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DAMAC Properties Lebanon SAL, Unit 1801, 18th Floor, DAMAC Tower, Omar Daouk Street, Mina El Hosn, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Complaints & Reviews

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There is no internet connection in Damac Tenora . and these guys are asking to stay at home, dont go out for work.

How can we stay at home and do work without internet .

Etisalat is ready to give the connection for last one year and Damac is not giving them the clearance


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Damac Tenora — No internet fibre

For the past two years tenants have been complaining about lack of internet fiber connectivity. When contacted with the Internet service providers we were informed that building has to internal infrastructural their optic cable wiring is done. At this era, it seems like totally disconnected from the world without internet connection. relentless following up and complaining yield no results and all pleas are unheard. in Current situation, 90% have to work from home and lack of fixed internet connection is a major issue we all are facing.

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Maintenance Parking. Trash bins

I was in shock when I saw the condition of the parking walls. There is no trash bins, emissions is everywhere. Very bad smell. There is no maintenance for the walls.
Each floor corridors are not clean. Garbage always full of trash. Water liking should be fixed.
When I visited to complain to the management office in building B, their attitude was very bad, unrespectful. The manager doesn't know how to talk with a lady.
The manager (Indian) let me to feel I am guest in his house and he can create for me problem if I complain.
Instead of resolving the problems they always try to create a problems.

Maintenance Parking. Trash bins
Maintenance Parking. Trash bins
Maintenance Parking. Trash bins
Maintenance Parking. Trash bins

DAMAC Properties verified

noisy neighbour

Hi, I live in damac ghalia, JVC and I have my neighbour infront of me playing very lound music every single day and night, I triend talking to him more than once to tell him that this is very hard for me and he closes it for one day and thats it. I wish I can have a solution for this because I can not sleep at night or rest after my work during the day.


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disconnection of water

The situation of disconnecting water every once in a while is ridiculous, we have received for the tenth time a notification of disconnecting the water from 9:00 AM to 03:00 PM yet not only that but also they are not being honest with the timing since it 05:40 already and no water!!!
We need a permanent solution for this repeated issue !!!

DAMAC Properties verified

hygiene in pool area female toilets

I am living in Damac Ghalia JVC.

I have alredy complained and to customer service and to facilities manager from Damac Ghalia bit noone didnt react.
1.From JULY 2019 in female toalet on pool area hand wash dispanzer IS NOT WORKING.
At least, if management couldnt.orhanize someone to repair, what is unbelivable, they could provide, at least hand soap.
This ia realy very shame for one building such as Ghalia. To leave tenance withoit basic hygiene item in toalet.
2. Also from last summer speakers on the pool area is not working, as life guard said he alredy complained aboit this but without reaction.

Kindly react and arrange someone who will be dedicated and react for these basic complaines like this.


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building access

There is a very bad habbit brought by the building administrators from their country: they fail to inform tenants in a proper way of any changes. Then they force entering the building, blocking access cards, lying that it got old, was deactivated coz of outstanding fees, which owners didn't pay, etc. Question here, why should tenants deal with this? When by law even the renting documents are a responsibility of the flat owner, not tenants. But still, cards are being blocked and you cannot activate it. Terrible administration

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I have not received the refund owed to me for the deposit of an apartment for the value of €20,000

My name is Tania Adebiyi and I'm from the UK. I made a request to Dubai land department through one...

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I bought my apartment for 1 million USD and now the price is half of it. Paramount has cancelled and Damac is not letting me rent it out. I need my money back. Firstly it took 6 years to get the keys and the quality what was shown to me is not what I received.
Nobody answers my questions at the crm which and the sales manager never replies to my phone's and messages.
Fraud and cheating in day light

DAMAC Properties verified

shutdown of water

We are suffering in this building!!! More than 2 weeks and they are unable to solve the shutdown...

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damac properties - disgusting introduction

My experience was as a potential investor.

The DAMAC group recently came to Dallas Texas and presented themselves as a premier developer in Dubai with over 44 properties to choose from. What was very compelling was the map they had at this exhibition. The property they showed me within my price point was Okaya. The arrogance came when I met Othman Abbalah- business development manager. Something about his entire conversation didn't sit right. He gave no specifics on return/yield. I asked Specific questions regarding completion- NO answer. I asked Specifically about future development around the community- NO answer. I asked About other amenities on the community-NO answer. Everything was vague which sent up too many red flags. He wasn't personable, very off putting attitude. I'm actually IN real estate so building relationships and showing some type of enthusiasm is important and key to a buyers interest level, ESPECIALLY mine. Any investment Is a risk, however based on this thread it's quite evident I dodged A HUGE bullet. I'm seeing things about sexual misconduct, unethical practices, repossessions?? Project delays????? Yea NO❌ Stay away from this developer if you are in the market to invest. Looks like my intuition about this encounter was spot on❗️

damac properties - disgusting introduction
damac properties - disgusting introduction

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continuously disconnecting of water

I am extremely disappointed that the most important thing in the world -Water- continuously...

DAMAC Properties verified

unethical behavior

2 Nov 2019 2 PM - Location Damac Hills Golf Panorama Swimming pool area This is to highlight that...

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damac ghalia building jvc, dubai

I am extremely disappointed since i recently moved in Ghalia building in JVC as a tenant about a month ago and I was under the impression that I am getting luxury service and good customer service and it's just the opposite, even the basic of having a proper elevator system. I don't understand how a 25+ story building is currently running with one elevator and no one is doing anything about it for 10 days now. I literally have to wait more than 20 minutes for the elevator going and coming back from work. It's soooooo frustrating and disappointing and very pooor service. I am planning to move out of this building for this terrible experience and i am not even one month yet there. I am supposed to be happy that i am moving to a new place, and damac ruined this experience for me!!! I am so frustrated.

Christina Samir
Apartment 2202

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Good afternoon, We are manpower supplier dealing with towertech ( Precast Company RAK) we did...

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damage of tenant furnitures following pipe explosion - damac responsibility

I'm just pasting the mail I sent to the Damac Customer service team and no-one from their team is even replying back. My Tenant is, as of now, not even compensated for his loss. This is not fear.

"Last Sunday night, a pipe has exploded and damaged the ceiling of my apartment. As per the DAMAC maintenance responsible person, this pipe is related to the main building. Therefore, as discussed with the maintenance person, this is DAMAC RESPONSIBILITY to cover for the repair and damage.

My tenant, which leave in my apartment has also items damaged following this water leak. It is NOT FEAR to repair only the ceiling. You MUST cover the tenant items that have been damaged because of this pipe explosion.

Please see in the attached document an overview of the items damaged. My tenant MUST BE COMPENSATED for the items damaged from DAMAC since it is YOUR responsibility.

Please ensure my tenant is also compensated for the damage of his items. If no actions are taken from your end, I will look at legal actions that are available to me.

Please let me know about the next steps.


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Damac hills

With DAMAC always buy from secondary market! from the developer the project takes ages to complete. Never on time. Damac hills is a very nice community and i am currently living there; even the apartments are nice. but for me, always a completed apartment from a secondary market. you will be paying more fees but still way cheaper than from developer.

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rules and regulations

I had locked myself out of my apartment and Informed the security of the building and the security...

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animal farm

Dear Damac management, I am totally heartbroken after witnessing the so called animal farm that...

DAMAC Properties verified

waiting for refund since 1 month

I am dr umesh adbe. Was interested in buying property from damac Mr Mohhammad mousaa was my...

DAMAC Properties verified

title deed not yet received

Dear Sir/ Madam, I have purchased a studio flat at Damac Lakeside Apartments LSA 510A, Dubai...

DAMAC Properties verified


Good day Clearly there is a big problem with parking in IMPZ. Every single day and night this i...

DAMAC Properties verified

dubai hills akoya

Warning. Avoid dealing with damac as once you buy a property they throw you on their customer...

DAMAC Properties verified

wrong information

I was shown Damac hills while booking Akoya oxygen and told by the agent that Akoya oxygen project...

DAMAC Properties verified

urgent situation with loans from lakeside ca


This is to inform you of the unfair situation we are encountering in Lakeside C apt 1719.

Its been 5 weeks now that we have opened a complain and nothing has been done.

Complain number : 10285.

All the apartment bathroom ceiling has been damaged because the upper apartment 1819 did not fix their bathtub problem and everyone is closing his eyes in the FM building. This is unfair to the family living in 1719 because of the irresponsible tenants/landlord in apt # 1819 and also the FM building that cannot manage this issues. This has become a madness since we have given to them enough time to fix it.

Awaiting from you to fix the problem asap.



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Damac After Sales Department

I wrote this complaint very seriously. My name is Yan Mingjian. In November 2015, I bought DTPC / 10/1012 Damac Towers By Paramount. I am very disappointed with your execution and service, because I signed the purchase contract in November 2015.But you have miswritten as September 23, 2015 on the purchased contract . Damac just held a house exhibition in Beijing on23/09/2015 . I just learned about your real estate on September 23, but I did not sign a purchase contract at the exhibition. This is a serious disclosure of your company.
In addition, in the case of such a serious disclosure, you have penalize me of AED 2261 for the late payment . With regards of the third payment, I paid according to my actual time of purchase. This is reasonable, not the late payment.
Moreover, at the time of the third payment for the installment, Tatiana Makarova, your staff of the after-sales department told me that I would not be punished, but You did not admit that you have had such a statement. This is a manifestation of dishonesty, and I hope that you can take it seriously and solve it.
Best regards
Mingjian Luo

DAMAC Properties verified

refund not received

I am writing in reference of the deposit that I made for the two Damac properties that I made on...

DAMAC Properties verified


Damac park tower-your gym is really sub-standard for a building of your category. It is really small and the only 2 treadmills are taken most of the time. Tonight I had to turn because out of the 7 cardio machines, 3 were unplugged/not working and the only elliptical machine was not responding to adjustment to strength. Whatever if I put level 1 or 10 it was the same strength. Same issue with the only working cycle bike. Both elliptical machines have disgusting-sticky handles. Aeration also needs major improvement, it already smells like sweat when in the corridor leading to the gym. I've been a resident for a year and considering leaving just for the low quality gym you are offering. I truly hope you make it better to keep your level.

  • Updated by martin2705 · Oct 22, 2018

    DAMAC PARK TOWER-Your gym is really sub-standard for a building of your category. It is really small and the only 2 treadmills are taken most of the time. Tonight i had to turn because out of the 7 cardio machines, 3 were unplugged/not working and the only elliptical machine was not responding to adjustment to strength. whatever if I put level 1 or 10 it was the same strength. Same issue with the only working cycle bike. Both elliptical machines have disgusting-sticky handles. Aeration also needs major improvement, it already smells like sweat when in the corridor leading to the gym. I've been a resident for a year and considering leaving just for the low quality gym you are offering. I truly hope you make it better to keep your level.

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access card cost - waves towers

Hi, my building FM want to charge me 250AED for a new access card. I have the same access system...

DAMAC Properties verified

damac height hand over requirements

I have purchased a unit in DAMAC height project (Fendi Design) in April 2017 from an Exhibition...

DAMAC Properties verified

natural gas supply

My name is Ahmed Naiem and I am a Tenant in Damac Hills, Golf Vista A. Apart 401. I rented the unit...

DAMAC Properties verified

refund of aed 10000

I had deposited aed 10000 in the bank account of DAMAC in may 2018 on the advice of Mr Amr Saif one...

DAMAC Properties verified


I am waiting for handover of my property at Damac Hills. I have been waiting for months. The...

DAMAC Properties verified

refund request.

Hi, I was informed through the DAMAC website that there is a Launching for the REVA Residence in...

DAMAC Properties verified

service and follow up and negligent of client

Thanks Aseel! Worth to mention the following fact not to re- discuss and have have negative...

DAMAC Properties verified

project delay

I bought a property at Damac more than 4 years ago. The Damc team has been very unprofessional since the beginning of the projects, the project kept getting delayed without any notice or explanation to the investors/owners. Till now while the land departments website confirms that project has been 100% completed there is no confirmation from Damac regarding the handover of the property. I regret having investing with Damac and would urge Damac team to improve their customer relationship / communication with customers and complete projects on time

  • Lo
    londoner_2018 Aug 27, 2018

    I travelled from London as had signed paperwork stating completion August 2018 and final handover November 2018. They now tell me it will be 2020 and tried via email to change the agreement to tag payments to when they finish, a very unprofessional way to relieve themselves of the penalties. They market themselves as a professional leading builder but the truth is much worst - I have dodgy builders in UK who are much more reliable and not charging Millions of AED knowing we are half way round the world and hence cannot touch them.

    His Highness the Sheik tried to rid poor conduct but these firms are still creating a bad impression of Dubai!!!

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  • St
    s. taher Oct 04, 2019

    DAMAC is one of the cheater, their agents and even agreement never fulfills their commitment. Firstly, they delayed the project without any justification, as the building actually was ready and DLD website was showing 100%. Secondly, their customer service is extremely worst.
    I believe Dubai government and DLD must need to think and make regulations for such developers as they are the one who are responsible of declining the international investor's trust.

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  • Wa
    Waseem Nawaz Jan 01, 2020

    It's been a very disappointing experience to invest and trust in Damac. Their team lie's profusely and have no ethics what so ever. My apartment in Damac Hills projects is already delayed by more than 4 years. Delivery as per SPA was June 2015 and i still have not received the hand over. DLD site and even Damac portal shows the completion date of the project as September 30th 2019 with an assurance that the project handover will be done in 45 days from the date. The maximum time they ask is 90 days from the 30th September but now on inquiring from my side they have conveniently replied to wait for another quarter.
    There is no one in their office to reply in a constructive, responsible manner and give some honest feedback. This is an un ethical business company.

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deposit money

I attended a DAMAC presentation in the UK and after going through, I had asked the sales director...

DAMAC Properties verified

request a refund

Hi, I was informed through the DAMAC website that there is a Launching for the REVA Residence in...

DAMAC Properties verified

uppercrest apartments

AC not working, exhaust in the toilet not working, leak in the toilet sink, I just moved in 2 day...

update of contact details

On 9th of October I submitted a request to update the contact details of the company in order to...