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DirecTV reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 20, 2006. The latest review Business Account was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint installation at my home on nov. 26, 2019 was resolved on Dec 27, 2019. DirecTV has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 2001 reviews. DirecTV has resolved 536 complaints.

DirecTV Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 531 5000 (Customer Service)
2230 E Imperial Hwy
El Segundo, California
United States - 90245
Mon8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tue8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wed8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV Satellite outage at a Business

June 29th 2019 at the Cobblestone Inn, in Kersey Colorado, the Satelite signal was lost. Knocking out service to the entire hotel. Today is July 2nd and there still has not been a single DIRECTTV Rep out to this location to fix the problem. I will be staying in this Hotel until the 16th of July. I would like the service fixed today. The customers are really getting very discouraged and with this problem the Hotel will lose business. I have spoke to the manager everyday and I keep getting told they are trying to get someone out here to resolve the problem, but with little result.
Thank You for your time

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    Direct TVequipment and programming

    Approximately, one month ago, I was advised that the Direct TV equipment that I had and have had since 2006 was going to be obsolete, and if I did not have the latest equipment installed I would no longer be able to view my local channels. So, an appointment was made and the technicians came and installed it. I noticed that the new equipment, although with many flaws, did offer me "Apps" and since I love all music I thought I could put up with the horrible new ways of viewing. I did not know that all my recordings would be deleted, but that is just one more thing that made me decide to drop Direct TV. Because I am retired, TV is one of the things I enjoy. Well the apps have never worked and despite two technicians visits. The apps still do not work. I have called and spoke with several technicians, most of them friendly and helpful. On last night I spoke with someone who gave me her name as Taylor( I realize names may not be actual names) however, she was customer savvy, very patient, and we got the app to work, but only for a few minutes. Tonight I called again for tech support and spoke with someone called Victoria. We went over all the steps, and the App Pandora, still does not work. Victoria yawned during our conversation and acted if I were an annoyance, and when I asked that she report the problem and have another technician come out and check the equipment, she stated that I needed to get in touch with the manufacturer of the tv as she had done all she could. and refused to transfer me to another technician. It is so often that a company suffers because of one "bad apple", but she is probable not the only one. I have not secured another TV provider, but I am looking very hard. My daughter who had just moved to this area asked who I thought she should get her TV service with, of course I told her my story and she changed her mind about signing on with Direct TV, I would not recommend Direct TV to anyone.

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      DirecTV early termination fees

      On Sep.27.2018 I called [protected] paid off amount of $ 264.23 due to non return of direct tv/At&t equipment. On Oct.2.2018 I called customer service [protected] for the bundle offer Direct tv, Uverse& home phone. My appt was scheduled for Oct.3.2018 at 8am-12pm where both a direct tv tech & AT&T's tech will come in & install cable, internet & home phone for $90.monthly(Wow!!so I thought)That morning I only had a Direct tv tech come in to install & shortly after a sales rep came in & thanked me for choosing them & asked what did I order. I told him & he said ok sounds good would you like to get cell phone lines too I said no thank you. Shortly noon arrived & direct tv was installed but no att&t tech ever showed nor called with any update. I shortly called the [protected] & inquired only to be given a Oct.5.2018 9am-12pm appt for internet & told sorry no home phone is available in your area but you'll still be charged $90monthly(wait what) *Red flag I asked to cancel instead everything & be done how is it possible now the 2nd time it's all going wrong I was told lies it wasn't confirmed we will let the tech know to go now shortly after 4pm now at this time I'm getting a call from a tech asking me where am I he's here to install my internet no one is home. I'm rushing returning back home from Kaiser as my 16yr old son was hospitalized. No compassion Our appt was at 9am-12pm it's now about to be 5pm. I hurry home & he sets up ok thank you bye I need to go back to the hospital. Now the headaches are gone & the nightmare of choosing to return to Directtv/Att&t began. I called to straighten out any hiccups, miscommunications, mistakes, agreements to address the issue & confirm my order" A Bundle". They're s a contract$$ who wants to ever fail there. That day I was told everything was fine oh you won't see a bundle charge till the 3rd billing cycle & so on. I called back two weeks later to reassure we were on track. As a customer i did my part I ordered, followed up & was reassured. Now June.2019 I have (2)outstanding collection debts one for att&t([protected])-$35.79 & direct tv([protected])-$315.28 includes etf$360.fees I'm being charged for having to cancel your services due to your department failed to properly place the order, which now I'm not in your coverage area any longer & I get no where by calling customer service. Which by the way up to April.2019 when I cancelled I was disconnected, rudely spoken too, given the run around no call this # then no call this# since we are in transición & can't see both accounts. No one here can see them & was hanged up on. Demanded to pay an outstanding bill since I ordered 2 separate services I'm responsible. I never received the $300 gift card since on my direct tv bills there was never an apartment #6 added. How was it that the direct tv tech knew where. Oh yeah he called me & said he was here I opened & directed him to my door. On top of issues, problems, headaches getting no help since when you have an outstanding bill your call goes to collection department where no one there can do anything nor cared too. You owe them so pay. I've called the headquarters in El segundo [protected] & get that this number is no longer in service call customer service. I'm now going to contact the lawyers that are in charge of the class action lawsuit against direct tv & BBB hopefully I can get someone who indeed knows the laws, unbinding agreedments, statues of limitations I know if I had the correct bundle order I am responsible for the contract but I was lied to added 2 accounts as they expected for me to just eat up their lies, I get emails from direct tv saying don't miss out 50% off your charges & we will take you back & dismiss the etf fees knowingly that all of the equipment was returned received & processed as a cancelled account. I'm so disgusted, mistreated, regretful for ever doing business with you, word of mouth, social media every network I can have broadcast the way you do business I will seek for assistance as well. I hope whom reads this is & willingly going to remove me of any charges & contracts & would prefer if indeed I ever need any of your services I return as a once loyal customer. I overpaid already & been lied to, treated as I've done wrong. I would like for you to have someone with the knowledge, business comprehension, proper credentials to resolve this matter once & for all.

      early termination fees
      early termination fees
      early termination fees
      early termination fees
      early termination fees

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        • Updated by Sonia Rojas · Jun 28, 2019

          ***BUYER BEWARE***
          Do not do business with DirectTv/Att&t. Instead invest wisely Stream, forget tv, move, be adventurous & be productive. The fact that they’re awarded The Best Customer Service is a HA! They ask you what is the best number if we are disconnected by chance that I may contact you back HA! Never once did they, but quickly sent text messages for a survey! No one but twice was I ever actually assisted by(those whom love their job, not just sit in their [censored] to collective$& be rude as f***). It’s now soon to be July & I hear crickets, wind blowing but no actual resolution nor a call back from the award winning customer service department they claim. I mean can I vote myself or others on here for any awards apparently not much is needed but deceiving business practices.

        DirecTV directv customer service

        I dont know how they are #1 in Customer service.
        Had them for 3yrs, worst Customer service ever!! every time I called they would transfer me to someone in another country.
        They would always put me on hold then hang up, at lease 3 times every time, there Excuse always the same have a new system in place,
        working out the glitches. hard to understand them cause of there thick Middle Eastern Accent, and they sometime get upset when you ask them to please repeat themselves.
        I finaly canceled my service before my next billing cycle, but they took the money anyway. tryin to get the money back is like trying to pull your own teeth out, very Aggravating and frustrating process.
        They will not put the money back into my bank account, WHY??? DONT KNOW! it was easy enough for them to take it out.
        Anyway they will only refund me with a prepaid visa card that would take 4 to 6 weeks to get. Ridiculous!!!
        And by the way when I ask to speak with a manager they just hand the phone to someone else in the room. waste of time.
        Well it has been 9 weeks and nothing, called them up got the same run around with them hanging up on me again.
        when got some one willing to help, she was nice and Sympathetic to my frustration but could not do much for me.
        she said they just Recently received the request for the refund so I should receive it in another 4 to 6 weeks. Unbelievable!!!
        They must Survey they Customer when they first install the service, before they get a chance to deal with customer service a couple of times.

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          DirecTV installation appointment

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          Direct TV Installation


          McPherson Carl

          Jun 25, 2019, 10:12 PM (10 hours ago)

          to chase.carey, bruce.churchhill, john.murphy, patrick.doyle

          Good Evening:

          My name is Carl B. McPherson Sr. and I live at 6621 Broad Creek Overlook in Fredericksburg Va. 22407.I would like to address the wretched customer service I received from your company.

          The issue I have pertains to the installation of Direct TV in my home. I called customer service at approximately 12:30 on 6/25/2019, to confirm a scheduled installation appointment between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m on 6/25/2019.

          I was told by your representative that the technician would be
          at my home between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. I received a text message stating that the technician would not be able to be at my home by 4:00 p.m. and I needed to type the word keep, if I wanted to still confirm my service appointment for today. I typed the word keep and responded to the text message.

          At approximate 6:00 p.m., I was told by the customer service rep and the technician himself, that he would be at my home in an hour and a half to two hours, and I said okay. I receive another call from the technician at 9:00 p.m. stating that he had to do completely rebuild a system on the called that he was at so he would not be able to complete my installation service tonight.

          He stated that he lived close to me, therefore he could do it in the morning. I told him that I would call Direct TV to find out why I another technician was not assigned to me if the initial assigned technician was overwhelmed.

          The customer service representative named Winston said that the technician told him that the technician said that he could be at my home by 11:00 p.m. and I said that I would just reschedule the appointment. That statement was not true.

          One of the reasons that I left Direct TV before was because of the inadequate level of customer service that I experience, I thought because ATT took over, the level of customer service would rise based on my association with ATT over the years, unfortunately I was wrong.

          I'm a senior manager, and I understand things happen, but the lack of professionalism and integrity displayed by your employees, needs to be brought to your attention. I can be reached at my work # [protected] between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m, and on my cell at [protected]) after 3:30 p.m.


          Carl B. McPherson Sr.

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            DirecTV customer service and technicians

            This has been the worst satellite service I have ever had. I have been told that I was going to get discounted for the time I didn't have services for 2 weeks because they put my phone # in wrong and couldn't find my house. Then the direct tv tech came out and screwed everything up to where we couldn't even watch tv. So, they had to send out another tech so, that was another week without service. Then they tell me to pay $158 then they would turn my services back on so we made a payment then direct tv tells us we have to pay the full amount of $378 right after they told us our bill is $90 a month from now on??? They say one thing and do another then when you ask them about what they told us they say oh we dont show that we said that.. I think this is outrageous and that direct tv needs to get there stuff together or at least find some people that can note people's accounts. I have never in my life had to deal with such incompeten people. I would have loved to keep my services but direct tv wont reason with what they told me therefore I had to cancel service. I guess I will get dish network. I had them before direct tv and I had never had any problems with them they always noted my account if something was wrong or right.

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              DirecTV customer service

              We recently received a bill that was a lot higher than usual, so my husband called AT&T customer service, but apparently customer service has been taken over by poor English speaking idiots!!! my husband was told that we have extra equipment of yours and they are charging us for. We do NOt have any of your equipment. We have TWO receivers only. WE have had direct TV for years, and never once has anyone contacted us about this. My husband spend about four hours trying to straighten this out. Then some stupid person shut off out TV!!! They finally figured out how to turn it back on, and now out channels are all messed up. one channel that I really liked is gone. Then my husband gets another Email that we need {again} to send back this equipment. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY EQUIPMENT!!! We have two receivers! What is wrong with you idiots? We never had any problems until AT&T took over. Its now a mess. I am going to get in touch with the better business if this is not resolved, .

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                Direct TVservice

                I called because my tv was getting a 775 message, when I tried to contact a live person
                there automated service kept asking for a extension.
                There was no extension on my tv screen, finaley I got a live person.
                She told me no worry, she can help me.
                She could not, when I had these problem before they fix it.
                Now she wants to send a tech out and will cost me $99 or buy a warranty around $9 a month.
                It was working before and now I have to pay
                Told I will just cancel my service and get someone else
                Then she tried again to get me to pay for the tech to come.
                That really got me mad, told her again that the tv was working fine and now you are tring to charge me
                I told her I wll cancel my service and hung up

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                  • Updated by terrable service · Jun 22, 2019

                    Do not us Direct Tv every time I call they try to sell me something

                  DirecTV direct tv

                  Was waiting for a responds that representative said will have someone call me back. No one called back, waited for over 3 weeks.
                  Went ahead and cancel service and was told that service would be cancel but I needed to wait until the end of billing cycle (2 weeks). I informed rep. that I am cancelling and will not need service, rep. stated it is cancel but I still need to pay till end of cycle even if I am not receiving service. No prorating. Now how can I be charged for a service that is not being provide.
                  Very disappointed in Direct TV. I have been a customer for many years.

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                    DirecTV scheduling

                    I signed up for new installation and was scheduled for 06/19 from [protected]. The installer did not arrive and I never received a phone call. I was told after I called there had been" technical issues" that kept the installer from getting to me. I rescheduled for 06/21 and was told I would get "priority service" and the installer would be there early, although the appointment read from [protected].

                    I called the store at about 1125 after not seeing or receiving a phone call from the installer and was told by the store manager, Adam, that I had to wait until after 1200 and that he could not call until after that time.

                    I called the number Adam had supplied, [protected], and was tole here had been a "technical issue" and the installer would be there before 1200. The representative could not explain why I had to wait until the very end of the schedule when I was promised "priority service."

                    I then tried to file a complaint directly with AT&T, which proved to be equally frustrating and they would not provide a way to do so in writing and the supervisor assured me I would have no problems, a promise he certainly could not keep.

                    The installer finally arrived prior to 1200 and was very professional, although unable to proceed with the installation due to a line of sight issue.

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                      DirecTV agent professionalism

                      Very rude! Didn't not acknowledge the complaint and also continued to raise his tone of voice with me, he hung up. The agents/manager name is moe, he continue to cut me off during my questions had the nerve to speak in an aggressive manner... Not only did I have to go threw that horrible call the horrible service of television constantly having issues... Prior to the rude Manager I had the service department tell me they would reach out to make sure I would have a technician come and relocate my dish before end of business. Which NEVER happened!!! I'm still in the worst service ever!!! Not only will I CANCEL my home phones and internet and tv, , , I am gonna make sure SPECTRUM will cover our 4 lines of cell phone

                      I have been a loyal customer for years and do to this horrible customer service I will be taking my business elsewhere

                      I know this company will never respond to this negative feedback

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                        DirecTV tv

                        My name is Timothy Brennan. I have been a customer with Direct TV for several years. Every year I order the NFL package. After the season I cancel my service, I am constantly asked to keep the service and I explain I am not interested. This year I cancelled in January of 2019. Apparentletly this was not completed as I received a bill in February. I again call Direct TV and they advised me that they saw the notes on my account and it was an error on your part and it would be corrected and there was no balance due. Again I received a bill in March, I was furious. I spoke to a gentlemen who was on with his supervisor who again saw all of the notes and he assured me that the problem was resolved and there was no balance. Again I received another notice in May stating I had an overdue balance. I called Friday 6/14/19. Where I was disconnected first attempt. Then I spoke with a young woman who stated she saw all of the notes and when I attempted to cancel in January and she doesn't know why I was sent to collections. She said she would transfer me to collections so that I could speak with them. I asked since it was your mistake couldn't you just handle it? She said sorry no, so she transferred me where I was disconnected again. I called back at 1:30PM and spoke with Cameron, who again agreed that It was your problem and I could write a letter to the collection department. I took the address, but again requested why couldn't you handle it since it was your mistake. He said we cant do that, I said this is ridiculous its is almost football season again I will be reactivating it. He understood and was sorry but there is nothing he could do. I ask to speak with a supervisor and said the wait would be an hour, he would take my number and they would call me in an hour. I gave him my cell so I didn't miss the call [protected]. That was Friday at 1:30 it is now Monday June 17th at 3:00 PM and no call. I don't understand how this is allowed to continue. I have been with you for a very long time granted on a part time basis but still this is by far the most frustrating company I have every dealt with. I have had complaints before as I have argued each year when they tell me I cant do month to month because I only need the football package. Eventually I will finally get someone to say yes you can do month to month. But this is a horrible way to treat people. Months of aggravation and frustration not to mention the hours wasted time on the phone. Then supervisors who don't have the common courtesy to call people back. I would like a supervisor to contact me at the pre mentioned cell phone or my email [protected]@wopd.org, and correct this matter. Thank you

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                          DirecTV cancelling procedure and response

                          Dear Sir or Madam;

                          I am writing this concerning my account with Direct TV. My name is William Parker and the account number associated with my issue is [protected]. It was for service at my home located at 3554 Campton Ridge Rd in Pfafftown, NC 27040. My cell number on the account is [protected]. The account was begun nearly 20 years ago. We paid on time, every time.
                          On to the issue.
                          We sold our home in September. We sold so quickly we had to move to an apartment as we didn't want to just settle for a house. The apartment complex did not allow cable so we called to cancel the Direct TV in September 2018. The young explained to me they could suspend the service for 6 months and we would be charged during that time. At the end of 6 month, we would be contacted to remind us that the account would either need cancelling or it would reactivate. I agreed. Fast forward to early April. The only contact I had with Direct TV was bills for $0. No verbal contact, no e-mails. I received a bill charging me for service that I was not using. I immediately called and had my account cancelled and explained my situation to "Juan". He was sympathetic after hearing my plight and said he felt sure that, upon returning my equipment, he would try to have the fees waived. I told him to send the boxes and he read a list of serial numbers that I needed to return. The serial numbers did not match what I had and no box arrived so I called again. This time I was given instructions to take my equipment to a UPS store to return and a different set of serial numbers. When I explained they were different, she said she would check and mail the serial numbers to me. I received the list. Again, some difference in serial numbers. I sent back 4 pieces of equipment, all that I had I thought, as the receivers were in storage and not in use. I found that I was missing one unit, looked in storage, found it and it was returned. This, as you can imagine, took quite a while. But when all equipment was received, all equipment charges were removed from my bill. I call many times for a explanation to why I owe anything, as I thought I was following all Direct TV guidelines. No real explanations, just canned responses. I had some people that listened working for Direct TV and some that didn't. Besides Juan, over the next two months I spoke with O'shein, Margarite, John, George, Axel, Ed, Julio, Daniel, Essie, and Juvie ( I am sure there are others that I may have missed). Again no one explained why I was being billed. I finally asked enough questions to learn a little more but didn't get a complete response and ask for the explanation in writing. She could not give it to me as it was "against company policy" which I find it hard to believe. I also learned that she said you tried to contact me in March to my old e-mail address we used when I set up my account, [protected]@windstream.net. We no longer use that e-mail. I use [protected]@gmail.com. That is why I was being charged one e-mail went to account that is no longer in use, yes I verified that with windstream, and now I am being charged because they didn't know if I was using the signal or not. I very authorized to have it turn on, no one contacted me and I could even use the service if I chose to have it reactivated. Upon learning I didn't receive the e-mail, the CSA began stammering. She realized you hadn't given me opportunity to decline the service. I again asked for the explanation of the charges and she told me to write this letter to resolve my issue. As a long term customer, I would have thought I would have been treated better. I am surprised. My wife and I are currently in the process of buying a smaller home. One that I would have wanted Direct TV in…..but maybe not now. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
                          Please answer to my e-mail [protected]@gmail.com or in letter form to William Parker. 5178 Nottingham Place Lane Apt 102 in Winston-Salem, NC 27106.
                          I am very much in hopes we can resolve the issue quickly and fairly. I never said I would not pay, just that I want to be treated fairly and not tricked by Direct TV into charges I didn't deserve. Please explain in writing so that I may understand and question the veracity of the charges.


                          William Parker

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                            DirecTV channel for nbc blocked

                            When will this channel return??? It's been about two weeks. I need NBC. Kind of basic service! I would like to know how to obtain NBC on any other channel. I went to website and channel 25 was suggested. That's exactly what we don't have! This is unacceptable and we should have stayed with Spectrum for all our services. Please let me know what we can do to have NBC again.
                            I took a photo of the message on the tv. Please don't suggest I go to that website again.

                            channel for nbc blocked

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                              • Lo
                                Loandtee Mar 15, 2021
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                Install an ota antenna for local channels. Hd picture which is great. I pick up 37 channels via ota antenna.

                                0 Votes
                              • St
                                Steve Miles Dec 15, 2020
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                CBS in Tampa Fl. is no longer available. This interrupts football Even though I have the NFL package. Without this channel I have no more use for Direct TV. I will cancel if this is not corrected soon.

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                              • Lo
                                Loandtee Mar 15, 2021
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                @Steve Miles Install an ota antenna. You can pick up all locals.

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                              • Ya
                                Yaya$&! Nov 27, 2019

                                Direct tv is rolling block outs on conservative channels fox news newsmax etc.

                                2 Votes
                              • Po
                                podiet Jul 07, 2019

                                Just think, being Fox 43 and Wavy 10 has been blocked we won't be able to watch Women's World Cup championship today, the Daytona 500 or the MLB all star game on Tuesday. This really bites. Maybe we should call the BBB. We work hard for our money and were promised local channels but that isn't the case. I don' know about everyone but am sick of spending hard earned money on a company that hasn't any consideration for they people who are making them rich.

                                3 Votes
                              • Lo
                                Loandtee Mar 15, 2021
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                @podiet I installed an ota antenna. Get all locals with great picture.

                                0 Votes
                              • Pe
                                PeacockHill Jun 27, 2019

                                Haven't had FOX 40 WICZ out of Binghamton N.Y. since Feb 2019. Been a DirecTV custom since 1996, a long time customer. This channel blocking is all about money not for the customers who are paying good money for their programs. We as paying customers, deserve better. Your rates are out of this world but, we are entitled to get what we signed up for. Stop holding our channels hostage.

                                3 Votes

                              DirecTV tv subscriber services

                              1. Constant error code "721" for over 2 full months, system locks or simply shows error code.

                              2 repeated calls to directv, 7 calls, sometimes we have no tv for the entire weekend ..Absolute fact

                              3. And, no credit for all the lost service

                              4. Today 06/15/2019 we have no tv except one channel and error code "721"

                              5. Wife and i over 85 years of age have to be on phone; why directv is just awful and that is 100% fact

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                                DirecTV billing for services not received

                                Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about DTV's shady new billing policy. If you intend to cancel, make sure you do it DAYS before your billing cycle starts. If you try to cancel even on the 1st day of your billing cycle, you will be charged for the next 30 days anyway. This is their new policy in Colorado (not in other states apparently). It doesn't matter if you are moving, sending back the equipment that day, etc. They will not remove the charges for the future month. Funny how they never bothered to notify their customers of this change in policy either. I was going to cancel last year and should have. I don't even see how it is legal to force someone to pay for services not received.

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                                  DirecTV television

                                  The system gives the 771 error code whenver the relative humidity goes up. There was some rain which ended 2 hours ago, but still 771. Last week there was a system outage; instead of just telling me that, the rep kept me re-setting and refreshing for an hour, then called me back to tell about the system issue. In separating the billing, I have now been double-billed and no one is capable of seeing that. So I have no TV, but am paying twice for that. The tech was here and resolved nothing. C/S seems to think that restating the issue 9 or 10 times is somehow a service. Despite the fact that they are NOT giving me what I'm paying for----isn't that fraud---they are insisting on me paying a penalty to get out of a "contract, " which seems to have resulted from someone offering me a discount in January 2019. I hate Comcast, they're awful, but at least you can watch TV when it rains.

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                                    DirecTV direct tv has gone downhill and up in price since at&t took over

                                    WE are switching as soon as contract is up. I was the one who wanted to keep Direct TV talked my husband out of switching, now I'm sorry I did. AT&T has not only driven up the cost the reception and technical problems abound, I'm done. The executives at AT&T should of realized they brought a good company and should of strived to keep it up and it wasn't a byproduct they could of ignored of AT&T. It is a shame and they should be ashamed. holly.[protected]@gmail.com

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                                      DirecTV billing complaint

                                      Customer acct # [protected]. Received bill that was paid directly to AT&T on 5/8/19. Now am receiving a bill directly from you stating that payment is past due. Confirmation # Z66M2ZKTBH8DL8HT for the amount of $162.47 was paid. I do owe the $166.72 on this bill and will be sent to you. I have called on this and they said it would be taken care of, but as usual nothing was done. I am in the process of changing providers due to the yearly increases. You provide packages for new customers and never any for customers that have been with you for a long time. Please take care of this asap. Will await your reply.


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                                        DirecTV not getting kmtr nbc in oregon

                                        Direct TV is having problems with KMTR and a contract I understand [censored] Happens but why as a customer do I still pay the same for a lesser product???????? Would you? I think not I want to see a credit on my monthly bill until Direct TV solve this problem Dish/ Comcast is calling daily for me to switch. My account # is 2869962 been a customer for over 10yrs and get no respect! Mike Gowins Springfield Oregon 97477

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