Dollar Generalunpaid work

D Nov 19, 2019

So I worked saturday to tuesday on our schedule and had wednesday + thursday off. My manager tried calling me in and demanding repeatedly that I come in and cover for someone who hasn't shown up for a shift in 2 weeks!, even though I was on schedule and working the next 6 days straight after my day off thursday. So I told her I quit. Every time I got paid though, it was always for last week's hrs. So I was expecting to get my final pay stub from dg this week. But it doesn't look like i'll be getting paid for the 28 hrs I worked from saturday to tuesday. And that is not okay by any means. I just want the money I worked for. I thought she would be a better manager then to pull some junk like this on me. Thank you for helping me get the word out. That if quit. They won't pay you for the rest of the week you worked.

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