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Walmart / customer service

1 Indianapolis, IN, United States Review updated:

I was in the Super Wal-mart on Pendleton Pike just the other day. I can completely understand that they are going through improvements and remodeling. I went to the bakery and just wanted to ask someone a question. I even saw the sign that customers would not be able to even order anything until the next day. But again, I only wanted a question answered. My sister was throwing me a baby shower that weekend and we were looking at cupcakes and cake options from the book. A Wal-mart employee asked if we needed help. We told her that we were looking at cakes. She immediately stated what the sign said in a loud manner. I said okay, but I just wanted to know how much this type of cake would run me. I just needed an estimate because we were planning on coming back the next day. She then told me that the person I needed to talk to was at lunch and she walked away. Why is there only one person in this section, or any section, who knows prices? And why is there any reason to be rude about it. I would think there would be a list of prices for cakes that are in a book, preplanned designs. We ended up going across the street to Krogers. They were nice and wonderful and I even said thank you for being so kind. And we like their price too.

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  • Te
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    To whom it may concern: I am writing you this letter because I am very disappointed in the Wal-Mart at town and Country in victoria. I realize that they are renovating but I feel that they are not accomodating the customer. My family and I spend a lot of money in this store and it is very frustrating that you cannot get the product or service that you should be getting. When you ask for help you either get snubbed or put off to someone else. The service in this store has dropped trumendously and as for the product, there is none. I have been buying clothes for my husband and myself for over 4 years there and up until now I am not able to. They used to carry big and tall and now you can, t even find it in the store. When you go in for a perscription you are told 20 minutes which turns into 1hour it is just terrible. I guess customer service sure isn, t what it used to be. I was in there today and asked a lady where the tents were she pointed me in the direction and walked away. When I went back to look for her to tell her I could not find the tents, she snapped at me and said mam I am looking for them and trying to help you! I am sorry but I do not think she tried to help me, when I looked through all the iles myself to find that they did not even have one tent in the store I left and walked out. To bad they lost a sale. I guess I feel that the customer service should be more than it is, but I also feel that the product should still be coming back into the store even though they are renovating. I sure hope that when the new store is up and running that they will be more polite to there customers, and that the product will be in the store, maybe then will I return to see what kind of service I will be getting.

    Terry Nowosad

  • Bl
      13th of May, 2009
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    I undertand how you felt completely. I have been dealing with these types of issues in my local Walmart store ever since we moved here 10 years ago. You can't go in there unless you have unlimited time to spend and, you don't want to go in there if you're in a bad mood, your visit will make it worse. For some silly zoning reason, Montgomery County in Maryland USA, will not allow the super centers to come into the county. We're the only county in Maryland that does not have Super Walmarts or Super Targets. My local neighborhood Walmart has always been one of the messiest places to shop at. Not only that, they never seem to ensure that they have enough people to wait on their customers. I have been in there when only one cashier is working and all the other registers are empty of personnel. As to the pharmacy well that is another fiasco. I was told one evening when I went to drop off a prescription that I needed filled that I would not be able to take it away with me that evening. When I asked why the pharmacist on duty just snapped back that she didn't have any body else to help her. My retort was well your personnel problems are not my problem and I will take my prescription business elsewhere. There was one six month period where that store became a pleasure to go into even with the hassles of having to shop in the middle of an extensive renovation. Whoever they had as the head manager in there did an excellent job with whipping their sullen employees into shape. If I needed help to find something there were many times this lovely man personally took me to where the item was. Unfortunately, after the renovation was completed, he was transferred to the Super Walmart much nearer to his home. I can't blame him for wanting to be closer to home what with the gas prices but, it wasn't long before that Walmart began to go back to their old ways. I continue to go there because I don't have much choice. I don't have a car therefore, it is easier for me to walk across the street to Walmart. I used to work for Target and Target never let the lines get backed up like Walmart does. As to the store greeters, I find it particularly silly that they have to see your receipt. The only time you should have to worry about viewing a customers receipt and packages is if the alarm goes off which it sometimes does if the cashier has not swiped any electronic doodad properly. I do have to admit tho that they took care of me when I lodged a complaint here about an inferior pair of glasses that I had gotten from the Vision Center. I hadn't had them a year yet and they were already falling apart. I kept losing the lenses out of one side. I was actually on myway to Walmart when I got a bit of something blow into my eye which necessitated me to remove my glasses. When I went to take them off, the left lens popped out onto the blacktop. Thankfully, I was right there and could retrieve the lens. I went to the vision center and theyput the lens back in and put a permanent screw in to hold it. Unfortunately, when they put that permanent screw in, it warped the frame badly and the right side lens started to pop out. When the left side lens popped out after that permanent screw, I had had it. I took them back in and told them I had never had such an inferior pair of frames. I have worn glasses all my life (since first grade). Glasses are very important to me and I never mistreated any glasses I have. I do like to see what is going on. Well I was told that there was no warranty on frames past the original 30 days. Since this was about 8 months later, that put me out of business. I was not in a position to be able to buy another pair glasses. As it was when I got that pair, I had to take the money for our electric and gas bills to pay for the glasses and just worked out paying those bills with the respective utilities. I was in better shape financially to get another pair of glasses but, I didn't feel that I should have had to. I complained here and I was surprised that I got a call from both corporate managers in charge of the Vision Centers. I was told that I would get a whole new pair of glasses at no charge whatever style I wanted and new lenses. I was gobsmacked to say the least. I didn't expect that I would get any kind of a resonse since I had complained before on the general sloveness of that store and the unfriendly attitude of the employees. Obviously this is a problem that is not restricted to just one store it's nationwide and international wide. You would think that the powers that be with Walmart would realize that they need to revamp their whole system. Unfortunately, they also realize that they beat just about every body else out on prices for most things and people are going to continue to shop there no matter what has happened or how rudely they've been treated. When it comes down to it, money talks and BS walks. One final venting complaint tho to see if any other Walmart store goes thru this. Has anyone ever gotten frustrated with the fact that their buyers do not pay attention to what moves? I find it increasingly frustrating that I will find a product that I like and when I go back to get it again, you won't see it. I love their brand of pre-cooked sausage patties (at least our local Walmart has a freezer case). They are a good buy and do not have unidentifiable bits in them to hurt your teeth. I couldn't find them for the longest time. Thankfully they have begun to show back up in the freezer case again. Oh and here's another one. This store has pallets full of stuff piled in the middle of the major aisles for stocking. They had so much stuff at one point they had the section where you pick up the lunch box pies and other baked goods blocked on almost all sides to where you couldn't reach a product. When they had first completed the renovation, the store was nice. I was finally able to walk thru there without fearing that I would get hurt but it's gone back to its old sloppy self again. UGH! Even with all these aggravations, I will continue to shop there for the prices but it sure would be nice if we didn't have to put up with this kind of abuse in order to save money. If it wasn't a considerable amount of money that I've saved, I wouldn't shop there.

  • Dm
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    Good for you! Keep going to Kroger, Wal-Mart has plenty of other people to keep their business alive.

  • Az
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    I just had to get this out there after after being shocked by the lack of customer service I received from Wal-Mart. Here is my story:

    I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and purchased some ground turkey logs to use to make turkey burgers on the grill. Well I cut open the package and squeeze the meat out into a bowl and I am immediately met with a very fowl odor. Actually that description doesn't do it any justice. This completely REEKED, like to the point where I'm boderline gagging. I look at the meat at its a light green color. I look at the package and it says use by 6/7/10. It is 6/14/10. Completely disgusted I put the rancid ground turkey into a plastic bag and tie it up and then I put that bag inside another plastc bag and tie that up and put it outside in the trash where it will have to sit in the blazing heat for 4 days before my trash is picked up.

    So I get the phone number to the store from my receipt and call them. I explain the situation to a girl there who tells me to bring the meat back to the store. Uhhh, ok I'm not carrying rancid meat with me and putting it in my car. She says she understands, can I at least bring the package. Again I explain this was a ground turkey roll and I am not going to fish out the package which again would contain bits and pieces of rancid meat. She then says ok, that is fine just bring in your receipt and "we will take care of you." I take down her name and write it on the receipt and tell her I won't be able to go until tomorrow. She says that is fine.

    So I go in to the store store the next day and go to the customer service counter. I explain the situation and give my receipt to the girl working at the counter with the name of the girl I spoke to written on it. She immediately just starts shaking her head and saying no, you have to bring in the product. I again ask her to use common sense and consider that my product is rancid fowl smelling meat that I immediately threw away packaging and all. I spoke to the girl whose name is written on the receipt and she told me it would be fine to just bring in the receipt and she acknowledged she knew her but then says well she knows we cant accept a "return' without the product or packaging.

    At this point I tell her look its not about the damn $3 or $4 its the fact that I bought a meat product from the shelves of this store that had expired a week ago and stunk up my entire house and had me on the verge of puking and someone needs to know about it. She says hold on let me get my managaer. manager comes over, I again go through the whole story and get well I'm sorry but without the product/packaging there is nothing they can do. I then tell him they are going to lose a customer over this and he just keeps repeating the same lines. I walk out disapointed and amazed that they would actually treat their customers this way. I am now officially done shopping at Wal-Mart for ANYTHING.

  • Ma
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    im a customer with this firm and they stole my monies out of my account an ive tryin to retrive my funds my name is mary brewer

  • Ha
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    If you only knew what wal-mart employees have to deal with maybe you'd understand. i work for the hell hole but i try my best not to support wal mart.

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