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May 09, 2019

Days Inn Wyndham — misrepresentation of facility

I booked a room on booking.com. I confirmed with the facility via email. Upon arriving I was greeted with...

Days Innthe hotel, the carpeting, the sink

We stayed at the Days' Inn on Hilton Head Island, April 28, 2019.
Complaints about Days' Inn Hilton Head:
1. Our pass key wouldn't open door. The clerk said they were having problems with their system and had to unlock the door for us.
2. drain on sink wouldn't work
3. no water pressure in shower
4. looks like blood around drain in shower (probably just rust).
5. carpet in hallway from elevator needs to be replaced.
6. lamp on desk not working
7. air conditioner quite loud
8. coffee was lukewarm

We would appreciate either a full refund or a complimentary night's stay.

Thank you.
The Dixons

However, the beds were comfortable.

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    • Updated by Dr. Dixon · May 02, 2019

      What is going on?

    • Updated by Dr. Dixon · May 02, 2019

      Please read our complaint above.

    • Bu
      buildere May 02, 2019

      Why should you get a full refund. You had no issue staying. If you cannot afford to stay in a hotel room sleep in a cardboard box on the streets, or in a bus shelter if the weather is too cold. If you have a car sleep in that.

      0 Votes
    May 01, 2019

    Days Inn — no hot water. and faulty towel rack/shelf.

    I checked in to Days Inn on April 28th and two days into my trip I was extremely dissapointed. There wa...

    Days Innvideo of old man and young punk...

    There was nothing racist about this... This young punk altered his appearance himself. He wasn't born that way, and the old man said nothing about his skin color. If you don't like the comments you receive about your appearance, don't make yourself look grotesque. "oooh, oh boo hoo... I tattooed and pierced my face and dyed my hair neon green and everyone's making fun of me... I need a safe space to protect me from racists." I will never stay at another days inn in my life and I just retired and plan to travel a lot. Screw you, radical left and days inn. People don't have to like you just because you are alive and people are allowed to call you out for bad behavior when you deserve it. This young punk could easily have resolved just by saying, "hey, dude, I thought it was allowed. I'm paying for a room." but he got nasty with the old man and the old man got nasty back. Nothing racist about it.

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      Apr 22, 2019

      Days Inn — racist manager

      I just watched a video of your manager at the Days Inn making racists comments, telling the young man he...

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      Apr 22, 2019

      Days Inn — manager racist behavior toward customer

      The manager spoke very racist and disrespectful and rude toward a customer and did not seem to care if he wa...

      Days Innracism

      Please see this video. I have reported it to the news media as your Days Inn in Norfolk, VA had a paying black customer and this man made racist remarks. You better do something as it looks like that Days Inn supports racism. https://twitter.com/i/status/1120096124210118657 Racism at the Days Inn in Norfolk, VA. Simply horrible what a black paying customer experienced.

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        Days Inncharge me twice

        Hello! Account # [protected]
        My name is Lidia Teixeira, I stay in the days inn Orillia at the 5850 Rama Rd Ontario Canada from Saturday April 20 to Apr 21. I arrived around 2:35, the lady in that time charge me 380 for the room 131, she said $ 200 for deposited and 180 for the room, I gave her my MC and she put through and got approves, the lady did not give the receipt, after in the next day on Apr 21, she was there in the morning and told me the transaction did not get through, so I have to pay again $ 180, I called my MC and they told its been approves the $ 380, now you have to give me a refund of $ 380. The lady who took my Credit card is a thief, this is not right to lying and steel money. Could you please investigated this person? and I want my refund of 380 dollars that the hotel charge me. The room is 159.95 + 20.79 = 180 they charge me twice plus $ 200
        thank you

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          Days Innunethical behaviour

          02/24/2019 - Driving from Grand Junction, Co to Tucumcari, NM, I decided to stop at the four corners to enjoy the view and a rest. However, as soon as I turned into the park i got a flat tire. I was stranded, phone did not get reception in the desert so I had to resort to asking the park attendant for a pen and paper to make a sign and get help with my tire. I was there for an hour before finally gettting a spare put on and then had to drive 2 hours to the nearest town that had a tire shop open on a sunday. Finally made it to a wal-mart where I was told it was going to take a few hours to get a tire put on. They were short staffed and had a lot of people waiting for tires due to the potholes the blizzard had created. I called the Days Inn in Tucumcari to let them know that I was going to have to cancel my reservation due to weather and car problems. It was 4:15 pm. The lady who answered the phone said that I had to cancel by 4 pm. It was 4:15, and I had just gotten reception. She said that because I had booked through Priceline I had to take it up with them because they were just following their policy. So I called Priceline and they said, that it was actually Days Inn that could make the call. What? No one was willing to help. I ended up staying at that wal-mart for almost 5 hours! Through that time I had called both Priceline and Days Inn and kept getting the run-around. The locals kept telling me not to drive across the continental divide and to stay in town. having never driven in snow before and not able to drive at night due to eyesight, I decided to drive as far as I could and stop for the night. I only got to the next town because it was so late and too dark outside. When I got back home to Texas, I ended up taking it to my bank since neither company wanted to help out. My bank tried their best but unfortunately, I just received a letter stating that my account was going to be debited for the room, even though I did not stay and had an emergency. Its funny how a hotel wants to make you feel comfortable and like you are at home, but doesn't really give a hoot about your safety. I will never stay at another Days Inn, or Wyndham hotel ever again. - Angela Strohl angela.d.[protected]@gmail.com

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            Days Innmy room at days in terre haute, indiana

            I stayed at Days Inn, Terre Haute, Indiana on April 13 for 1 night. Door wouldn't securely lock since there was a huge hole where it should have closed at. Inside door frame pulled away from the wall . The chain lock didn't have a chain to lock. Anyone could bust thru my door (which I tried and succeeded). I put the chair/table against the door to try to secure my room for the night. There was a 3" hole big enough for a rat to fit into in the baseboard which I stuffed with a towel. Half the bed was collapsed. AC didn't work and was moldy and filthy. It was a smoke free room but smelled smoky. Carpet was filthy. I went back to speak with check-in lady after seeing the room to complain and she said they don't usually rent this room to anyone but this is what they gave me. Right after me, a man checked in and was given a "themed" suite at regular price because there were no other rooms left. They didn't offer this option to me. I complained again the next day to the manager but Mr. V would only give me a $21 refund on an $84 room. I asked for a full refund and he made me feel like this was my fault, not his or his hotel. And that they were going to remodel soon so come back next year. This room wasn't even worth $10!!! It was filthy, unsafe, and dangerous. I will never stay at Days Inn again. It said it was a 3-star hotel. This was a "0" star hotel. (My apologies these pictures are sideways.) Attached are pics of lock/door frame/door jam, chain lock with no chain, dirty carpeting, big hole in baseboard, filthy moldy AC). This was just disgusting. No other hotels were available since there was a tournament in town. Reservation #[protected] .

            my room at days in terre haute, indiana
            my room at days in terre haute, indiana
            my room at days in terre haute, indiana
            my room at days in terre haute, indiana
            my room at days in terre haute, indiana
            my room at days in terre haute, indiana

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              Days Innmaintenance

              I have been at this days inn in Tillman Corner Alabama and I have been here for a month and a half. It is very noisy do to maintenance people banging on walls, drills, and slamming the doors with no kind of respect for people who has paid for rest and quietness. I understand they have to work but this event goes on through the night sometimes. If I can't get my night back or a night free so I can get what I paid for which is some rest and peace and quiet, I am leaving today and will go to another place.

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                Days Inncleanliness, fridge did not work, room was disgusting!

                Yes hi my boyfriend and l stayed at the toledo, ohio days inn and it was awfull, the room was disgusting
                And the fridge was not cold, the microwave was useless for heating anything up!
                The bath tub was gross, stains all over it, the room was a shambles, absoloutely gross!
                Which did not make for a very comfortable stay!
                I was extremely disappointed in this hotel!
                We were on our way to chicago for the star wars celebration in chicago and was just stopping for
                The night to unwind but ended up grossed out by this disgusting room!
                Al in all I was very disappointed!!!
                I hope there is something you can do for me!
                My name is karen wittmeier and the email address is [protected]@gmail.com
                The booking was under my boyfriends name which is shayne lochhead.
                The date was friday-april-12-2019 at 7300 miami st in toledo, ohio
                Karen wittmeier

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                  Days Inndays inn willmar mn

                  My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn in Willmar, MN April 10 through April 12. We were billed for the room and then a 250.00 charge for smoking in the room. We don't smoke. The owner insists we smoked in the room, but that is simply untrue. I need to have the 250.00 refunded. This is ridiculous as neither my husband or I smoke. The room was reserved under the name Thomas Allison. Please call us to rectify this situation at [protected] immediately.

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                    Days Inneverything

                    We booked and stayed at the Days inn at Fort lauderdale, 1700 west Broward Blvd on April 6th, prior to our cruise the next day. it was a great mistake. The rooms were dirty, hair in the bathroon, towels just throw up on the shelf. One customer was booked into a room that was already occupied, two others had to get their own towels and toilet paper. And to top it off another customer had their room rate raised on the third day they were there, from approximately 140.00 to 180.00 . Our rate was 125.00 and they were there before us.
                    Terrible place to stay and we found out while we were there, that it had a 2 and 1/2 star rating. This is about 2 stars too many.

                    Avoid this place at all costs.

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                      Days Innbed in our room

                      We rented and stayed at Days Inn & Suites in Gatlinburg TN on April 13, 2019. Everthing appeared to be very satisfactory upon arrival. We had a bit of a late night so we did not go to bed till about midnight. My husband had a stroke about 3 years ago and his movement is limited. When he finally got to bed with in a hour he realized something was not right. He tossed and turned to try to get comfortable only to realize the matteress was the problem. Our matteress was completly broke down, there was a large sage in it. He sunk into a hole and coule not get out. We did not report immediatley because to chane rooms would have been a MAJOR hassel. There were 3 of us and all the equipment I would have had to move is just exhalsting. This was the ABSOLUTE worst expeience we have ever had at a Days Inn or any other hotel ever. The price of the room should have allowed us to a better experience. I feel like a 10% savings on the room is just not quite acceptable for the disconfort my husband had to endure. He has enough to deal with in life and an experience like this is not acceptable. I am about to retire and we plan on traveling. We would like to think that you take enough pride in your hotels to not allow a problem such as this to go with out addressing. We stayed at a Days Inn in Crosseville TN the night before and had a wonderful experience so we felt there should be no problem with this one. We took photo of the sage in the matteressand will forward after I figure out how to down load. Our email address is [protected]@aol.com or [protected]@aol.com. This is Jerry and SandraSanders of Corydon, IN

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                        Apr 13, 2019

                        Days Inn — customer service/ cleanliness of motel

                        I'd like to start off by saying I am not one to complain normally, but my experience at Days Inn in Port...

                        Apr 12, 2019

                        Days Inn — the tub drain isn't working. tub fills up with water and takes a very long time to drain out. cant take shower!

                        The tub drainage isnt working properly. Water fills up and wont drain for a long period of time. Cant take...

                        Apr 10, 2019

                        Days Inn — management

                        While staying at days inn in Hemet ca Mohsin Kothari allowed someone in my room while he sent me to L.A to do...

                        Days Innbeing turned away because of service animals and not being able to get a room

                        As my wife and I were traveling, we broke down on the interstate. There was a Days Inn located at the exit and we attempted to get a room it is located at 1015 S. Lake Dr. in Lexington SC but was turn away due to us having a Service Animal. By Federal Law and HUD this should have never happened. Nayan Patel was the manager on duty. I tried to explain to him that this was against the law and he could not turn me down. He basically kicked us out of the hotel, even after I attempted to show him my documentation. The picture that I will be attaching shows how aggressive his attitude was. If this issue is not addressed properly and in a timely manner, I will be reporting it to the local news channels, HUD and whatever Federal Agency applies, not to mention I will be blasting this incident on social media. I didn't serve my country to be treated like this by someone who has no clue what you go through while serving over seas and the mental issues you have to deal with once you return. I would kindly like to have someone contact me, so this matter can be gone over. My phone number is [protected]

                        being turned away because of service animals and not being able to get a room

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                          Mar 30, 2019

                          Days Inn — room problems

                          We have stayed at this Days Inn several times without incidents or problems when we attended the Mid Atlantic...

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