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I had direct tv for over 2 years and try ti cancel and still charge for another month. Cancel for the month of Nov and being charge for the month of Dec . I just wondering is AT&T that hard up for money and they need to gouge the customer for every penny they can get .lf it is that way I don't need AT&T again I will use somwone wlse.I use Dish Network and they don't take advantage of the customer like that.The customer service AT&T have will not listen to you all they they want to do is crammed down your throat is what they want to say and not listen to you.


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    Sherri Miles Dec 04, 2019

    I am going through the exact same thing. My contract was up September 18, 2019, and I was told to call a few days before the 18th and cancel my service. Which I did. Now I am being threatened by Direct TV for 2 additional months of service. I have tried telling them this is incorrect. If they turn this in against my credit, I believe I will start a campaign and find enough people that have suffered the same harassment from Direct TV and file a Class Action lawsuit! Oh and by the way, I am a Paralegal!

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    Rebecca Lucas Jan 06, 2020

    @Sherri Miles Curious if you had resolution on this matter? I am having similar issues and Direct TV has now sent my information to debt collectors. To clarify they owe me money but are falsely claiming I owe them money. They won't do anything to resolve the matter, they say I now have to deal with the debt collectors. Also said to me they would "erase my debt, if I just signed back up with them", which is insanely corrupt, they are basically committing extortion.

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