DirecTVcustomer service

First, I HAD been a customer for the better part of 20 years. Over time the packages have gotten more expensive with less content, not to mention that customer service has gone from bad to completely useless. They just follow a script and I am pretty sure they really don't understand English very well - at least they were not listening to what I was saying. The latest incident caused me to cancel my account. My DVR died - it would not reboot, just blue screen with a code about hard drive crashing. Calling customer service I explained the code on screen and they wanted to reset it, but when the hard drive crashes, what is there to reset? On top of that, they did not understand the code. Its like they never heard of a hard drive crashing. I requested a replacement and customer service was trying to sell me on some monthly equipment plan, then said they could only deliver the DVR via technician. Really?? I was on the phone 20 min as they kept trying to sell me on stuff I did not need and would not drop ship the DVR. I hung up, called back, and canceled.

Sep 29, 2019

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