DirecTVbilling charges for nfl twice


My name is paul barbour and I am calling about charges 2 on my directv account ([protected]). On [protected] I spoke with a representative mike at directv on 11:30 am. I was trying to get the nfl ticket that I though that I already had it. He informed me that I should have had that already for free. I informed him that it was showing that I had to order it. He instructed me to just order the package and it would be taken off my bill. I did that and received my programming. The following week my nfl ticket did not show up. I called directv and they said that I did not have the nfl ticket and that the representative told me the incorrect information. The representative fixed the information and I got the nfl ticket. When I got my bill I noticed that I was being charged for the first installment of $46.99 for the nfl ticket and $49.99 for nfl pay per day. I called on 10-24-2017 and spoke to a supervisor named maria badilla (Employee number 2126819). I explained all of this to her and she said it was nothing that she could do and she would not reverse any charges. I explained to her what I just explained. I was told something and it hasn't been done. I am not paying for both the nfl ticket and the nfl pay per day too. I would like for what I was told to be done and cleared up asap. I hope this matter can be cleared up and I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul barbour

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