corporate store. So, nib out.

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  • St
    Stormy71 Jul 08, 2018

    Have you considered HR representitives. It would involve a harder look at the situations by people higher up than management that are paid to deal with these types of issues.
    Best advice would be to keep your side of the street clean, CYA and keep good notes and go directly to HR with these kinds of concerns. Open door applies at this point. Last resort as mentioned before the department of labor would sink their eye teeth into this sort of thing. Good luck.

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