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Wendy's Restaurant / raw chicken

1 Martin Luther King, Jr. Savannah, GA, United States Review updated:

Last night my fiancee and I went to Wendy's for some (not so fast) fast food. We both ordered Spicy Chicken sandwiches. Unfortunately, about a quarter of the way into my sandwich I noticed an odd texture in my mouth and realized I was eating RAW chicken. I immediately spit the chicken out and looked through my sandwich to find that almost the entire chicken patty was COMPLETELY RAW. I'm on the lookout now for salmonella symptoms, and I pray to God I don't get sick. I've already had stomach cramps and a headache, but I'm hoping these issues are unrelated.
I called the Wendy's corporate office to complain because I'm pretty sure their chicken patties are delivered to the stores pre-cooked (or so they say). I left a message, so we'll see if anyone ever calls me back.

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      6th of Feb, 2009
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    The same thing happened to us last night. When we called corporate they hung up on us the first time and said since we had a rude tone in our voice they would not help us. We took the sandwhich back to the store and had the same result. Because we were upset they refused to help us. The manager walked away and refused to give us a refund or new food. My boyfriend asked for the owner's information but they just ignored him. He went back in again and this time recorded the whole thing. We actually have it a Wend'y employee on film saying he should have ate the sandwhich and died. I intend on posting this video and will never buy anything from them again. They had nerve to call the police because he wouldn't leve until someone helped him. The police didn't do anything to him. They said they would get him his money back but he said that's okay because it has gone beyond that. All I can say is what if a kid or elderly person ate that sandwhich and died. I according to Wendy's it would have been the customer's fault. All I can say is I hope I don't get sick or die from eating their raw food. Although if I do, it will apparently be my own fault.

  • Ta
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Hello, my name is Taquelous Cseh and im filing a complaint about my wrongful termination on monday august the tenth. Me and manager Crystal Walters had a disagreement and words were exchanged also name calling.I felt that my side of the story was just as important as Crystal Walters but General Manager Paul Niggeman Didn't take time out to hear my side and he terminated me without documentation. The documentation was written after the fact not while the disagreeing was going on, and i felt that i was wrongfully terminated. I have worked for wendys for two years and 6 months maybe one written statement in my file, i hardly got into trouble and i have had three raises since i've been employed there. I have hired an attourney that said my case is well worth it and would love to represent me and of course something could be done. All i want is my job back at the wendys on memorial, but if i can't receive it then i will have stick with filing my unemployment. I'd very much rather have my job back at memorial. I would like to thank wendys for giving me the time to explain my situation since i couldn't do it at my jobs onsight like i was suppose to. I hate to take it this far but when one person isn't doing there job, you have to go a step higher until you seek justice. Thanks Taquelous Cseh

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