4056 Mount Carmel Tobasco Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45255, US

Reviews and Complaints

Days Inn by Wyndham Cincinnati Easthotel stay

This hotel is terrible. The placed looked awful and to add to my dissatisfaction, it lacked a reliable wifi connection. I called the front desk and received a rude reply that wifi is down because of the storm. There was no storm. We booked for two nights and could not stand it, so we checked out the next day. We were just so exhausted the first night and needed somewhere to stay. We had no other choice but to stay for that one night. As soon as we entered the room, the smell was awful. The bedsheets on the bed were disgusting and worst of all, the bathroom was mostly rusting and the floor was filthy. This hotel should not be even in business posting nice pictures. It is false advertising! Never again will we stay in a flea bag hotel like this. I will not even let my dog stay here and even if we were offered a free stay, we would not welcome it - that is how terrible this hotel is so if you are looking for accommodations, this should not even be a last resort. Don't even look at this as an option. Room 116 is where we stayed.