[Resolved] Direct TVinstallation at my home on nov. 26, 2019

K Dec 27, 2019

I am writing to you because the man who installed my new Direct TV equipment used our old power cords for the boxes we had previously. We had not yet, sent them back to Direct TV and our installer asked if we still had the old power cords. He stated, "They only want the boxes and remotes back. They don't worry about the power cords." When I went to mail them back, finally after the crazy holiday season, they told me they DO need the old power cords along with the boxes and remotes. Now we are out 3 cords. I need 3 new power cords so that we do not get charged. Can I please have our installation specialist's phone number ? We have to get new cords from him.
Thank you,
Kelly Bemis

  • Resolution Statement

    I contacted installer and he is brining me replacement cords.

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