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harrassment & intimidtion by managers scantioned

After being harrassed daily by a manager with that manager trying to force me to wear Broken Dentures at Work, which for my position were not neccessary, as i had been in that position for the last 7 years without any at all, and just in the last year had saved my mopney and purchased them, and their Ins., would not cover any of this cost. I was harassed to the point of retiring . Point in question: I had a Perfect Attendance Record, Was the most knowledgable in my Dept. as to the products we carried, etc., a 100% perfect Evaluation's.
This manager John Edwards, even knowing that my dentures were broken told me I had no choice, or Freedom Of Choice, medical or not, as guaranteed by the US Constitution, but to do as he told me to do, as though he was an almighty dictator. Unable to take the harrassment, I was forced Unlawfully via constructive Dischage to Retire before my time. Taking this issue to the CEO of Wal-Mart, their decision was to support this manager 100% in his illegal actions ansd tactics' Wal-Mart/Sam's Clubs . As covered by the BOD Retreat FYO6 Confidential Document at home Office only which was sent to I a worker by this same manager while at Home Office, yet they endorse his actions

  • Sa
    SadInBama Jul 08, 2009

    I was harassed by a fellow hourly associate. Not sexual just verbal and emotional. EVERYDAY. There were only 3 girls working in the small department. She threatened me and spread rumors about me. I was in tears everyday clocking IN and OUT!! I was forced to move departments and STILL get words threw at me all the time. I have filled the proper papers and even tried getting in touch with our DM, but have yet to hear back from him. This has been going on for almost a year, and now I am on intermediate leave because of depression and anxiety attacks. I explained everything to my doctor and he has assured me this is where my anxiety is coming from. I really don't know what else to do. My job is on the line now because I have to take so much time off. Should I get a lawyer?

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refubrished electronics/not new

I can then tell the secrets I know of Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart Corp, such as Vizio TV’s with a tag that says 39 TELSA, Irvine, Calif is not a NEW Unit As you sell it for but a Refurbished Unit, and that any Dell systems sold at the stores are registered already to Sam’s Club/Wal-mart. Why? Dell is a direct Shipper, as a Direct Shipper any system purchased is Registered automatically to the Purchaser, i.e. Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Best Buy, etc. due to this the purchaser in the store has no support unless they pay for it, because they are not the registered owner, the Resellers who purchased it is. Because of this all DELL Systems should be sold online only thru the direct link to the dell website, and not in the stores, you are by selling in the stores helping DELL defraud the purchaser. Note: the day they are scanned at the Dell Shipping Point in Houston, the Warranty time clock starts ticking down, so if you have a particular unit in stock for 9 months before sale the warranty is now 3 mos left. They are a direct shipper – so go figure.
As far as the refurbished, 99.9% of what is sold at Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart is refurbished, there is a barcode on each, that identifies it as such, and in my research and contact with HP, DELL, Samsung, Vizio, Westinghouse, Sharpe, Sony, etc., etc., I have all those specialty codes and can identify each and every single one.

  • Nighthawk Dec 27, 2008

    I did my own research and found this complaint to be true 100%, Wal-Marts Low prices are really Refubrished products marked up to make them money, thus by pricing high, and buying extra low, the are robbing the American Consumer by advertising New Products at a low price when they are not NEW, but Refubrished

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  • Ch
    Charlott Aug 05, 2009

    I know nothing of this complaint...true or false but I received an email which is circulating currently that will do great damage to the company if it is not stopped. I would forward it to youif I had an email address to do so.

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  • Ch
    Charlott Aug 05, 2009

    please email your email address so I can forward he derogatory I received and correct this one way or another

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  • Vi
    Vivian Seaman Jun 04, 2010

    I believe this 100% and that's not all they do Ii just sent them the following:

    I purchased 2 money orders from your money center and sent them to the court the court says they did notreceive them I went back where I got the MO's and was given a number to call. I called the number and was told I would have to pay to process the loss. This is how your company does business? I also understand that the money order is from a company in Canada. Why are you selling people in the United States money orders from a forgein company that charges us if they are lost or stolen. And you do not even brother telling us that they are not as good as U.S. Money orders.I plan to make this practice very well known and raise as big a stink as I can. If you think one person does not matter think again you do not know me.

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rude cashier at walamrt

I went to walmart to get 2 2 liter cokes that was on special for 88 cents when i got to a cashier there wa...

site to store guaranteed delivery by christmas eve

I ordered a 46" Sony Bravia HDTV from 10 days before Christmas with GUARANTEED by Christmas Eve site to store Delivery. Well today is Christmas and my family never got their Christmas present. I never received any notification regarding the shipment being late until 3am Christmas Morning! I called numerous times to 1-800-WALMART and received no help at all, only that the item had shipped. When I asked what the guarantee was...well, they had no answers for me, so I guess it was guaranteed to be there or not be there. Walmart RUINED CHRISTMAS!!

money on my card ripped off

i loaded $96.40 on my my card this morning and when i called it told i had $88.90 i whent and pay to bill...

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stolen $37.00 from the internet

bought walmart visa gift card to pay on line my internet service. when i paid it it didn't go threw to the company i was paying. i checked the balance on the card and the $37.00 was taken out.i tried to get it taken care of and when i received a email from the card service there was another name associated with the card number. when i tried the phone number on the card there was no humans and no automatic service to handle this. so i emailed the central office of walmart, the responce via email was we cant help you now because we are to busy because of the holiday. what can i do now? this never happened with the vanilla card!!!

Resolved portrait studio

I had a portrait taken for my 9 year old daughter alongwith my 3 month old daughter.
We went once to get the portrait taken. I think per portrait the charge was $4.95 or so. You get one large print and many small prints is what they say.
I went twice to collect the portrait plus prints.
And lo and behold, the portrait that they gave me was a bad pose one, where I could not see my 3 month old baby's face. They had other prints where the poses were good. But for that I would have to pay extra. Order fresh and pay 30$ or so per full size copy.

Sophisticated chicanery is what I would call it.

Beware of Walmart's photo studio.

  • El
    Elaina69 Jun 21, 2009

    I am not sure where you went to but the Walmart Studio that my family uses has always allowed us to choose which poses we want for our main purchase pose and the other poses are taken just so that you can decide to purchase them at an extra cost. When I have photos taken of my family, we have always been allowed to look at the poses as it was taken and decide if we want to keep it or retake it. Now the first pose taken is always the package pose and it is always allowed to be seen immediately after it is taken. Then after the extra poses are taken we are again allowed to look at all of the poses and decide what sizes and if we want extra poses or not before we pay for them and leave. So to be honest the only way this could have happen to you the way you stated:1. The photographer didn't do their job properly which I somehow doubt cause they want to make absolutely sure that you (the client) is totally happy so you will return to use their services in the future. or 2. You wasn't paying enough attention when you was picking the pose that you describe above and chose it yourself.

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  • Jm
    jmadukayil Oct 04, 2009

    I do not subscribe to the previous comment.
    I do not agree with number 1 or 2 of the previous comment and the cynical way in which these are stated.
    Walmart did not provide me proper service and hence I posted a complaint here so as to let others beware and be upfront with the service that they want.

    The Walmart involved here is the Meadowvalve Walmart in Mississauga, ON.

    Later on I took the poses of my daughters with my own camera and got them printed at Costco on portrait sheets. And I now have what I initially set out to achieve.
    And then we had a family portrait with the same camera.

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Resolved unknown charge

I put $1000.00 in my walmart debit card on 12/10/08. #1: they say that there is no charge if u dep 1000 or...

Resolved ricky norton

Today 12/12/08 I went to walmart to purchase a moneygram as asked by Ricky Norton of 10 Newbury Street, Damvers, MA 01923. I agreed to purchase a teacup size yorkie for $400 and was to be shipped via Delta soon after receipt of payment. I received my confirmation number and sent to Ricky, which we've had many text and voice conversations which I kept. After I left work to head to the Philadelphia airport to pick up the precious 1.5 lb. pup for my daughter as a christmas gift, I received a text from Ricky stating he needed $150 more because he forgot they charged a fee of 150 for a Live Animal Transportation Fee. I stressed to him that we had an agreement and I was paying nothing extra and demanded a refund. I have yet to hear from him nor been able to locate his whereabouts. Would walmart moneygram be able to track the facility where he picked up the money and possible have an ID or video of the person aleging to be Ricky Norton? I am demanding to him via text and VM that he refund or I am pressing legal action. This again, as for many, is most possibly and positivily, a scam and right bfore Christmas which in theses economin imes, the normal person can not afford to loose $400 PLUS $22.92 for the moneygram. I am asking for help from anyone and everyone who can direct me with this horrific situation. I am not only out a special specific Christmas present but $422.92 which will now doulble to make up for what I was suppose tho get for my daughter. I will accept phone calls o my cell [protected] if anyone has been through this and can guarantee me getting my money back.
Oh forgot, Ricky Norton's "cell" number is [protected]

  • Bl
    BLABLABLA6969 Jan 30, 2010

    Good luck!!! I lost $950
    . What a sorry company. No live help!!
    This line is crap!!
    Affordable: Competitive pricing that often costs less than our competitors
    Benefiting You.
    $24 to get a copy of reciever's reciept. WHATCH OUT FOR HIDDEN FEES.
    Phone support What a [email protected]#$%ng joke Press 1 to go to where you started. Want help?
    No such thing here. Your on your own
    According to them there great. LOOK BELOW

    Our services are designed to meet your values, which is why our money transfers are:

    Affordable: Competitive pricing that often costs less than our competitors. Additional discounts are provided with our MoneyGram RewardsSM Program.
    Quick: Customers can send cash quickly, usually available to the receiver within ten minutes.*
    Reliable: Our service is secure and guaranteed.
    Convenient: MoneyGram offers a variety of convenient ways to transfer money,


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  • No
    Not Paranoid Apr 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've used Western Union for money transfers in the past, and thought of trying Moneygram for a change, only because their fees are a tad cheaper. WRONG!!! What they advertize is not what they end up charging you.

    In any case, my complaint centers around their RACIST PROFILING policy. I sent some money overseas for the purchase of a rare soccer match on DVD - recipient happened to be named Mohammad. THEY CHARGED ME $14 FEE (for USD35 transfer), FLAGGED THE TRANSACTION, AND REFUSED TO RELEASE THE MONEY.

    After furious inquiry as why they held the funds back, one of the senior manager of the "Escalation Department" said that the name matched some list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Dept. of Treasury.

    MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GO BY Mohammad, Muhamed, Muhamad!!! This is TOTALLY uncalled for!!

    Recipient went to the bank THREE TIMES to retrieve the money. He was NEVER told why they would not release the money the first two times. IN FACT THE RECEIVING BANK, NEVER GOT THE MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. When I relayed what I had learnt, he went back a third time, complete with affidavits, character statements and proof that he was not a terrorist - just a civilian who happened to own footage of a rare soccer match. (eBay anyone?? This is NO DIFFERENT!!).

    Going on a week now - they have still not released it. He is on the verge of cancelling the transaction. Not worth the humiliation for 35 bucks!!! (He wasn't even making a profit, just sharing a match with a fellow enthusiast).

    The hell with Moneygram!!! PIGS!!

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  • Co
    Collin Robinson Jan 05, 2011

    Im starting a class action againt Money Gram Internationinal, that is a cost free to you, chance to sue Money Gram International, and keep any awards from the court. The condition is you can not accept any offer by Money Gram International, indevidualy.

    Contact me at [email protected] if you have a complaint, against Money Gram International.

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  • Pa
    Paige Scruggs Feb 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, this exact same thing just happened to my husband..well, very close. I am very interested in a class action.
    Collins: I am contacting you via the email address above, but please feel free to contact me [email protected]

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Resolved poor service

When going to pick up my pictures I was informed that they had not been ordered on time, and were still not there after two weeks of waiting. So I check back the next day, and the guy tells me that a box of them came in but that he wasnt going to open it to see if mine was in there. I said alright well i'll just try again later, and he got a complete attitude with me and said well i'll put you on hold and you can wait for me to do what I need to do and then i'll get back with you at some point. On hold? Is he kidding me, it made me want to drive down there. The next day I go in there to see if by some chance they have arrived, and am greeted by a huge line of people in the studio, and guess what no studio employee. I guess they just went on break and never came back, and the sad part is that all the people in line before me had appointments and had been waiting over an hour for someone to show up. I still have yet to get the pictures I paid for. I am completely unsatisfied with this portrait studio, and will not be using them in the future. They need to go over their customer service skills.

  • Ca
    Cameron Dec 31, 2008

    From the sounds of it, that studio has staffing issues that need to be addressed immediately. You did NOT deserve to be treated that way.

    Please direct your complaint to CPI Corp. That is the company that owns PIcture me. Copy and paste, or go directly to and scroll down for "Contact Us"

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  • De
    DEBBIE FULK Apr 12, 2009


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  • At
    AtreiyuSwift Apr 21, 2009

    Too much caps lock.

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  • We
    weav4 Mar 29, 2013

    i want to order prints online and there is no way possible that you can order them because the site they give you don't work at all

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Resolved terrible experience

My eyeglasses frame made by titanium was broken at sep 2008 while I cleaned lenses, which was bought from walmart in jan 2008. I asked them to replace it and they said that the frame warrenty had only 60 days. I complained it to them to make no sense because the previous frame I had had kept more than 3 years. If anyone knows the only 60 days warrenty of a frame who buys it at walmart? Even worse they suspected me to buy it there while they found my information from their system, i.. E. They found my info but they said that they didn't have my purchase record. I had bought it only once at walmart.

I doubt that the frame may had a fault from the beginning because people know titanum is very flexible as well as very strong I complained them to mention the such a short warrenty policy before I bought it and they said you didn't ask it. What on earth is it? Is it walmart customer care? It's not acceptable nor has common sense. I'll have further action to correct it.

Also eyeglass is very important to protect eyes. Malmart warrenty policy and attitude to customer should be changed.

  • Valerie Nov 15, 2008

    I am shocked, dismayed and appalled at the treatment I received from night support manager, Bob, this morning. On 10/21, I spent $55.79 in this store. When I got home I realized I was charged full price for tapenade, which was on the clearance rack with a few others (and yes, I did check the tags on the shelf). This morning, 11/2, I made a special trip this morning out of my way--ten miles x 2 = 20 miles--to return it. They had a female at their 'courtesy' desk, who took one look at my receipt and flatly announced, 'We don't do that before 7 am.' I asked for a manager and got Bob. I explained that the customer should not have to be inconvenienced any further when it is a store error. He kept pointing to a yellow sign that says, 'no refunds AFTER 10 pm.' The thing about that sign, though, is that it doesn't say what time they BEGIN doing refunds. I would think that would be up to the manager's discretion, ESPECIALLY since the policy they have posted on their corporate WEBSITE says, 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, Our goal is to satisfy our Customers... by Exchange, Refund, or Repair.'

    Since I had my receipt, and it clearly was way before 90 days, and it was THEIR EMPLOYEE WHO DID NOT PROPERLY REPROGRAM THEIR SYSTEM, clearly Bob fell down on the job!!! ESPECIALLY since he was trying to tell me the sign says 'not before 7, ' when anybody who can read at the first-grade level can see it does not say that at ALL; it says 'not after 10 pm.' I pointed out to Bob that there are other stores in the area that I can shop in, such as Winn-Dixie and Publix, and I don't mind paying more for the sake of getting decent customer care. I also pointed out that since it was 6:27, surely he could accommodate me, since I have to be at work at 7 am. Again, he refused to accommodate a loyal customer. As it happens, I am also in the customer care business (actually it's half sales and half customer care.) We have policies and procedures, too, but we also know when the sensible thing to do is to make an exception. I spend about $100 a week between this store and Sarno, and I know that's NOTHING to Wal-Mart. But it is SOMETHING to me. And I can just as well divvy it up between a couple of local produce markets, and buying my soy products at my Church's health food store (again, it costs more there, but the proceeds will go to a Christian school, so that's fine with me). Anything else I need can be readily ;purchased at Publix or Winn-Dixie. Bob won the battle, all right. Him and his little yellow wonder sign. Unfortunately he lost a customer. But like I said--Wal-Mart could care less, right?

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2008

    I went to a Wal-Mart store for tire service, as one of my tires had a blowout in the wall the size of a baseball. I often monitor the condition of my tires. While at the Wal-mart auto shop, I took a closer inspection also to the inside walls of my tires, and discovered a crack wearing in the walls of 2 other tires. This could have been from the intense summer heat in the parking lot, as my tires had plenty of tread remaining.

    I've always gotten good wear of tires in the 30 plus years I've been driving. I spoke with the woman who was writing the invoice, and the supervisor, who was supposed to ensure my exact specifications were completed as requested. I asked got specific clarity that they replace the cracked tires, along with the blowout, with new tires... and the new tires placed on the rear for safety.

    I also ask that they take the good rear tire and use it as a spare. After paying for the job and then going to my car, I inspected to ensure they'd done the job as I'd specified, which we had gone over very clearly. No they had not. The good tire from the rear was missing altogether. They had put a new tire on the front. The only spare tire I had in the trunk was the blown out tire with the hole in it's wall the size of a baseball.

    I was horrified. I was scheduled to go to Charleston SC for a followup appointment with orthopedics as I had a cast from having broken my wrist. I spoke with the staff and learned that they had taken the good tire from the rear and put in into a pile of tires inside the shop, nearly ripping me off of a perfectly good tire. I work hard to earn a living to make sure I have at least the necessities in life.

    To have a monster billionaire company like Wal-Mart literally try to rip me off was, to say the least, aggravating. Rather than even offer me a sincere apology and immediately initiate correction of the problem, the staff (except for the woman greeter, who had a half-way decent demeanor) acted like they were 'half-witted about what even a half-way prudent person would have done.

    I certainly let the supervisor know how I felt about the matter and their putting my safety in jeopardy; and that I had a life to attend to, rather than having spend double time there for such negligence. Inside I felt very annoyed but kept my cool, considering the circumstances. The supervisor whom I'd given the specific instructions to actually got a bit of an attitude, as though he was trying to turn it around on me somehow.

    Of course there was no way he could since he simply didn't ensure the job was done as we had very clearly agreed. I could have gotten stuck in a 60-mile stretch on US Highway 17 between Georgetown and Charleston, where there is nothing but woodsland. That could have cost me quite a bit since I would have had no replacement spare tire. If I'd had a flat tire, I'd had opened my trunk to find nothing but a blown out tire for a spare.

    In this case I asked to see the General Manager of the store. This situation was bad enough I felt it necessary to insist on speaking with the General Manager of the store. They finally got the job corrected. I don't think it even dawned on them to even verbalize an apology. They must be trained to never apologize to any customers, like it would be admitting guilt or something.

    I was certainly not interested in any type of civil action for their careless, or cheating 'mishap.' All I cared about was, when it comes to the tires on the vehicle I drive, I have to ensure they my care is as safe as possible. On top of this, I learned very shortly afterwards that the individual who did the job, had disconnected something in my electrical system, which ended up costing me a trip to my mechanic.

    Since my car is a Mercedes, repairs are considerably expensive. That's pretty sad. They tried ripping me off of my tires, and in the process incompetently didn't reconnect something they disconnected. I was not about to take my car back to Wal-Mart, and put it in their hands.

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  • Di
    Dick Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes you are right .Wal mat is No smart

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  • Po
    pooper Apr 29, 2009

    What do you expect going to WAL MART for car repair. You've got to be joking.

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  • Now you've got the picture!! Once they get your money, the 'smiles' are gone--they couldn't care less whether you are satisfied or not...

    check out this site for lots that will further 'open your eyes' to the truth--

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  • De
    debbie in colorado May 19, 2009

    Another negative comment about Walmart that I just don't believe. I do believe that there are those out there who just hate Walmart (probably someone associated with the unions who repeatedly are denied setting up business with Walmart's many employees). I have been shopping at Walmart forever and have yet to have even ONE remotely bad experience. And that goes for every one of my family members as well. And their return policies are above and beyond any other retailer. And their prices are spectacular!

    The next time you're in Walmart ask one of the workers how they like working there.

    Unions are not for everyone, and these people should just stop trying to give Walmart a bad rep. Unions are not needed when the management/ownership knows how to take care of their own.

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  • Mo
    momof8 May 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a walmart associate. And not one of my co-workers likes where they are working. We are treated very unfairly, and walmart knows there is nothing we can do. We cant complain, because the management team has a very swift retalitation policy against the worker, but not the other members of management. They do what they want when they want. They force people out all the time. And your right, we cant get unions representation, because they would shut the doors to any store that unionized, no matter how profitable the store is. Ask any associate why walmart doesnt cut their own meat anymore. Its because the meat cutters managed to unionize and then walmart decided that it was easier to IMPORT! their meat already cut then to let the meat cutters keep their UNIONIZED jobs. Ask an associate from Canada why they closed the most profitable store in Canada. Because they also managed to unionize, and within a two weeks they decided the store wasnt doing well enough to keep it open.
    Walmart is a bad employer, and people are screwed these days into having to keep their jobs, no matter what, because the economy is so bad. So I work and keep my head and shoulders down, and never make eye comatct with ANY member of my management team.

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 23, 2009

    Why on earth would you take a Mercedes to Wal-Mart? I'm surprised they didn't refuse to do it altogether. My mom has a Mercedes and her baby doesn't go ANYWHERE except and authorized Mercedes Authorized Dealer/Shop!

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  • Gr
    GrammarNazi Jul 10, 2009

    Given the apparent intelligence of the person making this complaint (judging by their third grade language skills) this was probably all a misunderstanding that he/she was unable to understand.

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  • Br
    Brenda Oliver May 17, 2010

    store # 1137 / Manager is Estevan Rodriguez...lets just say up in the world this person became store manager is beyond me! she clearly can not manager a store, with no respect for customers at all...I was in the store to return an item on Sunday 05/16/10 around 2pm and stood in line for 45 min or longer, watched as (4) employees cleaned up a water spill, laughed back and fourth...Manager stood looking at them clean up the spill and there are at lest 20 customers in line for returns and only one person working returns??? so I asked if the manager could get someone else to help out in customer service? one employee told me, Oh I don't know where the manager is right now! I asked can't you page them to customer service?? was told no! another customer asked for the mananger and they were told the same story, after 15min went by another employee came out from the back of customer service and stood at the there, I asked she did she paged the manager and the manager replied, I'm right here around the counter at a register?? the whole time...was even the same register, I had asked to page the manager, did she move to help us ? NO! the employee behind the counter said I called someone to help you what more do you want, then began to get really ugly...the whole time the manager was around the corner hearing everything, two more customers asked for more help in this dept. still no answer!!! after waiting in line for over 45 min to and hour, I was finally up to the counter, when here comes someone to help!!! OMG...still not the manager and no I am sorry for you wait???? had the shoe been on the other foot, wonder how she would have felt... and for the manager to let an employee talk to customers that way, just goes to show you how much she cares about her customers!!! Walmart is just not the family store they claim to lest this location is not!!!

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Resolved disgrace

I have been a proud Walmart shopper since I was a kid, but on Black Friday all of that changed!! Walmart...

Resolved denied check

I have been writing checks for 25 years and never had a bounced check or any other problems. Today I wrote a...

Resolved scam

This is the worst i have seen yet walmart! I want to file a law suit against you suckers. I bought this card for a very important reason!!!

Resolved over charge for sale item

During the thanksgiving day sale there were "Riders" jeans on sale for 8.00, all sizes including plus sizes. The add showed only a pictur of the blue ones and I needed black (for work). I had been checking Walmart for my size and they had been out of them. Well when I went at 5:00 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving I went to the dept. for my size clothing and they did have my size but I wasn't sure if the black ones were on sale. So I took a pair and scanned them and they scanned the regular price. I thought well the black ones must not be on sale but I needed them anyway so I bought 2 pair at 19.96 each. The following Monday a girl I work with said she got her black ones for 8.00 so the next day I went to Walmart and found the same EXACT jeans I had paid regular price for 8.00. They were located in the juniors dept with all the other jeans that were 8.00. I went to customer service and explained the situation and the lady there told me to bring in my receipt and I would get a refund. So 2 days later I did (they still had the jeans for 8.00). I was told the jeans I got from the plus size dept were not the ones on sale even though they were the same EXACT jeans, they had different numbers because the ones on sale were purchased specifically for the sale. I feel like I should have gotten the sale price no matter where the jeans were located in the store. They were the same product in 2 different locations at different prices. I also recently picked up a DVD that had a whole center isle of the same movie with a sign that clearly said 16.96 but when I got up to the check out it rang up 19.96. I was told 19.96 was the correct price so I went back to the electronics dept. and the sign was there, 16.96. I was told that they could not override the price on movies anymore.
I am very upset with Walmart right now but I live in a small town with the next large city an hour away. I like to try to keep my business in our town but if I have to I will go to the larger city and shop. If there was a competitive department store for Walmart in our town that's where I would shop from now on. This is not the first time I've had a complaint about this store and have spoken to managers but it doesn't do any good. Walmart advertises they are the comsumer friendly store but I'm beginning to wonder about that!

  • Di
    DianaSigston Dec 22, 2009

    Irish! I could not get over your analogy of this complaint. After looking through more or less 30 of your 140+ comments I noticed you side with the company the person complains about. I will bet 98% of the time you side with the company that is complained about. You are negative, insufferable and discourteous to say the least. You filed a complaint saying you were accused of stealing a VCR accidentally!? You want people to believe you!? You have an ID of IRISH. I know there are black irish, never the less, I never seen an African American that is IRISH. Is this a game to you, or do you have a problem??

    Most of your comments have thumbs down. I also have noticed Trevor also follows your comments.

    I was compelled to comment on IRISH. I would not doubt if there is a complaint on IRISH

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My wife received a Walmart moneycard as a gift. Some gift. She followed the instructions to activate the card by phone. She discovered she needed information she did not have. She contacted the giver and got the activation code from the receipt. She tried again. It was a no go.

She turned it over to me. (I should have known what a nightmare this would turn into.) I tried activating on-line twice. The first time it needed more information than I had. The second time, it stalled at step 3 of 5, and restarted twice.

Walmart has the money and everyone else associated with the card got screwed.

My wife called Walmart. Their comment was they never heard of anyone having a problem with Yeah, right.

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    Ralph L Sep 26, 2010
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    I got a 46 inch sayno tv from walmart. After the first year there were dark streaks showing.Now the left side of the screen has turned dark.I contacted sayno they would not help.I went to walmart they said sorry we can't help you. I told salesman he had more of the same tvs in the store and knew they were no good.I ased if he was going to sell them and take addvantage of someone.He just walked away from me. I looked it up on the computer and there are others haveing the same problem, and not geting help. Thanks walmart for takeing my money and giveing me junk.

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poor service at front royal va walmart

My elderly mother and I went to the Front Royal Va Wal mart on Thanksgiving day and it was bad. We wanted to...

falsely advertise price match guarantee

This evening I went into our local Wal-Mart (Wilmington ohio) with a Target ad. Target had some movies on sale that I wanted to purchase as Christmas presents for my family. I got the movies took them to the checkout with the Target add. The front end lady called the manager to ask if it was alright. She came back with I have good news and bad news. Im allowed to price match for those movies but I'm not allowed to price match the Target add because it's over 30 miles away. Well the nearest Target is 25.8 miles from our Wal-Mart. So of course I asked to speak with the manager. I have had them price match a Target ad more than once. At first the manager said there isn't a Target within 30 miles. Once I had my husband mapquest the nearest Target he then changed the story to "we dont and wont price match Target"... then he changed his story again and said well if u want to come back tomorrow and ask the electronics department manager you can. I asked him how is that possible when the Target add is over tonight at 11pm. "Not my problem" I called the Wal-Mart customer service hotline. They were no help and gave me the district manager's name and a phone number. I have had nothing but problems at this Wal-Mart. I was assulted by a Wa;-Mart employee 4 years ago and it took me a long time to go back. Just when I feel more comfortable going back to this store the rudeness still remains. I asked 4 different employee's what the manager's last name was and nobody could tell me. They only knew him by his first name. Not one person including the manager could tell me the policy either. It has been advertised on television time and time again. This is false advertising. I asked the manager who they do a price match with and he said only the ones in this town. That just happens to be a grocery store. This is unreal. I could understand it if the store I wanted them to price match was 50 miles away but it was 25 miles away. Less then a half hour. Also when I told them I was going to contact the local news paper and television stations they didn't care. However you look at this its false advertising.
When a store advertises something they should have to stick to their end of the deal. And it's a training issue when not 1 employee including the manager can tell you what the policy is. And a huge training issue when not 1 employee knows the manager's name.

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    James Smith Nov 30, 2008

    So sorry that you did not get your way. I also price match with Walmart and have no problem.
    However, their policy is if the store in question is within a five mile radius of their store (so I have found in other blogs). That is when they will price match. Even 25.8 miles is a stretch to ask for in my opinion. I can't blame you for trying though.

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    NewYorker May 19, 2009

    True, price matching can be difficult since the price varies for region to region. That maybe causing the Target to sell for a lot less than Walmart. But i suggest you should have tried a Walmart that is closest to that Target you are specifying to get your price match.

    But i do not like when employees and managers try to lie to me and make stupid reasons and keep changing answers.
    But it is Walmart's fault for not advertising the radius issue for price matching. These days businesses are trying only to make quick cash and get attention through false advertising.

    Lets c if soon we have a law to protect consumers from false advertising.

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    mrspenguin Apr 23, 2011
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    Most Walmart's will only price match for stores in the same town. People used to come to my line with Cub Foods ads and I had to tell them no. There isn't one in Winona, only in La Crosse and Rochester, both of which are over 30 miles away. It's not false advertising, if you take time to look closely at their policy, I'm sure it says something along the lines of "local retailers".

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    Karen Mendoza Aug 08, 2015
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    I was able to used ad match stores within 50 miles, than a week ago new manager in San Jacinto ca said I can only match in my city. This is wrong. Why do they make up own rules and change policy without notice. I price match because I did not want to drove far, I guess I do not need to go to Walmart to aid match since they will not aid match in other cities

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walmart site to store program

We Ordered a TV Stand from Walmart and chose the site to store option. We went to pick it up when we recieved notification that the item has arrived at the store.

The staff brought out one box and said that was it. However, when we were got home, we realized there was a sticker on the box that revealed the TV stand came in 2 boxes instead of one.

So we returned to the store to hopefully get second box. Apparently, the second box was not shipped and was told it was our fault even though we pre paid for the item prior to picking the first box up.

Walmart store manager and staff were not help and were not to sharp to deal with the situation

Definitely, will steer away from Walmart in the future. Its worth it to pay a few bucks extra for customer service.

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    marco Nov 28, 2008
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    Beware of instore pick up.
    Ive had that problem in the houston area. Everyone is lazy monkies that will rip you off.

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not arthorized billing

Monday, I called walmartmoneycard, after viewing my account and I had found an item that I didn't purchased, I told Walmartmoneycard person that my account needs to have a flag on it the only item that should be on it is Netflix and the services charges, if anything else shows up then they should decline it. I had called the one company and was credited the money back into my account. Today, Thanksgiving I checked my account again, and here is another $44.92 deducted that I didn't purchase on this date. I called again and spoke to a Representative of walmartmoneycard and she said she couldn't put a flag on it. So buyer beware, if your account is compromised don't call them they won't do anything about it, do call and cancel your account. My bank said, that they don't charge for a debt card and they will check my buying behavior and if something comes up like this it will be put on pending until I am called.

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    Truth hurts Feb 13, 2009

    HORRIBLE SERVICE: Cannot speak with a person & ask questions...get billed 2.oo just for speaking with someone.

    RIP OFF: 8 dollar Fee to add money??! Ridiculous..then
    I put 100.00 in, & when I checked my balance I only had 80.00 dollars. & I couldnt speak with a live peron & the automated voice dont help with info...


    monthly fees, maintanance fees

    If u lose one card..fee for that...takes a long time for new one to come...then can transfer money to one from the other


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    upset customer Mar 10, 2009

    I put 150$ into the card tried to use card next day for a purchase money was not

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    S J May 04, 2009

    Thank god i only put 60.00 in it.
    They know how to rip us off good dont they?
    If you do not keep your reciept they keep your WHOLE amount.
    Impossible to email.
    Impossible to call.
    Write a letter. Wait for reply. Forever.

    I have a hot fire burning in a special place for these crooks in walmart clothes.

    Punish. Sue. Fraud. Inform all.

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  • Co
    Cora V. Warner Jun 03, 2009

    I, Cora Warner in Paxico, Kansas
    I have always trusted in Walmart products.
    I Activation my Walmart moneycard with this number #4470 9122 1110 5738 {674} with this Activation number #o400624794281 on May 28, 2009.
    I have not been able to paid my school bill or buy anything with my Walmart Money card since I Activation my card. I put $100.00 on it 5/28/2009 at the walmart on Wanamaker in Topeka, Kansas.
    I always get this message every time Itry to use it i get this message. "This credit card cannot be processed at this time. Please try another credit card."
    If you don't get this straight out I will give it over to my Lawer and he will see that it be took care of. Money don't grow on tree. I use your Walmart moneycard; Vista debit card so I can paid for my schooling.
    Please let me send me a email tonight or I going to talk to my lawer tomorrow about this matter. He will take care of it.
    Thank you
    Cora Warner
    316 Emporia Avenue
    Paxico, Kansas
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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    TEXASDADDY Jul 11, 2009

    why would you post all the information on a website that anyone can use that is really really really really really really and 100000000000000 times really STUPID IT DOESNT MAKE A POINT BY SHOWING EVERYONE YOUR INFORMATION

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    Cora V. Warner Jul 14, 2009

    I have put $80.00 on my account Friday and i went to pay my schools Acccount and it said there is $3.00 in my accounts. i don'tunderstand why i only have $3.00 in my account when i just put $80.00 on it and I haven't used it since. I have to pay my school bills today. What I am to do? My Money don't grow or trees. Ihave to work for it and i want to be able to paid my bills and buy what i need. This have happen to me twice. I you like to have my business i request that i be able to do my bills payment on time.I finger I could put my money on your card and i could pay my school bills on time. What Am i to do Now without being paiding my school bills Today.
    Cora V.Warner

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    Cora V. Warner Jul 14, 2009

    Why don't you tell us the card holder the reason why you don't answer our complains where we can see it on the complain page? We are sitting here waiting for a response from you to do what.

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