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D Jan 27, 2020 Review updated:

I went to DG. As I am a regular customer. I only had a few things. There was an elderly disabled woman in front of me that had quite a bit of items. case of water cat food some heavy things that I helped her put her water in her cart in the aisle. April was checking her out and there was me and a few people behind me. April checked out the elderly lady and then had asked a red headed girl with curly hair to help the elderly lady to her car. The girl said "I'm just waiting to leave and for you to run my numbers my shift is over". April said oh ok.. then told the elderly lady she would help her once everyone was checked out. I find that the redheaded girl was leaving the store anyway and could've helped that lady. April ran her numbers and the girl got in her red mustang and left. I was behind the elderly woman, so I set my stuff down and told April I would help her, I put the lady's groceries in the car and her walker. The lady thanked me and I went back in the store and checked out. These community stores have regular people that come there along with a lot of disabled people. Had that been my mother or grandmother I would've made a scene and told that red headed girl off. It was very rude of her and when I see her red mustang parked there I go somewhere else.. She should be fired!!!


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    KeepinItClassy Feb 02, 2020

    sounds to me like her shift was over as she said. at that point she is free to do whatever. while I personally would have helped, it’s completely up to her as to what she does at that point.

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  • Do
    DorothyHatfieId27 Feb 04, 2020

    @KeepinItClassy You do not understand. She should have helped. Now I am not always perfect. I once got into an argument with my grandmother and grabbed her walking cane and hit her over the head with it. She pressed charges against me. She is a total bech and I would not help her. But if it had been my grandmother on my mom's side of the family or my mother I would help her. Only my grandmother from my dad's side deserves this treatment. She betrayed me by pressing charges when she was in the wrong. Now I am glad that she was hurt badly that she needed stitches. Hitting her was worth it.

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  • Um is not an answer! Feb 04, 2020

    @DorothyHatfieId27 I would have helped but I also kinda understand why she didn't. She's off the clock and I'd she injures herself because an elderly lady overshopped, the company won't help.

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  • Ke
    KeepinItClassy Feb 04, 2020

    @Um is not an answer! the account you just replied to is fake. they added an extra 7 at the end of the username.

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  • Um is not an answer! Feb 04, 2020

    @KeepinItClassy Yeh it happens. In any event, you up someone off the clock and get damages, it's on you.

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