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DAMAC Properties reviews & complaints

DAMAC Properties complaints 92

DAMAC Properties - JAN/SD99/XH2823B

I have been trying to get the DSR number or a copy of the deed for the above unit since mid December 2021.
I have lost a tenant because of this delay.
I've sent numerous emails and several telephone calls unfortunately without any luck to answer my requests
I would like an immediate answer for the reason for the delay and to be given a fixed date when can I get what I've asked for.

Dr Osman Shamoun

DAMAC Properties - Stealing from foreigners and lying

I have wrote several times about how Damac steals and cheat foreign investors.
It's seems like all these blogs are owned by Damac that is why nothing happens .

Maybe we should get our criminals here I'm South Africa to teach these small fries a lesson.

I hope some earthquake or disaster happens and Damac collapses with all its rogue directors.

They are thief's with no dignity, [censored]

Desired outcome: Refund


I get you Damac when they come ro market here in SA...I will let them get it nicely...no threat a friendly warning you thief's, you steal people life savings ,you must pay

DAMAC Properties - Damac lagoons property purchase

Buying a property from you is so hard. Poor information, no help on availability, very amateurish. Tonnes of adverts online for property that doesn't exist. Very unprofessional.

I'm a serious buyer and just want to buy a house.

Why are you paying useless agents, when you could just do it online. Damac lagoons is such a great proposition, I'd love to just choose and but a house.

Desired outcome: Buy a house

Jan 10, 2022

DAMAC Properties - Golf Horizon Damac Hills

Hi all

I have paid a total of AED 50, 000 as EOI money via 2 payments to Damac Properties back in early December for a Damac Hills property and have since applied for a refund. There was no booking forms or SPA signed. The transaction was cancelled by myself for personal reasons within few hours of making the above payments.

The sales team has said they approved the refund but it's stuck with Finance team which also needs to approve. I have called Customer service about 100 times and written several emails but I continue to get the same meaningless responses.

Can someone help or share their own experiences.

Is there an option to file a complaint with the Police or DLD?

I can share copies of the EOI payment receipts and EOI form.


Desired outcome: Refund of the AED 50,000 payments

DAMAC Properties - Gymnasium

Dear Management,

It's been five months since our building's (DAMAC Executive Bay) gym equipment has been in very poor condition.

The plates are disfigured, the dumbell stand's been worn out with parts falling, and there's been no addition to the gym in the last three years.

The gym is missing basic types of equipment like a barbell set and cable attachments, including V Handle, V Bar, Tricep Rope.

With the New Year nearing in, I hope all the equipment in poor condition is replaced. Also requesting you to add the few essential equipments needed in a gym, as listed above.

I have attached pictures for your reference of the gym's condition as well as the new equipment being requested.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Desired outcome: Replacement of disfigured equipment and Addition of a barbell set

DAMAC Properties - Defrauded and lied

I am writing about the unfair way my money was squandered. I apdi 200000aed and my wife contracted cancer which is an extraordinary circumstance. I requested a cancelation within 30days and was promised a refunded but was continuesly told to pay and they will sort out
I required the money for my wife's treatment but she has now died.

I hope that Damacs sales team benefited from her money as we are at a loss.
Damac has now told me, they are cancelling and no money refundable.

Damac has taken food from my family to make themselves fat, that is stealing, lying, deceite, inhumane?

Desired outcome: I want my money that I paid due to their lies refunded.

DAMAC Properties - Damac Bella Vista Carson

Dear Sis /madam
I have recently purchased a studio with Damac

I have had a very poor customer experience

After registering my number with Damac and signer the contract my phone was then besieged with sales calls from the sales team trying to sell me more properties
I had to block numerous Damac numbers as it was so disruptive

Secondly, $ months after signing and agreeing to a payment plan I have now been told that all though my property is ready, it would not be released unless I pay 64percent of the sales price

In addition I also see that there would be additional administration charges when final payment is made

I can only compare my experience to that I received from Aldar when purchasing my property there at the same time

The after sales service was smooth and supportive

I paid exactly what I was initially told with no charges to terms or additional fees

Desired outcome: I would like my apartment to handover on November as initially agreed with no upfront 64 percent charge


DAMAC Properties - apartment

I purchased an apartment at Damac Hills and promised the closing would be in September 2021.
their sakes guy Faisal kept lying to us.manipulated about the facts.
they just ask us to keep making payments for that skimpy apartment literally size of a bathroom.

My compliant is that this was clearly a misrepresentation of facts by Damac Properties. We were told something else and given something else. And no matter how many emails or calls we made, there was no response.

Nov 07, 2021

DAMAC Properties - Denial of access to amenity - Malibu Bay Area

I purchased an apartment at Damac Hills in Golf Terrace B in April 2021.
We were shown the common amenities around the community and shown convincing videos and photos of all common areas and amenities including the Malibu Bay Area. We were sold the property stating that all these areas are accessible to all residents of the Damac community.
We even used this Bay area twice during the last 6 months.

However, on 5th November 2021, we were denied access stating that "its only allowed for villa residents" and the rules have been changed. There was no prior notice or email of this change.

My compliant is that this was clearly a misrepresentation of facts by Damac Properties. We were told something else and given something else. And no matter how many emails or calls we made, there was no response and our matter was just passed on from one agent to another. Finally it ended up with the Admin team who said "nothing can be done".

Desired outcome: We need access to all the areas in the community as much as any other resident, villa or otherwise.

Nov 24, 2021

same thing happened to us met friend.they are fraud

Sep 25, 2021

DAMAC Properties - Swimming pool

Hello. My name is Ashraf, I am CEO of Sunstone Properties. Living in Damac lakeside tower B 1408. More than one and half month they close the swimming pool always. They keep opening and closing the swimming pool indefinitely. Always filthy and all the residents are upset about it. I lodged a complaint and swimming pool management is not really doing anything about it. And spoke to the customer service and they answered that they will open and they didn't. Also, a lot of cockroaches lingering around the corridors and mainly at the bin area and no one is doing anything about it. I hope that this matter will resolve as soon as possible.


DAMAC Properties - Immobilier

Bonjour j'ai des gros problèmes avec Damacc et je ne trouve pas de gens qui peuvent m'aider avez-vous s'il vous plaît une solution car j'ai acheté trois villas et ça n'avait rien à voir avec ce que...

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Sep 05, 2021

DAMAC Properties - Delay in handover the keys of mrn2620


I would like to register a complaint that after paying all the dues, snagging and completing all the formalities I was asked to do there is undue delay in handing over the keys of my apartment in Merano Tower 2620. I have ordered the furniture and it is ready to rent out and am loosing money each day because of this delay with no reason.

Please look into this matter and complete the handover as soon as possible.



Desired outcome: Handover the keys.

Don’t go to there sales office it is terribly managed even they don’t provide u parking it’s not worth going there because the cars are parked even on the way u want to go out. It’s bad


DAMAC Properties - Scam


Rajat punjani was in the sales management team with damac who sell me the unit, he mentioned me that the flat he is selling me is golf vita golf view. i asked him many times on calls and in chat and also in email communication that the units are golf view or not . and he confirm me that the unit is golf view . today i sent my cousin to the property for snagging and the unit is not golf view. rajit punjani lied to me and sell me the unit with higer price and confirm me that its golf view. . i am going to take a leagal action on this matter. also i am contacting dubai police seperately and discuss with them about the scam which rajit punjani sales management team damac did with me . rajit punjani sent me an email with the attached form shows that the aprtment i bought is GOLF VIEW .

Fahad Nazir







ME TOO i had same problem with them, i bought studio in damac hill artesia with golf view but they delyver one with highway view. The salewoman, Nihal Youcif confirm me that studio is with golf view. She stop answering my text. Mar Lapina, one of the manager ask me to copy and send all text i had with Nihal, but he never answer my emails anymore. I stop paying but keep sending me statement and Dubai land gov never reply to my complaint.

Oct 27, 2021

welcome to DAMAC. lying is a trade mark of damac

DAMAC Properties - Investment in property

I had invested in property in dubai with damac I paid £15.0000 pounds deposit after this invested my health has suffered, I was Diagnosed with high blood pressure, followed by abnormal cells in which I am waiting to gave surgery for, at this moment I gave been told by my doctor to look after my health and not take on any stress which will make my condition worse, am self Employed individual, at time time I need to rest and get better from surgery, I have sent messages to your department but just turned away I want to get refund for my deposit to survive on that income. All this stress your company has given me will make my health worse, right now am Struggling with my health. Please help me with my enquiry.
I regret investing in your company the minute customer has a issue and this is a serious health issue I can provide you with hospital letter if you require. Please refund my deposit ASAP.
My email [protected]@hotmail.com

Desired outcome: Refund

DAMAC Properties - Expression of Interest

We have lost 13, 000 dollars. They are complete con artists. We are reading the same complaint over and over. We were shown different villas telling us they were the same one. The price kept changing including the deposit. It was in COVID lockdown and we couldn't get out to view.

We are now living in Damac renting as we would not buy. Shame as it is lovely but would not trust them at all. I don't understand the need to be so corrupt as the lifestyle and facilities are great.
Is anyone actually dealing with this. One poor man is out his life savings. Or is this just more lip service from Damac. Is it worth getting lawyers involved for the people out of pocket?

Desired outcome: Money back

Jan 10, 2022

Hi have you now got your money back ?

Aug 15, 2021

DAMAC Properties - Golfers disrupting residents

Good day,

I would like to make a huge complaint regarding a situation which happened on Saturday 14/08/21 at 10:30am approximately .

A golfer from the trump golf course called my maid from the other side of the fence informing her that if she didn't put my dogs inside he will call police for the owners ( I. E - me ) .

This is totally unacceptable ! I have a dog house worth 50000aed equipped with AC, and my dogs are very well accommodated ! Not that I need to explain myself in my own residence but how dare this stranger threaten my maid and us as owners ! If this matter happened again where any golfer involved themselves to my residence I will sue Damac ( due to negligence of informing golfers not to disrupt the residents) . I called the trump golf course to complain but they did absolutely nothing and only referred me to send an email to loams .

This is unacceptable also! As residents of Damac we should be protected by such behaviors of the visitors using the gold course !

If nothing is done about this complaint I will take it further also. Nobody will threaten to call police regarding my personal home !


Bianca Odonoghue
(Wife of owner )

Hazim Mustafa Mohamed

Damac hills
The field
Villa 11

Desired outcome: Set ground rules and inform golfers not to liaise with residents

DAMAC Properties - Parking area is not covered! So the closest construction making my car dirty everyday!

I'm living in Dubai Lincoln park A building, currently close to our building is new construction which is bringing all dust to a parking area, and my car every time dirty! And more over after you engine the car all dust from AC is coming to your face! And no one doesn't do anything! Even that they can cover parking with at least plastic from the side where is my parking a lot! I want Immediate Reaction to this! I've tried to reach a building manager but no one doesn't want to share his number! And when I finally got it, no answer! Why? Because it's not working hours?

DAMAC Properties - Damac refuses to return the refundable deposit of $13 500

In good faith we paid a refundable Expression of Interest deposit of AED 50 000 / $13 500 to Damac to register our interest in an apartment.

After submitting all financial details to the in-house mortgage team, we received an enormous amount of pressure to sign the Sales Agreement and pay another AED 265 000 / $ 72 000. We were told that the bank gave mortgage approval, but when we asked to see something in writing, we were told this was confidential info and could not be shared with us.

When we protested, it was suggested in an email by Mr. Hassan of the Sales Team that we were not cooperating and we were asked if we had something to hide.

This was the final drop. Throughout the process there was a lot of sales waffle, changing information, and meeting minutes which were promised but not shared. We requested trice for the T&Cs, which were promised but never send.

We lost faith in the process and decided to discontinue the sale. Only then were we told that our EOI-deposit was non-refundable as we - according to Damac - agreed to a formal booking. At no time did we sign any documents to change the status of the EOI to a booking.

We tried to reason with Damac and they agreed to another meeting with a manager. He confirmed the miscommunication and apologized for the behaviour of his team, but at the same time wanted us to continue like nothing happened. As proof that we agreed to the booking they showed us a document they generated in the system, which obviously wasn't signed. He kept going on about customer satisfaction, but when we made it clear that we wanted our deposit back and we would not continue with the sale, he finished the meeting and left us empty handed.

We have sales experience and my partner has a real estate sales background. We tried to manage the situation as best as possible, but their trickery even duped us. We went with Damac because we didn't want to deal with a shady real estate agency, but this is the same thing but on a larger scale.

They asked me if I would recommend customers, family and friends to them: NEVER! The opposite...

Desired outcome: Refund me my deposit

Jan 10, 2022

Hi have you resolved this and got your money back

Dec 13, 2021

Did you resolve this ? Similar issue here

DAMAC Properties - Community Service Charges

I have purchased re-sale villa in Damac Hills-2 (Akoya Oxygen) in Vardon cluster, Villa #485 on 31 Dec 2020.

June this year I have received email from Damac to clear the Q4-2020 service charges. Where as the previous owners have paid all service charges and Damac has issued NOC on 28 Dec 2020.

I tried to explain this in multiple emails to DAMAC LOAMS team but they insist I pay.
Please call me for more details:
Mohammed Mannan, Mobile:[protected], Email: mannan.[protected]@yahoo.com
Regards, Mannan

Jul 21, 2021

DAMAC Properties - Fake people and llc company under damac

Respected sir,
I've paid 20, 000 dhirams for workpermit of paramount visa but, now I'm under Whitespot LLC I don't have my passport and much more money to pay!
I want to leave the company but again they need more 5000 dhirams to leave.
They said the sallary for 2500 now providing 1100 as a cleaner
In dubai as a cleaner sallary 1100 is not enough.
As damac paid for us is good but as they treat us as a begger!
I want you to notice it properly
Respected @hussain-ali-amira-abbas Sir,
It decreasing the Damac reputation regularly please grant me a leave to get out of this company.

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