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I'm not sure who to write to to complain about an incident at the CVS store on Queens Blvd. and 67th. So I am posting here.

The incident occurred at 10:00 PM on Tuesday October 12th.

I was in-line checking out my merchandise with my pug dog in a sealed door stroller. I purchased this stroller specifically so I can take my dog out with me and so that it would be safe and sanitary and not bother anyone. I've had nothing but very positive comments about my dog in the stroller. At the very moment an employee was commenting at how cute my pug was and other customers were smiling at him, the manager burst out from the back and stood firmly in front of me and said harshly "dogs are not allowed in our store we just got fined for having dogs in the store. You can't have your dog in here!!"

The cashier and the people standing around all stopped what they were doing to look at what all the commotion was. I was quite embarrassed and politely told her "ok. I'm paying now I'll leave in a minute." She (I think it was a she) went on " You should read the sign there's a sign that says no dogs. We just got fined. You want to pay our fine?"

The people around and the employees were all embarrassed at this point by her rudeness. Everyone could see I was trying to be polite and we were causing no disturbance. I then told her " well, I never had any trouble before in any of the stores in Queens and Manhattan including Rite Aide and Whole Foods and Macys. I've had this strollers for 3 years and they're sold specifically so you can bring dogs into public places."

She went on, trying to rally the people in the store against me. "Well we had a complaint! Someone saw a dog in the store and complained and we got fined." She went on: "if your going to pay our fine! You want to pay our fine?"

"Look." I tried to be polite but was now agitated. "I said I was leaving. I'll never come back again. There's plenty of other stores around to go to. I'll just go to Duane Read or Right Aid. And if you keep giving me a hard time and don't let me leave I'm going to send an email and complain."

"Then go to Rite Aid" She said. "Your not allowed in our store."

Well, now I am writing to complain. I saw no visible sign on the door when I left and the manager's behavior was rude and inappropriate. And I can assure you that whatever the fine they lost more by loosing me as a lifetime customer.


  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010

    First off, is a good place to send complaints... duh.

    Second, no one at CVS corporate will care. You and your dog are not special. If it's not a service animal, the managers can make you leave if they so choose.

    You're not entitled to special treatment, princess.

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  • Ha
    handy30 Dec 24, 2010

    The customer was wrong to bring her dog in the store. There are laws no animals allowed in the store. If the dog was to bite someone who would be liable the store owner. Some people are scared of dogs because they have been bitten. The complaint is not legitimate.

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