CVScvs pharmacy customer service

R Jul 29, 2019

The CVS Pharmacy on West Frank St in Lufkin, Texas is terrible! I have left the Dr's office with a sick baby, taken the script directly to the pharmacy and had to wait or drive around with a sick, crying, suffering baby/child for over 2 hours before maybe getting the medicine. There seem to be plenty of people working that area, but the efficiency is non existent. I have a feeling CVS is already aware if how bad their pharmacies are due to the number of complaints already in this site not to mention no direct text or email access to a headquarters.
Our son has Crohns and has been on a very expensive medication that he takes regularly just to be able to function. Each time he needs it refilled ar the same CVS on Frank St . there is a big mess with getting it in a timely manner. He is told that insurance is the hold up, or it has to be ordered, or any number of other reasons that require numerous back and forth calls and visits to the store. This often results in several days or, at times, weeks to the the necessary meds thus creating a major setback and greater pain in the continued treatment of this disease.
Most recently, our daughter was prescribed a med from the local in and out clinic on a Sunday. The Dr was phoning in the script as she left the clinic at 1:00. The med needed to be atarted asap. She called CVS on Frank St at 2:00 and was told it would be about an hour more. She called at 3:00 and was told it would be about an hour, she called at 4:00 and was again told it would be about an hour. She called right before 5 to see if it was ready and was told they were closing and it would have to wait until tomorrow. SO- no meds on Sunday. Monday she went to pick it up in her lunch break since they don't open before she goes to work. When she got to the CVS on Frank St. She was told they were out of the med and it would be ordered and would be arrive in a day or two!!! She needed it on SUNDAY!!! It is bow Monday so she asked that the prescription be forwarded to another of the 20+ other pharmacies in town. Hopefully they did forward it so she can get it to start it -now more than 24 hours after it was originally ordered! This is RIDICULOUS!!! CVS should be ashamed. This kind of experience happens over and over again. We have tried to continue to work with this pharmacy due to the close proximity to our home, but something has GOT to improve.

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