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Reviews and Complaints


I take a controlled substanced called subxone and have been taking this medication for over a year. This is a medication that if stopped abruptly will cause severe withdrawal. Every month that I go to fill this prescription there has been an issue and I end up having to go back and forth several times between my doctors office and the pharmacy to get it filled, yet I am NEVER notified that there is an issue until I actually come to get the prescription. With all my other, non controlled medications I get a text message that they are ready and I pick up. I have asked for the same service for this medication yet never get it. This month was the final straw for me. I am pregnant, not being able to get my prescription not only puts me at risk of withdrawal but puts the health of my baby at risk. The physician that I was seeing retired, at my last visit, she referred me to another health care provider with who I could not get in to see of two months. So she gave me two months worth of prescriptions, the written prescription plus 1 refill. I called last night to see if I could pick the refill up. I was told yes you can it went through. As usual I did not receive a notification that it was ready so I called. When I called I was told I cannot pick up the prescription because there was a "glitch" and I needed to have my doctor write another prescription. I was not notified of the glitch. The issue is that my doctor is gone, he retired and the office closed. So faxing a request to the office was a dead end. The pharmacist told me she had no way of knowing that and I said yes I understand that but shouldn't the patient be noticed as well? She agreed that yes that should be the case. I was told I need to call my new doctor, whom I have not seen yet and ask him to give me a new prescription, my appointment with him is not until the end of the month. Again I have not seen this provider yet, and now I'm to ask him for a prescription for a controlled substance. The pharmacy would not tell me what the glitch was or why, all they said is sorry we can't do anything. I asked why I wasn't notified and I was told well you might still get a text. That text never came. I asked for information regarding the glitch and the Pharmacy printed me a paper that said we cannot fill the prescription due to a glitch. We aren't able to enter prescribers info. I understand things happen. But if we aren't notified we cannot resolve them until it's too late and I am out of medication. This is not acceptable. There needs to be a better system in place to safe guard against this. I would ask that you put yourself in my shoes, or maybe imagine it was your child who needed and relied on a medication, yet was not able to get it due to lack of communication, or misinformation. It should not be this difficult, I should not have to fear about what will happen if this new provider will not fill my script. I should not have to worry about the healt or my unborn child. It's just not right.