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Reviews and Complaints

terrible food and service

This has to be the worst Wendy's I have ever been too. The issues I have had with this location is not an isolated incident. The last 4 times I went to this location, I experianced VERY bad service and low quality food. Here is a list of things that has happened during my last few visits.

1. Incorrect food given, or some items forgotten
a. When I complained the few times, some employees where really rude.
b. Not suprising since most of then where high school kids
2. Cold food, and very poor quality
3. Cooks not wearing hair nets. Noticed a couple girls with long hair not tying up their hair.
a. And yes, I did get some hair in my food.
4. Very slow service, for a fast food place. Seems to me that the drive through attendants can not take more than one oreder at a time.

The last time I went to this location was in July last year. I will never go to this Wendy's again. I have been to other locations since then and have not had any problems.

  • Br
    Brad Feb 18, 2009

    I just found this website, that is why it took me so long to post a complaint about these two companies. The best thing you can come up with is to insuly my intelligence. Who cares if I made a few spelling errors. It seems to got you quite upset though.

    I also noticed that you have about 305 comments on this site. Most of the ones I read through contain mostly insults to the posters. Why even comment on these complaints? They have NOTHING to do with you, unless you are the owners of all the companies that these posters complain about.


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