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wrong dosage info on script

I had a prescription for Zantac filled which should have been 1.5 ML 2x a day. Thank goodness I looked at the...

incompetent employees

I have had a couple of incidences with this pharmacy. Their service is incompetent and careless! They gave me...

never have drugs in stock, pharmacist makes mistakes

Because I use numerous prescribed medications for ailments like Chronic Pain, Anxiety, my Choleserol level...

rude manager poor policies

Hi, I'm not sure who to write to to complain about an incident at the CVS store on Queens Blvd. and...

rude cashier

I was emailed a $5 coupon with any purchase of $30 or more.
I also was armed with several manufacturers coupons.

I hit up the red box with my trusty CVS card to see what other goodies I could score. It's time for the redemption of 3rd quarter Extra Care Bucks people!

I gave the store the once over and then determined that some of the items which I wanted were out of stock. (Folgers Instant Coffee & L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer)

I asked politely as I always do..."Excuse me Miss, would it be possible please to get a couple of rainchecks for items that are out of stock". She asked for my coupon so she could check the product against the store circular and proceeded to write out the rainchecks. (She didn't actually ask, she said..."Gimme that.". RUDE She was looking @ the back of the circular which displayed the Ground Folgers. I explained to her that the offer was on the front of the circular. She said, "I know, I heard you." RUDE. I was thinking "Well if you heard me, then why did you not acknowledge what I said?" (I still didn't let that get under my skin...afterall, this was a happy shopping trip!) I was still excited about getting my goodies) It had been a minute since I'd treated myself to a good drugstore haul!

Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is my understanding that w/ the Extra Care Bucks program,
You MUST purchase an item exceeding the face value of the EB.
I did not think a customer could combine MULTIPLE EB to redeem in 1 single transaction.

As a result, I got in line several times to maximize my dollars & take full advantage of the program. The cashier was annoyed b/c of this.

I am not understanding why. It should NOT matter how many times I get in line. Her job is to ring me up. I can take service without a smile. That's fine. But she had the audacity to speak about me as if I were not there. It seems that true good customer service is a lost art. I have learned NOT to expect it anymore. However I do expect a MINIMUM of courtesy as a consumer.

She was EATING (an egg roll & some chinese soup) There is a Chinese Food Restaurant right across the street. If I got in her line 100x, I was spending MY $ and redeeming MY EB! Last time I checked having PAYING customers contributed to the salary of the workers.

We are still in a credit crunch/recession (well they say not) but people are counting their pennies. Jobs are not at a premium. I would think she would have been happy to have ANY customer purchasing mdse so she could earn a paycheck. There is a RiteAid less than 1/2 a block from CVS. Now Rite Aid has a Rewards program, as does Walgreens. I later let the Corporate Customer Service lady (Colleen?) know that as consumers we DO have options & bad customer svc could mean the difference between my local CVS meeting goal or having those dollars walk to the nearest competitor! I explained to her that CVS used to be my premier source for drugstore beauty because of their rewards program.

I worked on and off in the customer svc industry for 20 years.
I expect a minimum of customer service. My hubby worked at one time a TeamLeader (Mgmt team) in Target.

We just expect a minimal level of customer service PERIOD. Which does NOT include being talked about as if patronizing the store is an inconvenience, even an annoyance to the workers. Obviously this woman had some other issues. Perhaps they were understaffed. Perhaps she was working a longer shift than she intended. NOT MY PROBLEM!

She told a visiting manager that he "brings them with him everyx". Implying that I was a problem customer & somehow this was his fault. One of her regular customers came in & noticed that she was perturbed & asked her how she was doing. She said she would be fine "shortly". I was standing near her register. This implied that I was a problem & she would be better once I was gone. RUDE

During my 1st transaction, I thanked her for her patience. There was some mixup about a coupon and she had to price check some perfume that I picked up. I bought the Shakira smaller bottle for $16.99. The larger one was $27.99. Of course I did not want the larger more expensive one. I was trying to redeem my $10 EB w/ the designer fragrance purchase. Yes, I thanked her for her patience and she said NOTHING. How rude!

I was so flustered that I forgot to use one of my coupons. UGH!
Flustered because it is not the customary for me to be wilding out in stores and turning them out. I work hard to accord every person dignity.

Afterall, I've been on the other side of the counter in 1 capacity or another at some time in my life. Cashier, Sales Associate, Waitress, Asst. Mgr. Receptionist, Production Assistant, Grunt worker, you name it. *smiles* The Cashier was older than me. I always show older persons respect. I have compassion for people who work in customer service. However, if you can't be civil and respectful, perhaps you need to find another line of work. Otherwise if you are rude and disrespectful, you could be costing your employer money.

Upon leaving the store, I dialed the customer service number on the back of my Extra Care Bucks card. I spoke with Juan. He patiently listened to my story and then repeated it as he understood it. He apologized for the negative experience & thanked me for sharing because he said corporate needs to know what is going on in the stores. He asked me to please hold while he transferred me to their Customer Relations Dept. I believe the woman with whom I spoke was named Colleen. I couldn't hear very well because I was on my cell phone.

She listened patiently while I explained in detail what transpired. She apologized and assured me this was not their method of doing business & said she would refer the matter to their District Mgr. She also assured me that the matter would be addressed with the Store Manager as well as the Cashier. I thanked her for taking the time to listen to me and also for apologizing for the rudeness of the cashier. I did let her know that I would most definitely be blogging about it. I told her not only on my blog, but also on others as well.

She got quiet. I will definitely update my blog should I hear from the District Manager.

On a side note, my DH worked w/ the Store Mgr of that CVS previously at Target. He was not there today. Too bad!

I still have $3 extra care bucks. I would have liked to have scored another bottle of polish, but I didn't really see any colors the beckoned.

I think though really, I was just so annoyed by the entire experience that I wanted to get out of the store.

If I AM wrong about combining EB on 1 receipt, please let me know. I think perhaps if I had gotten all of the items which I wanted, on one receipt things would not have been as hectic. But she was in such an terrible mood, it might not have mattered.

She was however pleasant to her regular customers and playful with small children in the store, so I presumed it was a personality conflict.
After it was all said and done, and I was outside of the store, I was thinking...

"Whateva lady...Gimme my prods for which I paid good $ and did MENTAL Olympics to maximize my dollars despite whatever REGISTER Olympics you had to do to complete the transaction(s)"
The things we endure to save on beauty! OMGoodness!

What are your minimal expectations from cashiers? How about your mimimum expectations from chain drugstore managment/corporate?

How can we as consumers send the message to companies that we expect a certain level of courtesy from their employees?

rude cashier

  • Ji
    Jim Young Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On April 30th 2008 @ 1:59 I purchased four Master card gift cards at store 1068. On Aug 4th 2008 I returned to this store to tell them one of our employee's had tried to use his card and was told
    it did not work. I asked the cashier about this problem and she said after looking at my receipt that the card has been activated and I said I knew the receipt says this but the employee said it did not work. I asked the cashier if she could check to see what had been used on this card and she said nothing could be done, they (the store) only sells them. I took this cashier to be extremely rude and of no assistance. I told her we would no longer be purchasing any items for our employee-s from this location and she said "that's fine". I then left the store quite angered. I was at this store on August 4th 2008 at 10:46 A.M.

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  • Ga
    Galil Mountain Aug 04, 2008

    I just had a very bad experience at CVS myself. There wasn't even a big issue or anything, the CRS was just very rude and nasty for no reason.

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  • Mt
    Mtm6042 Oct 13, 2009

    As a cvs employee I can honestly say that the employee was right in a rude way CBS policy stAtes no type of prepaid card may be returned because we have no way of knowing if you used it but I would have been a WHOLE lot nicer

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  • Ti
    tight46901 Jan 12, 2010

    i think cvs is very slow in filling prescriptions.there's always a wait even if you call it in ahead of employee at the cvs on morgan st in kokomo indiana proceeds to dip in a conversation i was having with my mothere.she walks up and says im not stupid.i was floored and told her no one called her stupid.she says well, i just want you to know im not stupid and we are having problems with our printer today.hmmmmm, i think she was acting very stupid at the they employ maybe disabled people?drug addicts?what was her problem??????????

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  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010


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unfair wages

I have been a loyal pharmacy technician to CVS for almost 2 years now. I have proof that CVS is giving new hired $10/hr. However, I am still making significantly less than this, having a college degree, a perfect evaluation, and a state tech license.
I have talked to the pharmacy manager, who has been very evasive and has told me that he talked to the store manager. Meanwhile, the store manager denied that he talked to her and said she would take care of it.
However, she never did and now she has gone elsewhere.
I talked to the pharmacy supervisor and she said that there is nothing she can do, the pharmacy manager has to put in the raise. However, I should have automatically gotten more than new hires when they decided to give new hires $10 an hour
Warning to potential appilcants to CVS. DO NOT APPLY HERE. It taked forever to get even your yearly raise and even this is a pittance for the hard work and dedication that technicians have to put in (not to mention PCI calls and all these other adherance duties that the compay has added for techs to do with no appreciation whatsoever).

  • Al
    Allan22 Oct 05, 2010

    Your writing skills are horrible, perhaps thats the reason.

    You went to college (supposedly) to make less than $10 an hour?

    How is that investment going?

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  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010

    Yeah, I'm thinking you're not deserving of that raise you're begging for. There's probably a really good reason you haven't gotten it yet.

    Also, this happens at a ton of places.

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  • Mu
    Murmura Jan 23, 2011

    If I were in your shoes, I would be offended as well. Even though the economy is tough, you should probably apply for another job. You might see if there are any tech jobs with the Veteran's Administration. Look on USA jobs. If you were willing to relocate, I am sure that you could find something much higher paying. I am a pharmacist at a federal facility in the Midwest. Our technicians make $16-20/hr and I am sure the cost of living here is much lower than the Northeast. I know that there are federal technician jobs with IHS posted on and there may be some on USA jobs as well. State licensing is not an issue as federal facilities allow you to be licensed in one state but work in another (at least they do for pharmacists).

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pharmacy manager (co-worker)

I work at cvs. The pharmacy manager is sooo mean and stuck up to me and some of her co-workers. She is alway...

rude pharmicst

I went to this pharmacy in minden, louisiana and asked to see if my son's prescription was refilledand...

pharmacy manager

Manager is very unprofessional. Manager (D.Remblake) is always on a cell phone and rude to the customers. I'm sorry but she needs us in order to have a job. I go to that location atleast twice a month for my prescriptions but now I have switched to Walgreens on 91st ave and Peoria. It's out of my way but the Manager is alot nicer and I don't feel like I'm a bother. I recommend that anyone who needs to fill their prescriptions not to go to CVS on 99th ave. and Peoria. Hopefully one day someone will see and listen to the way that woman treats a customer.If you have the same complaint as me call her boss and complain (Charles Curtis).

  • La
    lashanda v. Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree their are some changes that need to be made at cvs. the staff are obviously under the impression that they can treat their customers any type of way and not get penalized for it and its not fair. you take our money but yet treat us with disrespect. someone needs to do something about this. i say start penalizing these employees . let your customers know when you go to cvs you will be treated with respect. you will be able to go there and feel good about shopping there. no one wants to go anywhere, spend their money and be disrespected.

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overworked, not get paid

Everything said is true.We are overworked and under paid!I'm still waiting on a paycheck these idiots lost on 8/28/10. With no hope in sight, they don't know when this will be fixed i was told today. Meanwhile bills are late, late fees are piling up and no one at cvs/human resources or should i say inhuman resources cares.But i show up everyday thinking today will be better.they exspect us to care about our jobs our cutomers but no one really cares about us.Just their numbers on a piece of paper.

  • Ca
    cadey Mar 10, 2011

    i was not not paid for two weeks the first check they messed up was two weeks ago now here it is again and im still not paid the correct amount, here you have a mulit million dollar company who refuses to pay employees thier money.

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lousy service

I am a new CVS customer. My insurance forces me to use CVS and originally this didn’t seem to be much or a problem. However: On September 5th I went to the CVS pharmacy at the corner of Shute lane and Lebanon Road in Hermitage TN with my list of prescriptions. . I dropped of the list and explained that the original prescriptions were at the Walgreen's Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. The pharmacist looked at the list and handed it to a girl working there. I gave her my insurance card and she punched keys on the computer for 2 or 3 minutes. She then told me “the prescriptions would be ready the following day and they would call me when they were ready”. I waited for a call but no call. On September 11th I went back to the pharmacy and after several minutes the pharmacist said they had not filled any of the prescriptions because they did have my name. My name was on the insurance card that I gave them when I brought in the list on the 5th.The following week, I, thinking this lousy service was probably only in one store, I went to the CVS downtown Nashville on 21st avenue. I dropped of the list and explained that the originalprescriptions were at the Walgreens Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. They said they would be ready the next day. I went in the next day and picked up the sack and paid for the prescriptions. After I got home to hermitage and opened the bag I found that they had only filled 7 out of 13. I checked with my doctor and found only one of theprescriptions that were not filled had expired. My doctor wrote a prescription for the one that was expired and gave me 4 new prescriptions. I returned to the CVS Store this afternoon and gave the girl the list of prescriptions that they had not filled that were not expired and the four new prescriptions. I and explained that the original prescriptions for those were at the Walgreens Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. She said they couldn’t fill these prescriptions without the phone number for Walgreens in Hermitage. I don’t carry the phone number for Walgreens around with me.

This may seem like a trivial little thing to you as apparently it does to CVS employees. It has been a hardship for me because I live about 4 miles from the CVS on Shute lane and Lebanon road, the closes one to me and can’t depend on them to fill myprescriptions . The store on 21st downtown Nashville is 17miles from my home which in its self is bad enough but there I have to park in the back garage and walk over a blocks distance to the store. Not to mention that I am 64 years old, have trouble walking very far and being unable to see the small print in phone book, was unable to look up the Walgreen’sphone number for you lazy employee. It is quite an expense and hassle for me to drive around Nashville looking for a CVS with employees that want to serve me in a proper respectful manor. In closing I just want to say that my insurer is the State Of Tennessee and I will be complaining to the proper department about CVS.

  • Jo
    Jose Arredondo JR Apr 10, 2011

    How sad Seems to me like CVS has a Government attitude, dont care, so what, & how much money can I rip off from thee consumer before They get caught. I waited 6 days before getting my Meds due to poor customer service. This reminds me of Thee Dennys In Palm Springs, CA When they refused to Serve us we sat there for over 40 minutes were asked to leave because waiteress said we were drunk, Which was a lie Because we do not drink any alcohol, They called police On us for no reason" Officer was Polite & we submitted a report, & SUED Denny's, maybe thats what CVS Needs to happen to them. THERS Is No EXCUSE for Bad service, & REFUSAL of service to anyone Because of their Skin Color Or Disability. STOP Rascist & Bigit behavior. In all business's. We NEED Thee Real POWER, & LOVE, True repentance, Which is the HOLY GHOST, have you recieved the HOLY GHOST since you believed, ACTS 2-38, This is Thee Only solution.

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too slow

The pharmacy is so slooowww, they tell me my prescription will be ready in half hour; I left and came back 1 hour and half it still wasn't ready, the lady say give me 5 minutes, I left and still had to wait, I'll never go to that cvs again

pharmacy manager

I feel the manager is stealing medication in her white coat pocket. When I go to the pharmacy she sticks things in her pocket and its not a pen or paper. The Pharmacy manager (Remblake) also texts all the time on a cell phone. I will never go to a CVS again. What happens if she mixes medicine up? oops I'm sorry! NO THANKS!! CVS do they do back ground checks?? What kind of people do they hire????

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't approve of the texting, but assuming she's stealing pills because she puts things in her pocket? That's ridiculous.

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  • Ph
    pharmer Jan 04, 2011

    I agree ridiculous

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prescription printing

I was switched to a brand-name medication per my physician because I had had issues on the generic. After I picked it up at the drive-through window, I opened the info pamphlet and saw that the name of the GENERIC was printed. My mom circled back around to the window. The tech confirmed it was the right medication. The next day, my mom called the pharmacy and asked to speak to the pharmacist that had filled the prescription, she wasn't available. She spoke to another pharmacist who gave her some excuse I can't remember. Any and all input welcome

  • Sa
    S. Allen Sep 19, 2010

    When I was going over my dad's meds, I noticed a pill that had been prescribed by the WRONG M.D.! My mom called the pharmacy and got some excuse I didn't buy. Any and all input welcome.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They could have put the wrong label on it. Call a physician or the search online for what the brand name should look like.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If the wrong MD wrote it, that sounds like more of the doctor's fault than the pharmacy. Unless there was someone with the exact same first and last name. Like Brenda said, all that matters is the meds. It's possible the pharmacy had to call and verify with another MD.

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drunk pharmacy

I witnessed employees of the Saratoga CVS pharmacy out drinking together. It was to the point that I will not...

poor service, items missed marked

I went to the above mention store yesterday, and I turned in 2 script's, and then I did some store...

customer service/pharmacy

what horrible service!! my doctor called my prescription in starting @ 3:30, finally @ 8 after he called for the 3rd time, i thought for sure they would have it right by now...wrong!!! at 8pm with a long line, with only 1 register going, but @ least 5 others behind the would think with all those idiots behind the counter filling bottles one of them would get it right..NOPE!! my script had not been filled...seemed i wasn't the only one as the 4 people ahead of me in that agonizingly slow line had the same sort of problems, & were all unhappy. come on cvs get it together in hillsborough 8pm on a week day there should be more then 1 register going 1st off...second, why the heck can't you ever get it right????seems like every single time i make the mistake of using cvs because you are around the corner for me there is always some sort of problem!! The pharmacists all acted as they were to good to deal with a customer, thing is they are not!!they must be stupid because they didn't have anyones order right, & seems they never do!!! so sick of cvs in hillsborough nj...i will take the extra time from now on & go somewhere else...YOU ARE THAT BAD!! CAUSE I WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE SOME TIME!! NEVER AGAIN BY USING YOU...I WILL USE ANOTHER PHARMACY WHO CAN GET IT RIGHT & SHOWS THE CUSTOMER SOME RESPECT FOR THEIR BUSINESS!!! CAUSE YOU STINK!!! SO BECAUSE OF THE HORRIBLE SERVICE @ THE PHARMACY COUNTER, YOU NOW WILL LOSE THE AT LEAST $50 A WEEK BUSINESS YOU GET OUT OF ME WITH YOUR OVER PRICED GROCERIES/NECESSITIES!! I WILL GO TO WALDGREENS...

  • Ev
    EVELYN NICCUM Feb 17, 2011

    FISHERS, IN. 46037
    EMAIL - [email protected]

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  • Ev
    EVELYN NICCUM Feb 17, 2011


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  • Ev
    EVELYN NICCUM Feb 17, 2011


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  • Ev
    EVELYN NICCUM Feb 17, 2011


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  • Ev
    EVELYN NICCUM Feb 17, 2011


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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Feb 17, 2011

    Saga- go to walgreens, walmart or any of the rest and youll find the same problem with 5 hours notice. quit complaining and be glad you got your meds. now take them and calm down . you obviously need them

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hippa violation online

How do you report this to cvs?

Rob dunlavey jammmmmmmmmmmm
August 31 at 12:07am · comment · like

Jessica lam that my nick name? i'm stopping by work tom night to stab stephen
August 31 at 12:31am · like

Rob dunlavey why
August 31 at 12:31am · like

Jessica lam to get some practice on stabbing people for flu shots
August 31 at 12:33am · like

Rob dunlavey oh I thought you meant with a knife
August 31 at 12:34am · like

Jessica lam lol no, I would never stab stephen he's too nice to stab
August 31 at 12:36am · like

Rob dunlavey our tripple s score is an 86.
August 31 at 12:38am · like

Jessica lam yeah eh. what's the plan? lol
August 31 at 12:39am · like

Rob dunlavey the 2 areas we want to improve are address people by name and wait time. the way we will do that is say peoples name 3 times at the register in the beginning middle and end. thank you mr/mrs _. wait time score will be increased by paging waiters when they are done multiple times and letting the rph know if there is a waiter.
August 31 at 12:40am · like

Jessica lam wow dude... that was pretty amazing.
August 31 at 12:41am · like

Rob dunlavey jam i'm pretty amazing. i'm like a diamond in the rough.
August 31 at 12:42am · like

Jessica lam haha. your a trooper especially after dealing with that lady...
August 31 at 12:47am · like

Rob dunlavey cohen? haha yeah ask lauren about her. there is some history. I told you. I have the patience of a god. hhaah
August 31 at 12:48am · like

Jessica lam haha seriously... I will but I won't see her for awhile. she's not working with us thursday anymore, sandra and her switched shifts.
August 31 at 12:50am · like

Rob dunlavey yeah she has to have the anesteeja tested on her? wait does that mean sandra is working at night?
August 31 at 12:52am · like

Jessica lam yeah you me john sandra and front store... I think... maybe we will have a decent night for once?
August 31 at 12:54am · like

Bang ly ryan cohen's mom?
August 31 at 12:55am · like

Rob dunlavey wow a terrible night turned into a decent sounding one,,,
August 31 at 12:55am · like

Rob dunlavey hahahah yes bang remember her?
August 31 at 12:56am · like

Jessica lam I don't even remember anymore... I just threw it to rob and was done with it because she wasn't even listening to me
August 31 at 12:56am · like

Rob dunlavey hahaha it was a pain in the # figuring out what the hell she wanted
August 31 at 12:58am · like

Jessica lam right?!?! because she wouldn't get off her damn cellphone...
August 31 at 12:59am · like

Rob dunlavey we should ban customers from using them while we are helping them :)
August 31 at 1:01am · like

Jessica lam i'm going to stop talking to patients if they're on the phone now... I did that at my old store. may have to start again
August 31 at 1:03am · like

Rob dunlavey I just interupt them while they are on the phone I don't wait. and if they ignore me I walk away. :d
August 31 at 1:05am · like

Jessica lam haha I did that too, and I keep repeating until they stop their conversation... its great.
August 31 at 1:07am · like

Rob dunlavey where did bang go. he like adds his 2 cents then walks away. he's probably talking on the phone.
August 31 at 1:08am · like

Jessica lam lol. he was creeping in on the conversation... bang we know your still reading this lol
August 31 at 1:09am · like

Rob dunlavey bang! show yourself!
August 31 at 1:13am · like

Jessica lam lol I totally lied about thursday... its not going to be us 4. that was for friday schedule... that's how tired I am!!!
August 31 at 9:31am · like

Bang ly haha u guys r facebooking tirelessly! just give cohen her albuterol vials and all her inhalers, she'll love u

Rob, how's sydney doing? (-:
August 31 at 11:28am · like

Rob dunlavey bang it wasnt even those. it was for her damn cefprozil. and sydney is at school! I havnt seen her for a while. you should go surprise her with a visit!
August 31 at 3:22pm · like

laziness and unsanitary

I had a prescription filled today, and if it was not already in a bottle, I am not sure I would have accepted...

repeated mistakes on presctiptions

For the second time, CVS has shorted me on a Focalin prescription. Both times they acknowledged their mistake and apologized, but this is unacceptable. Focalin is a controlled substance and they demonstrate a lack of attention and capability- I'm sure this will happen again.

  • Ja
    jasrx316 Sep 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would tend to agree that more care should have been made in counting out your prescription. It should have been double counted.

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  • Fr
    Frank F. Jul 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today 7/11/11 I too was ripped off at the Broad Street Bloomfield NJ store. A refill for 90 pills that cost me 1.50 each and cost my insurance Company $1.16 each. for a total cost of $2.66 each. The prescription called for 90 pills - the bottle was short 56 pills for a loss to me of $84.00 and to the Insurance Co. $64.96. The reason I bothered to count the pills: the refill seemed to come up too soon. To me, it seemed that the Pharmacist might be pocketing the pills to be sold away from the store.
    I am pursuing this with CVS corporate and possibally with NJ.

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