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Days Innno security for loud guests

Mr. Chauhan,

I was recently a guest at the Days Inn in Destin. Friday the 12th of July 2019 (Room 221). At 10 PM, I was awakened by some loud screaming and partying from room 222, I got up and knocked on their door and asked if they could respect the time. They said they would try. At 12 AM (Midnight) I was awakened again by loud screaming and bottles being clanged together from the same room, I called the front desk and the person said they would contact the room. AT 2 AM I was awakened again by yet the same noises form the same room. I went and knocked on their door and once again asked if they would please be quiet. Once again they said they would try. At 3:30 AM I was awakened again by screams and bottles and banging on the walls. I called your front desk and the girl said she would call the room and ask them to be quiet. This apparently didn't work. At 4 AM I packed up all my stuff and went down to the lobby and stated I was leaving and asked how may I get refund. The young lady said that she was not authorized to give refunds and that I needed to call back at 930 on Saturday morning to talk to Abhi Chauhan (you). I said yes ma'am and went and slept in my truck in the gas station parking lot.

I have called every day since Saturday, and I have heard every excuse. From you not being there and you don't work weekends, to he doesn't come in 930 in the morning he comes in at 11. I have called at 11 and they said you weren't coming in at all. I called today and 6 times couldn't get through to the front desk and three times they said that you were in meetings.

This is unfortunate that you cannot obtain phone calls nor return them. So now I'm reaching out VIA email that is on your business card. I am looking for a full refund for the night due to the lack of security and management to handle such problems.

Thank you for your time,

Sam Graves