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Dollar Generalstore hours


I don't not understand how dollar general can be so greedy for the all mighty buck that they have to have thier stores open from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm 7 days a week! Since when does this store try to be like walmart???. The reason why dollar general is doing so well is because they aren't like walmart! Or I thought they weren't. There is no holidays that are concidered legal except christmas. So having the store open that late is not only stupid, but idiotic. Dollar general runs the risk of being robbed and don't seem to care about the employees that have to work the hours they now have to compensate thier lives for. I live in ny I know what i'm talking about. I will not give my name due to being fired from my job for being honest in how I feel. I know how big companies work. They want employee feed back, but if they hear something they don't like they find any excuse they can to fire that employee. The little people within the dollar general company have lives to. If it weren't for the little people being willing to work then the higher ups would have to really work to earn thier paychecks. You higher ups come up with these so called great ideas on making a profit, but don't stop to think of who really makes those profits work. Its's us little people and the customers who shop at dollar general. There was nothing wrong with having the ny based stores open 8:00 am until 9:00 pm monday-saturday and 9:00 until 8:00 pm on sunday. Sunday hours should have stayed as it was before the new hours were posted. 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. That gave cashiers, managers, and other employees time for nightly services at church! Now there is a problem with making services due to the hour change! I'm sure you higher ups can sleep at night, cause instead of counting sheep you could dollar bills! Ok end of my rant... Thank you for your time


  • Na
    nana1806 Nov 07, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I feel sorry for the employees. They don't have time to do the register and put away stock. The Dollar Tree is so clean and stock gets put away. They have a person just for that.

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  • So
    sosad2 Jun 13, 2013

    I too work for Dollar General. I'm grateful to have a job. The hours are long with 1 break. If you work for 5 hours, you don't get even a 10 minute break to do anything. My store is in the worst area. People stealing, fighting, loud and robbing others. The store down the street was robbed, manager was shot and killed. The store on the next corner was robbed and the clerk was shot along with 2 customers. They want you to, get back the stolen items, chase these people out of the store and risk your life at the same time. If I only knew what the store was like before I was hired... I never would've taken the job. I really don't want to quiet this job, because jobs are hard to find these days, but I'm getting really tired of working in danger and working my schedule and other's too. The manager NEVER have a complete schedule up. So you really can't schedule anything with your family. If you have any days off, he's calling you to cover someone else shift. I love to work their hours if they do not want them... but not if I'm feeling afraid to go to work.

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  • Go
    Got Jobs? Mar 31, 2013

    I am going right to the point regarding employees complaining about their job!! Be glad you have one, or quit and find something you do like.

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  • Ug
    u give me hummingsbirds May 30, 2011

    I am a DG employee and I totally agree. Our store is open from 8am to 10ph EVERY day. The only days we've closed early since I've been there (whch has been over a year) is on Thanksgiving (8pm), Christmas Eve (6pm), and Easter (7pm). However, somehow our Store Manager seems to magically get every holiday, PLUS every Sunday off, only works 6-11 every Saturday and takes her week long vacation during the week of July 4th and since thats always a day or so after our inventotry, I think its malarky.

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  • Ti
    tired11 Feb 04, 2011

    All of those who are commenting about "be glad to have a job" clearly have never worked for this company. Maybe you need to get a job application and begin work there at a Dollar General store, because you clearly have no clue as to what is going on here. Do a little research. Why does the company have such a high turn-over rate? If you know anything about management you know what that means. Why is Dollar General involved in so many labor board class action suits? You shouldnt judge a person's circumstances until you have once filled their shoes. This company is a horrible place to work and they do not care anything about their employees, nor do they have a problem letting these employees know how much they dont care. I am currently a store manager and wouldnt wish this job on anyone, whatever level of employment.

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  • Sh
    shuturholeup Nov 25, 2010
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    Verified customer

    You got the job, obviosly because you need the money. Be thankful that you got one, and one that offers you a lot of hours. Work is work no matter what, have some work ethic. You don't see professional complaining when they get called in to work, like for example doctors. I have realized that a lot off people in this country are not thankfull for having a job, for having money in their pockets. I say so, because from my work years i have heard a lot of people complain and [censor], about work. I hear people say :: oh my god, i have to work those days:: than the following week when the pay check comes, i hear :: i have not money to pay my bills, i don't know what im going to do:: over all, people here want [censor] handed out to them in golden plates, with of course nothing return. Just one last thing i wan't to say to people, shut up, and do your job, and if you don't like to work on the holiday's than quit your job, oh and shut up.

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  • Ao
    A.O. Oct 16, 2010

    The Dollar General may have low prices for some of their items compare to other stores; however, the employeees are extremely rude and fail to take responsibility for their actions!

    (The following is a copy of my complaint)

    I am writing in regards to an incident that occurred on October 16, 2010 between 8:00am and 9:30am. Until that day, I have never been to a Dollar General Store but I went to the Dollar General (Located on 501 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA) to take advantage of a $10 gift card for its grand opening, to use a $5 mail-in coupon after buying $20 worth of items, and to use three $1.00 off DG coupons for buying selected items.

    After shopping around, I selected items that total about $26 (without including the tax). When I came to the register, the cashier (the store manager) rang up the items to $26.38. I then gave her the coupons. She proceed to scan the 3 $1.00 off DG coupons and place the coupons along with the $5 dollar mail-in coupons in the register. The total of the price came to $21.38. I then gave her the $10 gift card. The overall price came to $11.38. I thought something was odd so I asked the cashier if the $5 mail-in coupon and the three coupons were used. She quickly responded yes and said “waiting for the customer” in a hasty manner to get me to pay for my order. So, I paid and tried to look at the receipt in her presence but then she told that she scanned all the coupons and that I would see it on the receipt.

    After stepping out the store, I went over the receipt and did my own calculations and realized that not all the coupons were used. Initially, I thought that the $5 coupon was not used so I went back into the store and told the cashier that I thought the $5 coupon was not used and that the total price should be around $8. She yelled at me, claiming that all the coupons were used and made sarcastic remarks about “not doing my math right” and “not thinking right” but went over the receipt with me.

    She told me that the whole price came to $21.38 after using the coupons (the 3 $1.00 off) and that she then took $5 and the $10 off to get $11.38. Going off her logic, I said that $21 minus $10 would get me $11 and that if the $5 was used, the total price should be about $6. She then got nasty me and continued to say that all the coupons were used and they would show on the receipt. She then pointed to where it says $5 savings; however, I still pointed out that the price is not reflecting that if the price was about $21 before removing the $10 and the $5. I then asked for the store manager and then she told me that she was the store manager and remarked that I should just go to another store.

    I continue to insist that the price was wrong if all the coupons were used. To show me that the price of $11.38 will appear, she voided my items, took out the $10 gift card that I used and the 3 $1.00 off coupons from the register, and then proceeded to scan my items like before. I realized then that the whole price was initially $26.38 and that the $5 was subtracted to get $21.38. She then used the $10 gift card to get $11.38. It was then that I realized that it was the three $1.00 off coupons that were not used and I pointed this out to her. She then claimed that she told me three times that the coupons could not be used with the $10 gift cards, yet she initially took the coupons from me, put them in the register, claimed that they did scanned, and allowed me to walk out of the store without them.

    I asked her why since the coupons were directly from the Dollar General Store website and that nowhere on the $10 gift card and the $5.00 off coupon does it say that other coupons cannot be used. She replied “I don’t know” and that “maybe the system just won’t allow them.”

    At that point, considering that she was the store manager and that I did not have time to go to another store, I decided to void some of the items that I planned to have the coupons pay for to get a total price of $5.88. She then helped pack my stuff and gave me back my coupons and I left the store.

    She was right that the $5 was taken off; however, what concerns me was that she illegally took the three $1.00 coupons from me and would not have given them back have I have not pointed out the discrepancy in the price. She tried to twist it as if she knew that the three coupons were not included and that she told me but only gave them back when I came back to store right away to question the price. On the other hand, if she knew that the coupons did not scan but originally took the coupons, then she knowingly robbed from me.

    Today may have been their grand opening and they may have been under a lot of stress; however, that does not excuse the store manager for being rude to not only me but to other customers who asked for help.

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  • Co
    Company is a joke Aug 28, 2010

    Well our store hours have changed so many times and I for one am tired of the 6 am to 4:30 pm [censor]. Dont even open till 8 am but got to be greedy and work employees to death and hell with their lives, everything has to revolve around this craphole of a company.

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  • ANGRY AL Jun 18, 2010

    ntxphotographer - Blow yourself.

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  • Ka
    karinatori Jun 10, 2010

    If there is a problem with your hours you should consider doing something like, oh, I don't know, submitting a documented availability sheet. Or you can consider looking for a new job.

    What makes this such a moment of fail is that you are complaining about your hours at a job that YOU applied for. You should be grateful that not only do you have a job, you seem to be getting quite a bit of work without having to travel between one or two other jobs to pay for your bills. (Albeit, I'm assuming that's what this means since you didn't mention a second job.)

    You have a life beyond your work? So do the other 8 billion people on the planet and I'm sure a good portion of them here and in other countries are much more grateful for the money they are bringing in. If your life outside of work is that much more important, then quit. But seriously, you are far from a martyr for doing what is in your job description (which I highly doubt you are accomplishing that.)

    Greed for changing their hours? No. It's called a fallen economy and a GREAT business move. Too bad the people that were seriously affected by the economic fall, that got laid off of their jobs, that would give an arm and a leg to HAVE a job, don't work where you do. That's why service with a smile is a thing of the past. Because of people like you that take for granted what you have been PRIVILEGED to get.

    That is all. I wish you (and your employers) the best of luck in the future.

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  • Vi
    vickireneeeller Jun 02, 2010

    from the customers point of view I like the hours I dont see them being greedy but being open for the people. These people that are complaining should be happy they have a job in this economy. I have a shop and I know you cant have customers the whole time you are open, and some days are better than others. There is always something to do. Oh I see you only do what is in your job description. if you dont like your job quit and get one more suitable and let some one who wants to work have it.

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  • Nt
    ntxphotographer Apr 15, 2010

    Angry Al, apparently you incapable of constructive criticism.

    In order to be taken seriously you do have to have good grammar and spelling, but some people are more gifted in other areas besides proper English.

    I agree with you completely anonymous employee of Dollar General Corp. When I began working for Dollar General the hours were reasonable, 9 am to 8 pm. That was one of the MAIN reasons I applied there, and the fact it was not far from my house compared to me working at Gadzooks aka Forever 21 in the mall. It fit my schedule with classes at my college, I absolutely loved it -- at first. Then they started changing things, instead of changing back to normal hours after Christmas we kept the hours. I was complaining about it too, of course at that time I was not a student as I am a procrastinator and forgot to register until it was too late. After about a year and half they changed the hours again to open at 7 am to 10 pm. I am sorry but I had not signed up to work 6-7 hour days. There was no way I was going to try to get back into school and not have enough time to do any of my workload. I am a bit a.d.d. so its hard at times for me to concentrate on studying and especially writing papers. Well, it will be a year in June that I have quit working for Dollar General. I can honestly say I do not regret it at all. I reapplied to NCTC for the Fall of 2009 and will transfer to Univ of North Texas as a pre-major in photography.

    Dollar General is evil and a dream crusher. I hate greed, yet I don't exactly believe in socialism. I just believe that people need to be human again and realize that their employees are also human.

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  • Mi
    miserable job Aug 08, 2009

    count your blessings...our DG hours of operation are 7 am to 10 pm days a week...we are completely customers between around 8:30 to close...also in am until about 9:00...we live in a very small town...DG is greedy

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  • Da
    Darcee Aug 21, 2018

    @miserable job That is how ours are here too in MI. I strongly believe that the store could close at 8 and a few nights a week have staff (trained and to do only this) is merchandising. Wed night and Thursday nights for an EX. give you cashiers and customer service employees to do just that. Service the customers while doing some daily tasks. But when they expect you all to do your job and put everything away is ridiculous and spot on with a chance at being robbed. Shoplifting is the newest thing and around here robbery is too. Sad

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  • ANGRY AL Jul 02, 2009

    It's quite obvious you failed elementary school English. Invest in a dictionary and some classes if you really want people to take you seriously.

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