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11:06 pm EST

DirecTV overall experience with upgrading equipment

I've been a customer for close to 15 years although I did transfer to ATT U-Verse for a year or so and then back again. In late September, I received an email telling me I needed to do an equipment upgrade or I would lose my service so I called. They told me the ONLY fee would be for the shipping expense of a new receiver which would be $19.99 so we scheduled an update date for 10/9/2019. Once the new equipment was installed, I started experiencing a once a week issue where I no longer had access to the local channels. I contacted DirecTV via chat and they had me try several things -- none worked -- so they scheduled a technician to come out. They told me they enrolled me in a protection plan so I wouldn't have to pay the $99 technician fee. I reluctantly agreed because I didn't understand why I would have to pay for something that clearly was not my issue. As a matter of fact, the tech called me before coming out and he was able to resolve the issue immediately on the phone. So I ended up getting stuck with a protection plan for no reason. THEN I received my first bill which was more than I expected. I called and was told my monthly charge would now be $13 more than before -- I was livid because I had been told there would be NO charge other than the one time $19.99. After much yelling on my part, and being transferred to your loyalty department, I was told the $13/month fee would be waived. In the meantime, and for the next several weeks, every Friday morning when I would turn on my TV, I didn't have access to the local channels -- I figured out if I logged onto your website and did a receiver refresh, I would get the channels back until the next week. When I called to complain about that, I was told it was a known issue that they were working on. Then I got my next bill which was far more than I expected -- so I called. The lady was very nice and helpful and again I was told there was some billing issue about being billing too much but it would get adjusted after 3 billing cycles? Seriously? In that call, I also figured out DirecTV was charging me for 2 receivers -- the old and the new one while I only actually had 1. And then this evening (Thursday night), I went to watch channel 2 (ABC), I again did not have access and had to go log onto my computer, log into my account, and do a receiver refresh.
This is the absolute worst service I've ever had on anything. The billing folks I talked to a few days ago said the billing issues should be resolved in 3 billing cycles and then I would receive credit for the charges I've been billed for AND PAID. This sounds criminal to me -- there's no reason in the world why any overbilling issue takes 3 billing cycles to resolve. I've worked for global companies (Siemens) and we always jumped at resolving any issue that impacted customers and a 3 month timeframe is not "jumping on" any issue.
I don't know what DirecTV or ATT is thinking but I can tell you this -- I'm going to play with ridiculous game with you for another 30 to 60 days until you finally resolve all the billing issues and then I'm going to find another cable company or just go without. It is totally unacceptable that you have known issues with your technical competence and your billing processes and you expect your customers to say "oh sure, I'm fine with you overbilling me for 90 days".
DirecTV might want to actually take customer service seriously because clearly they do not at this point.
For 10-12-15 years, my only complaint was that DirecTV raised their prices every year or two. And now in the last 2 months, I have more complaints about technical capabilities and billing issues. What have you people done?
Consider me a soon to be former customer.

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2:00 pm EST

DirecTV satellite service

I have never have dealt with a more dishonest company and so hard to contact, do not do business with this company, they are dishonest and out to bilk you every month. they will not honor their contracts. terrible company. would not honor the original contract sold by costco. you will never know what your next months bill will be even when you finally get to contact and ask. nothing up front about direct tv and has a horrible reputation with the public. only signed up because we were costco customers and thought they would be different because of that but NOT!

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12:50 pm EST
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DirecTV unethical behavior

Directv promised that I could suspend service on a second home when ever I needed with no limits. I have had to battle with customer service every time to suspend the service and now they are telling me I can only suspend service 2 times per year and I have to wait until April, 2020 until I can suspend it again. They lied to me about the ability to suspend service and thus I want to cancel my contract without any early termination fee. I have 17 months left on the contract. My email address is [protected]

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12:56 pm EST

DirecTV customer service

Issue began when I scheduled my move through Direct TV. The installer arrived, drilled holes in my roof, installed a metal bracket that did not have line of sight and he was unable to place dish. While maneuvering off the roof he fell. Yes, he fell off the roof. He immediate left...left his tools, his notebook with all his customer contacts, job assignments for the day...he left. I complained to Direct Tv that I did not want the hardware on my roof and wanted it removed and the useless wholes repaired. Direct Tv customer service was ZERO help and have still not sent someone out for repair. After the move in I was assigned to the local networks of my new neighborhood. I called to request a change but was advised it could not be changed. I tried it for several months and decided to switch services/go to an antenna if needed to get my Cincinnati channels. I called to have it disconnected and advised by a young lady that she could adjust my signal to my old address to get the channels I requested. She assured me this would have no affect on my billing or service address. In late June, early July I began having signal / dish alignment issues and called Direct Tv for assistance. After a reboot of the service they agreed to send out a technician to realign my dish. I received the notification that the service tech was in route. After waiting past the expected arrival time I called and the customer service representative indicated the tech was at my address. I looked at he/she was not. At this time the customer service representative gave me the service techs phone number. I called to see where he was and low and behold he was at my old/previous address where YOUR customer service representative set the appointment. He was extremely rude, indicated I needed to change my address as he will NOT be coming to my house as it was out of his area. He went on to say that I would have to call and reschedule. He continued to tell me that I can not have service at an address that I do not live, i needed to change my address. After this conversation I called Direct TV customer service again. I reached employee number NMYKR32 on July 16, 2019. I explained the situation both past/present and the techs rudeness and when asked what he could do to make it right I requested that my contract be void and any early termination fee be waived. Employee number NMYKR32 waived the early termination fee at that time. After several months received an invoice in the amount of $168 for early termination. I called in and spoke to Mike, on or around 10/13/19 and he also agreed that it was waived and gave me a confirmation number of 244879031395A2 to guarantee it. So at this time I am thinking it is over. NOPE ! I am now receiving calls from a collection agency. I called today and spoke to Angel, he agreed the fee was waived. Angel transferred me to Danielle in the loyalty department and although she DID see in the original notes that it WAS WAIVED, she was unable to take it off my bill due to it being escalated and the denied. I explained to Danielle that I was a customer with Direct TV well over 15 years possibly closer to 20, never missed a payment, never paid late, never paid short. I would not have cancelled the service if the fee had not been waived. I am a smart woman, I do not spend money foolishly. I would have stuck out my contract or Spectrum, my new provider would have paid it. I want this immediately cleared up. Danielle apologized for the miscommunication I received by your Direct TV customer service representative. That is NOT good enough.
Their miss-information is not my problem. It is noted Angel and Danielle confirmed it today. MAKE IT RIGHT !

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6:43 pm EST

DirecTV $10 amount I am being billed for hd.

When I signed up for Direct TV ten years ago I was told as long as I have auto pay I would have HD free for life. This is still being billed on my statement as a charge. I have contacted you several times and get different answers. This has started since Jan 2019. I didn't call until April of 2019 because of my busy schedule and dreaded to be on the phone a long time so I kept putting it off. I finally called and got a 12 month promotion and changed packages to get my bill down and was given a $30 credit and rep told me she would do that to give 3 months for it to get taken care of. She even said I should not be billed for this. I am still being billed $10 on my bill for HD. I have spent many hours on the phone, being transferred, being told this is being worked on or taken care of and it has not been taken care of. I've kept my patience until Sunday 12/1 and had to talk to two reps and was on the phone too long and the second rep transferred me to a billing specialist and then I get a recording that that dept is closed. First rep hung up on me after she told me she was looking at my history. This is all notated and I do not want to spend more hours on the phone. When my contract is up Direct TV may lose me as a customer! There are alot of options out there for TV now. I would like someone to read over my contacts with Direct TV and get this taken care of and for me to get credited for this! Here I am again explaining this when I've called several times explaining the same situation and no action has been taken. Not happy customer!

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8:19 am EST

DirecTV technical support

On November 27th, my Direct TV was not working, receiving 771 code and 775 code. Started the process of troubleshooting with negative results. Call in Direct TV technical support and schedule a service call for November 01, between 4pm/8pm. On that day I received several text message that the appointment was on time. At 4:30pm I called in to get status update and I was informed that tech will there by 8pm. At about 8:10pm no phone call or message received and the Tech was a NO SHOW. I called in and spoke with Supervisor Monica regarding this issue. She indicated that the service call was never assigned to any available tech in the area due to lack of man power. Not satisfied but we rescheduled the appointment for the next day, December 02 between 12pm and 4pm.

On December 02, I received a text message at 9am and confirmed the appointment.
Received another text that the tech will arrive before 4pm. Received a phone called at text 201 pm indicating that the text will there before 4pm. At 3:59 pm I initiated a phone call to customer service and requested to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Supervisor Monica again regarding this failed appointment. She apologize and looked into this matter. She again informed me that no available tech was available to take my service call. She indicated that she was going to send a email to her management to get answers regarding this failure and NO SHOW. She stated that she will call me back to resolve this problem and get me taken care off within two hours. She never called me back.
I took the day off at work to accommodate this appointment and it appears that no one at Direct TV cares about their customers. Two failed attempts to resolve this problem and I had to take the initiative to call and follow up the NO SHOW appointment is very bad customer service and lack of commutation or poor management leadership. I have been loyal for 15 years with Direct TV and I'm getting the impression that it's time to shop the market as Direct TV simply lacks customer satisfaction and/or care.

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3:47 pm EST
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DirecTV rv travel and no local channels as was sold to us

After over a month and nearly 30 hours of phone calls to every department and phone number ATT wants to charge $480 for early termination for service we never got. No local chanels available which was why we signed up for $70 a month. Paid a month and a half for nothing. Also going to cancel our nearly 20 years of home service also. Never have I had this much problem with ANY customer service in 71 years.

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2:31 pm EST
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DirecTV direct tv

I had direct tv for over 2 years and try ti cancel and still charge for another month. Cancel for the month of Nov and being charge for the month of Dec . I just wondering is AT&T that hard up for money and they need to gouge the customer for every penny they can get .lf it is that way I don't need AT&T again I will use somwone wlse.I use Dish Network and they don't take advantage of the customer like that.The customer service AT&T have will not listen to you all they they want to do is crammed down your throat is what they want to say and not listen to you.

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Sherri Miles
, US
Dec 04, 2019 1:14 pm EST

I am going through the exact same thing. My contract was up September 18, 2019, and I was told to call a few days before the 18th and cancel my service. Which I did. Now I am being threatened by Direct TV for 2 additional months of service. I have tried telling them this is incorrect. If they turn this in against my credit, I believe I will start a campaign and find enough people that have suffered the same harassment from Direct TV and file a Class Action lawsuit! Oh and by the way, I am a Paralegal!

Rebecca Lucas
, US
Jan 06, 2020 12:40 pm EST

Curious if you had resolution on this matter? I am having similar issues and Direct TV has now sent my information to debt collectors. To clarify they owe me money but are falsely claiming I owe them money. They won't do anything to resolve the matter, they say I now have to deal with the debt collectors. Also said to me they would "erase my debt, if I just signed back up with them", which is insanely corrupt, they are basically committing extortion.

7:03 pm EST

DirecTV company and customer service.

(CEO) Direct TV Corporate Lanier Richardson
Office Headquarters #75248858/#293359565
2230 East Imperial Highway 6742 Champlain Rd
El Segundo, CA 90245 USA Jacksonville, FL 32208
November 25, 2019
First off let me commend you for your programing selections.
We are deeply disappointed that you would not honor of the contract we signed. It seems you do not want us as customers. In the light of that. We will not recommend you to any of our friends or family members. Once again, it's not your programming, it's your customer service agents repeatedly telling me they were sending me the label and/or box and not sending it for returning your equipment to you. This problem should have been solved from the beginning.
Now to get to the reason for this letter. On March 22, 2019 your sales agent Brandon Harris, sold us a package deal the terms of which your company have violated. Mr. Harris Dealer code 7370915, Office ID 11673, his phone # 843-991-3516, his supervisor, Chad, phone # 205-796-8347. Both refused to answer their phones when asked about the promised $250.00 gift cards.
While still under contract to Comcast. I was told that we would receive $250.00 in gift cards that would help deflect the early termination fee from Comcast Cable, that didn't happen. When I went online to sign up for the gift cards, you refer to them as Reward Cards. Your site would limit me to $150.00. When I called the reward center to ask about the $250.00 reward cards, they claim they do not know what I was talking about. To make matters worse, instead of sending me the $150.00, they only sent me a reward card for $50.00. This changed the terms of my signed agreement.
Now we come to March 29, 2019 day of installation. Easy job for my house was already pre-wired for cable and satellite. The problem began when the Tech installed a defected unit that would not record, unless that was his last unit, he should have replaced it right then and there. Instead we had to wait a few days for a working unit to arrive. I installed the replacement unit with no problems also programed the media players in different places in the house.
For the better part of five months I have been trying to return the defective unit to your company. I was told that all I had to do was take it to a UPS or FedEx shipping center that they would accept it, no questions asked. I live within ten minutes of both bulk shipping centers for UPS and FedEx, they refused to accept it without a label. I therefore requested a return label or box with return label from your company, to which they said I would receive it in a week to ten days. What followed? They sent an entirely new unit instead of an empty box, now I had two units to return. Another request went out, this time for two labels or two return boxes, May 31, 2019, confirmation # [protected]. Would you believe they sent one box with label for a single unit, now I'm still short one label and return box. I returned the later unit and requested again for a label or box with label to return the original defective unit.
Following are some of the dates and claim numbers of those request: June 18, 2019, conf. #[protected], June 28, 2019, conf. #[protected], July 29, 2019, conf. # [protected], August 13, 2019, conf. #[protected]. I finally was instructed to take it to a satellite UPS store, a considerable distance away, where they accepted the package and returned it to you on August 21, 2019. Checking my telephone call log with your company, for the first five months of service, I spent more than six (6) hours trying to get this problem resolved with you, which started with the installation of your defective unit.
During this time because your company failed to send me a label or a return box, you've been charging me late fee's on my account, even though you've been paid on time for the past seven (7) months. Your billing system have wreaked havoc with my account due to this delay. I've done everything humanly possible on my part to return the unit to which the above paragraphs details. According to the paperwork I signed, my payments were not to be more than $120.00 + Fees and Taxes which should not be more than $20.00 which would make my payments less than $145.00 a month! This would make my payments slightly lower than our account with Comcast Cable. I was told that my billing date is on the 23rd of each month, following are the payments made for each month since the March 29, 2019 installation date. April 20, 2019, $119.37, May 28, 2019, $150.00, June 24, 2019, $150.00, July 20, 2019, $150.00, August 25, 2019, $156.00, September 12, 2019, $67.05, September 25, 2019, $156.00, and October 23, 2019, $157.24, a grand total of $1105.66, you've received for television, phone, and internet service.

UPDATE: Nine (9) months into our service with AT&T/Direct TV, my wife and I have had enough. And requested instructions for sending all your equipment back to you, because of the emotional stress created by your company not sending us a label or box to return your equipment to you. On November 12, 2019 this request was transferred by a representative from your company that insisted on trying to help us. What she found was all the attempts by me to return your defective product and that and why our bill was so high and saw where your company charged us for non-returned equipment and late fees, even though you were paid on time each month. She told me I should be able to log on to our account in 48 hours and see the corrective changes. I didn't log into my account until 2 days before payment due date on November 23, 2019. Changes had not been applied, I checked again on the 23rd and saw changes were applied and we appreciate that. We still have not received the remaining $200.00 in rewards cards for signing up with you. And we feel that the signed terms of the contract should be extended for next year for the emotional stress you put my wife and me under these past nine (9) months.
I started writing this letter 3 months ago and it have taken this long to complete it. I hope it finds its way to your CEO's in hopes that he or she will follow through on your company's verbal promises and that you also honor your signed contracts for your new customers as well as old.
Sincerely, New Customer
Lanier Richardson. # 75248858 and wife.

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10:00 am EST
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DirecTV tv service

For the second month in a row our Direct TV service stopped working. Direct TV requires someone to stand in front of the tv and go through a service check before they will send someone out. Our house is a weekly rental which makes it difficult. It also allows only the name on the service contract to request a technician. It is a painful and frustrating experience. It was bad enough the first time and now it has happened a second time. To top it off it will be THREE DAYS before they get around to sending a technician.

Either their product is bad or they don't have enough technicians. Either way, waiting three days for service is UNACCEPTABLE!

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3:40 pm EST
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DirecTV directv

I would like to share my recent experience with AT&T DirecTV. I have been a customer since 2000.

On August 8th I had an upgrade to my old boxes per tech support. I had ordered a local tv antenna, due to NBC not being broadcast through you, and it was not compatible with my old boxes. Tech support said that my equipment was old and that an upgrade would be coming in the future and ASSURED me there would be no charge if I did it now.

Here is a copy of the email that I received with the charges listed:
This section shows DIRECTV details only.

One-time DIRECTV charges Genie $399.00
Genie Mini $199.00
$0 Mini with Genie No Agreement - SD to HD -$199.00
$0 Genie No Agreement - SD to HD -$399.00

Prorated DIRECTV charges Advanced Receiver Service - HD $3.67
Advanced Receiver Service - DVR $3.67
TV Access Fee $2.57
Whole-Home DVR Service $1.10
$7 off 1st TV -$2.57

Ongoing DIRECTV monthly charges CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC $99.99
Advanced Receiver Service - HD $10.00
Advanced Receiver Service - DVR $10.00
Regional Sports Fee $7.13
TV Access Fee $7.00
Outdoor Channel $4.99
Whole-Home DVR Service $3.00
$7 off 1st TV -$7.00
$54 off for 24 months -$54.00

Below are my bills since then:

Sept. 10th Last bill $72.95, Difference +$875.44
< One-time charges, Monthly charges, Service
Total services $948.39

October 10th Your last bill $948.39
Payment, Sep 27 - Thank you! Page 2 -$72.95
Adjustment Page 2 -$300.00
Past due - please pay immediately $575.44

Nov. 10th Your last bill $653.90
Payment, Oct 25 - Thank you! -$72.95
Past due - please pay immediately $580.95
Service summary $4.25
Last bill $4.25
Last bill $74.21, Difference +$21.00 < Service changes
Total services - due Dec 02, 2019 $99.46
Total due $680.41

I have placed phone calls every month about these charges. Every time I am ASSURED that they have removed the charges and my next bill will show that.


I was on the phone for over 2.5 hours speaking with agents and supervisors to correct the billing error. They all said that they have sent the correction to the Escalation Dept. I was told this takes 24-72 hours to be approved to have my tv turned back on.


This is horrible customer service to a loyal customer who has done everything right. Paid my bill!

I am very disappointed in DirecTV. I can't imagine what would happen if I had really not paid my monthly bill. Please direct this to the right department.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Beth Heal
Acct: [protected]

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7:26 pm EST
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DirecTV direct tv early termination fee

I have never been more frustrated in my life. I had Direct TV for three years. After the first 2 years, my monthly rate was going to skyrocket. I called to cancel and they offered me a discounted rate of $38 for twelve months. I accepted the new rate.

At the end of the period, without any notification to me, I was charged $149 for monthly service. I called to cancel, thinking they would offer me a reasonable rate. They only offered a $15 monthly discount. I declined, canceled my agreement and returned the equipment.

A few weeks later I received a "final" statement with a $80 early termination fee. I called Direct TV to ask where in the world they come up with that fee. They said I was under contract. I asked what contract and they could not tell me.


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4:58 pm EST

DirecTV unlawful charge

DicTV is the most unfair and unjust cable network service i have ever witnessed. They cancelled my service and blamed it on me. Next, they charged me $238.98 for cancelling. This is totally wroing and unjust. In addition, they reported me collections and then to Experian Credit Bureau in hopes of collecting. They should be held accountable for this terrible act of dishonestly. After speaking with a host of representatives from AT&T and DirecTV they refulsd to assit in any way. They should be put out of business forever.

On July 2017, I left the country on a U.S. mission and placed my account on hold because DirecTV didn't provide service there. On September 2018 DirecTV cancelled my account and blamed me for cancelling and chared me $238.98. DirecTV then turned my account to a collection agency and then submitted my account to Experian Credit Union. For the past 2 years I have attempted to repair this damage and have contacted AT&T and DirecTV with no help whatsoever. I called 800-288-2020, 800-531-5000, 866-664-2513 and several others with negative results. I kept getting the run around and was told I didn't owe anything only to be misled. I am not back in the country and trying to resolve this matter. DirecTV refuses to correct this and admit they are doing something illegal and unjust. Please help.

Mario Castillo

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11:43 am EST

DirecTV installed a satellite dish on our property without landlord permission and in violation of our community rules

DirectTV installed a satellite dish on our rental property without landlord permission and in direct violation of our community policies. This is a quadruplex in a rental neighborhood so landlord permission is required. We do not have on file a Lease Contract Addendum for Satellite Dish or Antenna for this satellite and it violates our lease agreement and clear community policies about installation:

Specifically: Location. Your satellite dish or antenna must be located: (1) inside your dwelling; or (2) in an area outside your dwelling such as a balcony, patio, yard, etc. of which you have exclusive use under your lease. Installation is not permitted on any parking area, roof, exterior wall, window, window sill, fence or common area, or in an area that other residents are allowed to use. A satellite dish or antenna may not protrude beyond the vertical and horizontal space that is leased to you for your exclusive use. This dish was installed in the common area landscaping and NO Landlord Permission was Signed. This absolutely must be removed.

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7:34 pm EST

DirecTV charging for whole month when disconnecting service

We recently had multiple problems with DirecTV service. When we went to disconnect, they asked to call back in a few days with a different price. We never received a call and disconnected but was 2 days into the month service. They are charging the whole month and not prorating.
We have been customers of ATT for > 25 years.
They do not seem to care.

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11:26 am EST
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DirecTV service relocation

I suspended my service in late Sept. as I sold my house and bought a new one. When I called to reestablish service (Nov 4) the rep had trouble dealing with my service address. New location is in unorganized township with no zip code. The call, which required 2 departments to deal with, took about 1.5 hours and was not yet resolved. I ask the person to call me back in an hour due to a scheduled call I had to attend. She said she would call back at 4:30 eastern but she did not.

I called move line Wed. Nov 6 and Peter was very helpful and convinced me to stick with DTV, especially since I would now not get local programming. A connector could be provided at no cost to address local channel issue. New appt. scheduled for morning of Nov 11.

Nov 11 nobody shows up or calls. Later that day I call again. Told that field tech did try to call but I had no call record or voice mail. New appt. confirmed for morning of Nov 14.

Evening of Nov. 13 I get a text that tech is scheduled to arrive AFTERNOON of 14th when I already had confirmation of morning appt. I finally called again and while on call as reps ( transferred 3 times) looked into issue I finally told them to just cancel appt.

Conclusion - I have moved several times and DTV move was always 1 call until now. I have been a DTV customer for roughly 25 years. DTV service has deteriorated to the point they drove me to look at other options. Between all the transfers, repeating my account and code every time, missing appts and being tied up on the phone for more than 6 hours in total I concluded that DTV no longer wanted my business.

To add to this, I spent a good part of a Sunday the 10th rerunning the RF cable from a mount that has a Dish antenna so cables were not poked thru floor as previous owner had done. I also hooked up 2 receivers so tech would only have to 1) mount dish on pole at ground level and 2) reterminate one line from antenna. It would have been the easiest installation possible.

Good work ATT/DTV on working extra hard to alienate a good, long term customer.

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11:23 am EST

DirecTV signal loss

It is 11 am on Indianapolis, In On Nov 11. The weather is clear, no wind, no storns, bright and sunny. And, as it is becoming a common occurrence, I have no signal. Quite honestly, your service, at this point is real crap and is getting worse each week. As of late, it is getting more common. Cable may cost more, but I could at least use it. It is extremely, if NOT impossible to contact customer service as the lines are all "busy", and there is no way to email them. This tells me that you don't have a fix for this and, quite frankly, don't really give a damn. Why should I stay with your "service" ?!?

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12:00 pm EST

DirecTV cancelled tv service

We moved to a new address that doesn't accept Direct TV...We cancelled our acct. When Direct TV service came and dismantled our equipment he threw it in a was old and outdated. I asked what I do with the equipment and he said "bring it back to Direct TV" We were unable to drive that distance. I called Direct TV...and they stated that I should discard the old equipment...I didnt hear anything from Direct TV until I found out 6-months later a fee of $195.72 went to collections!
Im very upset at being told to get rid of this old equipment and then being charged!

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11:59 am EST

DirecTV service to standard receivers

I have been a customer of Direct TV since 2002. We have 4 Receivers, 2 HD and 2 Standard. We lost our local channels on the Standard Receivers. I called Customer Service and was informed that the Standard Receivers would no longer support the local channels in Chicago, IL. I was informed that I would need to replace the Standard to HD Receiver.

WHY was I not informed ahead of this change?! No message, no email, nothing in the mail.

Now 2 of my TVs will not have service of local channels until tomorrow when Direct TV is coming to replace them.
This was POOR management on someone.
After all these years I expected better of Direct TV.
I was offerred no fee for installation of new receivers.
Seems little to me after being a customer for 17 years.

Tom and Laura McNIcholas
Cell: [protected]

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5:01 pm EST

DirecTV directv genie died

I've been a directv customer for 20 years, I pay north of $150 every month for one DVR and 2 wireless Genies. I've always been happy with Directv. A few months ago one of my genie boxes started to have a problem with connectivity. I called tech support and each time they did something to help get it work g again. Yesterday it worked fine for a while then again lost signal again. I did everything to reset it with no luck so called tech support again. The tech spent 30 minutes having me do all of the things I already did then pronounced the genie dead. I expected him to say they'd send me a replacement, but was surprised and pissed when he said it would be a $99 service call unless I signed up for their service plan at $10 a month. I told him I couldn't believe it and would probably just look for a different service if that's how they treat a customer of 20 years. He said I could talk to a manager which I agreed to, thinking ok this will get it done. To my surprise the manager was extremely rude to me, he finally agreed to ship out a genie but would charge me $20 shipping. I told him I'm sure he'd waive the shipping charge to which he responded he would not. Once again I told him ok I think I'll just look for a different service and you'll lose my business of $150 every month. He continued to talk over me and treat me like crap. I've already looked into the different streaming services and will be switching go to YouTube TV as that seems to have everything I need for $50 a month. I'm completely appalled at how DirecTV treated me, no wonder they've lost 2.5 million customers over the past 18 months.

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DirecTV is a digital satellite TV service provider offering a variety of channels and packages. Customers can access live television, on-demand content, and DVR capabilities. The service includes options for sports, movies, and premium networks, catering to diverse viewing preferences. DirecTV also offers bundled packages with internet and phone services for a comprehensive home entertainment and connectivity solution.
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