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M Feb 20, 2018 Review updated:

I put in an application here awhile ago and was told to by the manager. I was given an interview and was told that he hadn't hired anyone yet. But I went there and saw two new white individuals working there. I haven't seen a black person working there in forever and it's highly unfair. He led me to believe I would be employed yet I wasn't. It was the dollar general in Mcbee Sc. The manager there is Keith.


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    Lusive Pickle Feb 20, 2018

    Well MY GOD! After you pick up all the RACE CARDS you toss you may as well get the boys from the hood together and do a Ferguson on that store. And while youre at it call in Jesse Jackson to lead the protests. Ever stop to think that PERHAPS you or other "people of color" dont meet the qualifications the Mgr is looking for?

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 17, 2019

    So you thought you were a shoe in because of affirmative action?? What is this, 1986?

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  • Um is not an answer! Sep 15, 2019

    Maybe that's because black people have been known to "not work". They either whine and moan about the less than stellar working conditions, aka: normal for everyone else or they steal. So DT is just protecting themselves.

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