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Arrived at 6:15 pm and needed to be somewhere by 7:00. We (my husband and I) stayed in Room 206 and paid $200 that night for the room. We needed to shower before leaving, however there wasn't a shower curtain in the bathroom. We also noticed a lot of water on the floor and when setting down on the toilet it was rocking sideways a lot. So we figured the water was coming from the toilet. On our way out my husband went by the front desk and told them we needed a shower curtain. So maybe there would be one when we returned. However there still no shower curtain and also a lot more water had leaked from the toilet. When we were getting into bed that night my husband was sleeping on the left hand side and he said the carpet was wet on that side.

So when we left that next morning, I went to the front desk and was telling the clerk about all that had happened the night before and the other things that needed to be checked in that room. She almost did not believe me that they had been told about the missing shower curtain and she wanted to know who he had spoken with. Well he did not get any the name of the person he was speaking with. She was quit rude about the whole situation. So this is my complaint. We cannot believe we paid $200 for the one night and had to put up with so much trouble. We had just gotten back from a trip to Boston and stayed in a Days Inn up there and was very satisfied. We would appreciate some feedback from Days Inn and possibly a refund.

Jerome and Sandra Powell - North Carolina

Aug 12, 2019

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