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Resolved service

Friday December 28th,

I am one very unsatisfied new customer of yours. A guy was supposed to come to my house to install a cable box today now he isn't coming until Mon 1/4. Absolutely ridiculous because now I have to take another **** day off work to wait for your stupid pathetic people to show up and they cant give an exact time. Very unprofessional of them to say they can come out today when we scheduled yesterday and called back this morning to cancel for another day. I would like this to be done sooner because that is absolutely unacceptable. I work for customer service and if I cant do something for my customer that day, it can be re done within a day or so.



costs for nothing but infomercials

I have the basic service and I can't even watch the Broncos even when I live 100 miles away because the basic doesn't have Espn. They have mostly infomercials. I am so close to cutting my service. I am sick of money hungry businesses. When are these stupid companies going to learn who is paying their outrageous salaries. When you are on a fixed income you can't afford to spend a 1/4th of your salary on tv.


I was told 2 months ago because I had a service problem on your in. that the customer agent said he was so...

I wish to file a complaint on a direct tv technician id # mat x 040342

On 12/19/2018 a Direct TV Technician with ID# MAT 040342 came to my home to repair an outside cable that wa...

direct tv refund

I just canceled my DIRECTV after being a customer for two years. I canceled it because I'm going to a...

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Cable service

My name is phillip powell and I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years every since at&t took over I have been so disappointed. I was told my bill will go down three months in a row and it certainly didn't go down it actually went up $70 dollars and i'm sooooooooooo pissed off that the costumer rep lied to me not one time but three months. I'm sorry to say that i'm gonna cancel my service today and i'm gonna report this issue to a lawyer to see if I can do anything about this. All I have to say is [censored] directv and at&t they are frauds and the sad thing about it is that it's hundreds of more customers that feels the same way about this company and they are gonna cancel there service also


I cancelled my service on October 4th because I moved and directv wouldn't provide service at my new home (tech was too lazy to do the work). I was bundled with my phone company and directv first billed me for 20 days after disconnection and then sent my refund to my phone company instead of me. Now they are pointing fingers at each other and refuse to give me my refund. Tried to deal with the corporate office, Dan Pankowski, who is the rudest most condescending human being I have ever spoken to. He actually laughed and told me directv will never issue a refund. But if you break a contract with them, they will sue you. No one should be treated as poorly as they treat you. They will take your money but refuse to refund me what is rightfully mine. No wonder the CEO Mike White makes millions of dollars because he is stealing from customers.

tv service

Description: I have called DirecTV several times to have my service repaired so that it works properly. Fact...

early terminatin fee

My name is Jeff Vortisch, my email is [protected]@yahoo.com, phone number is [protected].

My ATT account number was [protected]. I terminated my ATT/Direct TV account this month due to the high cost.

I was in the process of returning the equipment when I realize that Direct TV/ ATT had me listed has having a DVR receiver that was picked up my one of your technician in May 2017.

In May 2017 my Model Number C41-500/SN D34HD3QE417708 broke and I called Direct TV and explain this to them. A technician came to my home and decided that this piece of equipment needed to be replaced and he changed it out with a new one.

He changed it and took this old DVR with him and left. Today I was in the process of returning my equipment and discovered that ATT still has me listed as having this old DVR which the technician took with him.

I also learned that ATT in May 2017 because of this new piece of equipment had upgraded my account and thus put me back under a new contract for two years. I did not know this nor did I authorized this new upgrade. Now I am being charged a early termination fee because of this changed of equipment.

I feel that this is unfair and unjustified as I did not know about being under any new contract with ATT.

Please can you remove this charge and remove this piece of equipment from my records. I am a senior citizen living on social security and your company is trying to advantage of seniors.

Any help would be appreciated

Jeff Vortisch

genie replacement

On Nov 27, 2018, the hard drive failed in my primary TV Genie. I called Direct TV and the customer rep said one would be express mailed (1-2 day shipping) for $19.95 or I could purchase insurance, in which case the shipping is waived. I asked why I had to purchase insurance or pay shipping when it was their equipment that failed (it's only a year and a couple of months old). I was told it was in my contract that I pay for replacement equipment. I paid and the call ended. On Dec 1, I called because I still hadn't received the replacement Genie. At this point, I had lost all my previously recorded shows and was unable to record any new episodes, along with no playback or pause features. The rep I spoke to said actually the Genie had not been shipped because they are out and not sure when more will come in. I was told that once it was shipped, my bill would be adjusted. I said "thanks" and ended the call. It is now December 8, no Genie, so I called again. I was told the same thing as the Dec 1 call. This time, I asked if this means they are not signing up any new Direct TV customers due to the unavailability of the Genie's. I was told that the supply for new customers is different. So, I take that to mean new customers are more valuable than existing ones? I will give it one more week and then explore options for cancelling my contract as I am not willing to pay Direct TV prices for basic television.

customer retention sucks

Im a long time direct tv customer. never had any real issues with them before. something has changed. Today I received a bill that was $60 higher than normal. problem is a promotion ended. this is not abnormal, but what happens next is. I called direct asking for a new promotion. I got nothing for you Im told. I threatened to cancel like i always do, I was sent to the loyalty dept...loyalty dept says..."I got nothing for you, would you like me to cancel the service now". I was shocked. I told them I'd think about it an call back. I called back 3x, got the same answer every time, we don;t want, or need you, would you like to cancel. I called their bluff. I scheduled dishnet service to be installed, and then called back to have my service terminate that same day...to my surprise, they did nothing, they processed the cancellation. Again, Im shocked. I fully expect Direct/Att will lose a substantial portion of their customer base over the coming years. I am actually routing for their demise now. I won't be switching back to direct until they get their [censored] together.

customer service

Believe everything you hear and read about how insultingly horrible DirecTV's service is since AT&T took over.

We notified DirecTV three weeks before our move, and they sent us a confirmation email of our appointment from 8am to Noon today.

At ten minutes after Noon I started calling -- I made multiple calls and spoke to over a dozen different Customer Service Reps. Every time I was shuffled to a different one, I had to start all over and tell them my name, address, phone number, etc.

I called over and over until about 5:30pm, and was told multiple lies. First, at ten minutes after noon, I was guaranteed that someone would show up today to do the installation.

As the day wore on and no one bothered to show up here or call me, I kept calling and getting different excuses. I was even told that they didn't have my new address in their system, even though they sent it to me in their confirmation email of my appointment weeks ago.

Finally, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Someone claiming to be one would not tell me when or why my appointment was "put on hold, " and why no one called, texted, or emailed me to let me know that had happened, so I just sat here waiting and calling all day.

Then I was told that no one would be able to come here to hook up my DirecTV service in our new home until three days from now.

Totally unacceptable. Worst customer service ever. Stay far away from DirecTV, unless you want to be a victim of theirs, too.

cancelled upgrade appointment and didn't notify us.

We scheduled an appointment to upgrade to 4K Directv boxes today Nov. 27 and tech was a no show. I went to...

billing wrong amount

In May 2018 I moved to a new address and requested directv to move my service to the new address with changes in my programming to lower the bill. I had to get customer assistance in Spanish because in their English speaking department I got always a person from the Philippines or some Asian Country that I couldn't understand what they were saying. My moving contract was set for 12 months and my bill was supposed to be lower to $37 monthly plus tax along with the current promotion they were offering. After they applied the $199.00 promotional credit, the bill went up to 73.91 and included a premium package (STARZ) and 3 more receivers I had already removed. I have been having to call every single month to get the problem corrected and the bill lowered and they will only do it for the current month and then the bill goes back to 71.93 each every other next month causing me the trouble to stay on the phone with them for over an hour (even 2 hrs) after being transferred several times to different representatives and lastly to a supervisor who assured me the problem should be solved. That was last month on October 24th and today the bill is still $71.93 and the billing department has not fixed it. This will be the 5th time I have to call. I want to cancel my contract at absolutely no cost to me at all, no early termination fees, have them send me prepaid postage boxes to send them back the only 2 receivers I have and no further billing or dealings with this tv provider. This has caused me a lot of trouble and inconvenience, also tension and fear of them destroying my credit for not paying the amount they are billing which is incorrect, and they have fully admitted in a recorded conversation that the company is at fault on not adjusting these charges. That's how I want to solve this situation and end all dealings with this tv provider which I will never go back to, after all this.

failed programing upgrade

My husband and I have been DirecTv customers since 1999. We found DirecTV to be a reliable system and have...


on november 1 a technician visit us to fix a problem wich he did got it fix but when he left we notice tool...

installation appointments

I cancelled my Dish service when I moved because I was unable to find help in transferring my service to my new house. Having had DirecTV in the past I was actually excited to go back to them.
November 2nd I called and set up my new service. Earliest I could get installation was November 15th, scheduled between 8 am and Noon. I took off from work and stayed home . At 12:35 I called and they said the installer was enroute. At 2:00 pm I left to pick up my grandchildren from school. My father was home . I got back to the house at 3:30 pm and my dad said no one arrived. I called DirecTV and they could not even find my account, name, phone number anything... my father walked outside later that evening and installer had left a tag on the door that said they had been their at 2:30 and to call and reschedule our appointment...my father was home, no one rang the door bell or knocked on the door or he would have heard them...after being transferred 4 to 5 different times and 2 more phone calls that night they assured me that DirecTV would be at my house in the morning. No one showed up the next day either, no phone calls ever nor text messages...after numerous calls and being transferred again because no one can find my account or understand what I need my service was scheduled to be installed Nov 24, again, no phone calls, text and no show to install. Another call to DirecTV...so sorry, the installer cancelled the appointment, did you get a phone call or text message...again no I DID NOT!...so sorry...we can offer you $5.00 off a month for a year...we can come out Nov 27th...ok...but I hightly doubt anyone will show...and I am looking for a new solution to my TV watching problem...DirecTV you have let me down.
My account number is [protected], but you probably wont be able to locate it.

bill problems

I have been trying to resolve billing issues with DirectTV since April, 2018. I have a record of every agent I spoke with, including their employee numbers.

The problem never gets resolved. They NEVER follow up.

When I refused to pay the bill until they resolved the problem they shut off my service and would not restore my service until I paid the bill - the bill that was wrong to begin with!!!

While for the most part the agents were pleasant, they never followed through.

Here it is Nov. 23 and the problem has still not been fixed.

equipment and billing

I called to have a receiver upgraded and was pushed into an upgrade I didn't need. The technician that came to my house agreed I had the best equipment, but installed a Genie 2. Since that day in June I have had problems. My screen freezes and there is a delay when changing channels. Sometime I have to re-boot the system. I had several service calls that didn't fix the problem. The last technician at my house said there is nothing he can do. He said there is a software issue in my the Genie 2. He said Directv is aware of it and is trying to fix it, but keeps installing the Genie 2. I feel the CS Rep lied to me. I didn't need an upgrade, but they push it to receive a commission. Why, because they locked me in for another 2 years. When I approached them on it they offered discount, but the problem is still there. Now I get my bill and see a $135 charge for an unreturned Genie that was returned in their box with their label. They will not remove it and are trying to get me to do more work, This seems to be a pattern with them. Poor service and overcharging.

  • Updated by John Pek · Nov 19, 2018

    They will not correct my bill despite having me on the phone for an hour

disputed charges

DirecTV incorrectly charged me for not returning equipment that I absolutely returned. I have the pictures of it in the return box and the pictures of the tracking on the boxes. When the tracking is checked, it states it was delivered. When I talked to DirecTV the first time, they admitted it was a mistake and stated that someone didn't enter it but they could see it was in the warehouse now. That was when I got the original bill. Since then I have received debt collection notices for that same bill. Every time I am told sorry and the issue is resolved as they can see it was a mistake and they can see that I returned everything. This has happened multiple times and with multiple debt collectors. Enough is enough. I had just received another debt collection notice. Maybe they are counting on me to get annoyed enough to just pay it but I assure you that will never happen. I have proof that I returned everything promptly and timely. This has been an issue for over a year now. Please end this harassment. Thank you.

disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges
disputed charges

  • Updated by wpiatt · Nov 21, 2018

    This is starting to look like a standard practice for DirecTV. Apparently, no matter how false the debt claim, DirecTV keeps sending it to different debt collection agencies until you give up and just pay it so that it will go away. DirecTV told me that it was resolved and a mistake. Since then, 3 or 4 (at least 3 but I lost count) debt collection agencies have said the exact same thing but DirecTV keeps sending it to another. I wonder if they have a policy that states just how many times a false debt claim has to be resolved by different parties (including their own) before they stop? At this point, it really feels like harassment.

  • Pa
    Pamela Cl Jul 25, 2019

    If I do not get ABC back soon, I will switch to Spectrum. I also feel I am due money back for not getting all the channels promised

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