Walmart Vision / wrong glasses ordered

New York Ave, Alamogordo, NM, United States

I went to Wal Mart Vision to get glasses because they are the only people in town my insurance has approved to get glasses. These glasses were important because they are my first pair of bifocals, pretty big deal to me. I had my exam and turned in the script to them on the 5th of February 2013. They stated that it would be approx 2 weeks. Not a problem, I thought as much. To my surprise they called me on the 14th stating they were done. I went down to pick them up and tried them on and I couldn't see out of them, not the bifocal part, but the distance part. Low and behold, the original sales person who had placed the order had entered the wrong prescription for one of the lenses. Instead of -2.50 -.25, she entered -2.50 -2.50. A different sales person saw the error and said they would have them redone. She would try and put a rush on them, but could not promise anything. I called the Vision Store today 2/20/13 and asked if my glasses were in yet. The sales person on the phone placed me on hold and came back to say that they would not be in until April 4th. I was shocked, I explained that I had initially received the wrong prescription the previous week and they were a re-do, was she sure that it was April 4th, she said yes, I said are you sure, the re-do was going to take 2 months, pretty expensive re-do. The sales person said oh no wait I forgot we were still in February, they were do in on March 4th. So which is it, some random date my glasses are actually do and I will be pleasantly surprised when they come in early OR does the RUSH job actually take longer than the initial order. I will never order glasses from these folks again. I will drive the 60 miles to go to another insurance approved vendor.

Feb 20, 2013

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