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Walmartmusic played inside of store

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I had the worst shopping experience in Wal-Mart, July 15, 2009, (evening), that I have ever experienced.
Normally I listen to only Christian music at home/in car, etc. That evening the music was as close to Arab, with monatone repeat of chanted(hummed and rather high pitched) sound that repeated over and over); to interludes with fast paced but nerve racking went on for ever. Truly, for as long as we were in the store this same maddening sound interrupted my thoughts and my whole being.
Plus every time I turned to go down another isle there was an Islamic family and/or adults and young husband kept loudly. telling his family and wife to shut up!
I fianlly became so nervous and upset that I found my husband in electronics and told him I just had to leave. He had noticed the high number of Islamic's too and he then mentioned the sound of the music and he too said it was bothering him also.
It was like a horrible dream. We are still in America and Wal-Mart is on American soil. American's got Wal-Mart where it is today...not those coming into our country and taking over our jobs, not conforming to learning English, and wearing clothes from their home land and speaking exptremly loundly and rudely.
If that happens again I will leave my cart and leave Wal-Mart and not go back again!
It was hard to complain to Customer Service because they have the Islamic's working back there...they have taken over jobs and pushed American's out of work. They run the gas stations, and even were venders around the D.C. area two weeks ago when we were visiting there. Why would I want to buy an American hot dot from and Arab, dressed in his homeland clothing and not speaking clear English. I diversed...the music in Wal-Mart should be American!


  • Je
    Jesus Saves Sep 15, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed in my local Walmart for the last year or two they are playing more and more Hispanic songs. And I as observe the people around me they are speaking more and more in Spanish; it makes me feel that I am a forgeinger in my own country. I have been in some stores were the music was making me just want to get out there, stores should only play music with no words, the original Musak (elevator music) songs -popular music that was instrumental (without words)

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  • Cj
    cjg910 Oct 05, 2018

    I think she is referring to sme of the "chanting" music that was popular a few years ago, which many find hard to listen to. I noticed this years that the Wal-Mart music where I live has become increasingly louder and is no longer" background music". Wal-Mart is not the only store that has increased the loudness of the music. I was at Wal-Mart today and found it distracting and hear a customer complain it made them nervous. Store managers may think this increases sales, it may not. I think they should stop.

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  • Pr May 28, 2013

    You're a ###ing idiot. That's all I can really say. Go kill yourself and be with your oh so perfect "God". People like you make me sick. You make me ashamed to be an american. WalMart is a ###ing white trash paradise anyways! What about the fat guys that roll around in there on the electronic carts with their shirts wide open!? You're right, that's so much more acceptable. You make america and christians look bad. I'm a witch. Should I be banned from Walmart? My religion is different from yours and I have blue hair, dark makeup and 90% of the time my cleavage is what I work my outfit around. I'm different than you in my appearance but you don't know me, or the people you're bashing on. Seriously ###, think before you open that mouth of yours. You sound like Hitler. Get a life, have sex, pull the stick out of your ### and embrace the wonderful cultures that surround you. You're ###ing ignorant. I would probably punch you if I heard you speak your mind (or lack there of) in person.

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  • Ld
    LDNC Sep 14, 2011

    There is a very simple solution to the annoying "background" music problem. To please everybody, don't offend or annoy anyone. That is simply accomplished by having no music at all played at Wall- Mart or any other public place. No one, not even Wall-Mart, should impose their or anyone else's taste in "music" on their customers. No one goes to Wall-Mart for a concert. They go there to shop and should be left alone to do it in peace without someone's idea of "music" imposed on them.

    For a long time Wall-Mart did not force unnecessary and annoying music on their customers, but that has unfortunately changed, at least in western North Carolina. Wall-Mart has discontinued the policy of no music in the stores and has sent a company approved CD of what they think their customers should be forced to hear while shopping and has given the store managers the option of playing that so called "background music" in their stores, over and over again, as long as it is the company approved CD. This is a very bad move by Wall-Mart management. Wall-Mart should discontinue this practice immediately and leave their customers alone to shop in peace.

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  • Mr
    mrspenguin Apr 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't complain, some Walmarts don't play music at all anymore. (Except for November and December where they play the same Christmas music CD over and over and over and over...) I almost quit my cashier job in November because listening to the same 20 songs over and over, each and every shift was making me crazy.

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  • Ye
    yehieli-abad Dec 20, 2009

    That's truly all that's going throug my head right now. Wow.
    I am daughter of Christian parents, my mother born to the daughter of a pastor, and all in all there are 6 Christian pastors in my family. As you could imagine we are all Christian.
    But you know what?

    I love listening to "Arab" music. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with MUSIC! And not all their music is religious, for your iformation, so don't even DARE to think that they were trying to force the Islamic religion down your throat. Many of their songs are poems set to music, which applies to all sorts of Asian music, from Middle Eastern to Indian to Chinese to Japanese, so on and so forth. (And did you know that poems were set to music in the EUROPEAN Middle Ages as well? The peole who did it were called troubadours.) Besides, the music was probably not "Arab" as you said. For all you know it could have been Shakira! You seem secluded enough to the outside world to not know who she is.
    By the way, if you were to visit Israel, the music would sound INCREDIBLY similar, IF NOT the same, to "Arab" music. Oh! and the better term for it would be Middle Eastern music as well.
    And SO WHAT if they want to wear the dress of their country?! So what if they are the ones who work at WalMart or at hot dog stands? Who cares?! (Other than you that is.)
    And WHO in all the world ARE YOU to tell THEM to learn to speak English properly? How about you take your family and move to a foreign country and learn to speak THEIR language properly? God forbid though that it be a Middle Eastern country! How about France or Spain, or mabe Germany? Or do you still hold a grudge against them for having murdered so many Jews, Blacks, and "imperfect" people (as in people with diseases such as Down Syndrome that made them look "imperfect") in the Holocaust?

    Yes, there are Islamic radicals. But that's just what they are: RADICALS! Just as there are Christian Radicals and Catholic Radicals and Hindi Radicals! Look up the history of OUR RELIGION (since we both happen to be Christian)! What about the Spanish Inquisition? What about the Protestants who escaped persecution in England by moving to modern day New England only to do EXACTLY what was done to them to anyone who was not their denomination?
    Not all Muslims are radicals. In reality, Muslims hold the same Christian views of peace, even if they have different rules to follow. And even though it was an awful thing for that man to have yelled at his wife and children, have you ever even thought about how it's the same thing in countries in Central and South America, in Africa and Asia? It used to be the same in Christian counrties, too!
    And, yes, this country was founded with Christian ideals. But this country also has no national religion, so don't be trying to bring that up in your defense. Many of our founding fathers didn't even live by Christian ideals. They were Deists.
    Stop being ignorant; open your eyes! As said by thearmadilloqueen, God said love thy neighbor. If you truly believed in the Christian ideals you claim to live by you would not harbor such hate for these people.

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  • Qs
    qscott86 Nov 27, 2009

    Anyone who listens to only Christian music needs their head examined in the first place. It isn't Walmart's place to force your religion down people's throats.

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Aug 17, 2009

    Maybe Walmart should pipe in some Rap music. Or maybe Bluegrass! Or how about some Emo? And I highly doubt it was "Arab" music anyway. Maybe it sounded like it to you because you are hearing impaired and only hear certain sounds that all sound the same. Why don't you just fill up an Mp3 player with "Christian" music and listen to it when you shop? As for the "Islamic" hot dog vender? Most white males would consider it beneath them to hawk hotdogs all day! Most young men think they should be paid $15 an hour for working at a gas station or McDonald's!

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  • Bl
    blahsmackblahyada2010 Aug 14, 2009 are so not what I would call an American. You are a racist. Americans should be welcoming. We should be able to learn from other cultures. Islamic people move here for a better living. Why should they have to conform to your way of thinking? You sound so stupid for even commenting such crap as "their music scared you", "they should wear what "we" wear. Who is "we"? Americans? Well like I said they came to America the Land of the Free. They have the freedom to listen to their music in all the places that "we" listen to yours. You are not a good Christian if you judge someone by their nationality. Read your Bible see where God came from.

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  • Th
    thearmadilloqueen Jul 31, 2009

    well ma'am i really hate to break this bit to you but if you want to only hear and see american things go buy a bunch of mirrors and put them in your house and lock the doors. and how do you know they aren't american? just becuase they are dark and the women cover their heads? as a sign of their religion do you not wear a cross to profess your faith in your lord? here's a mind blower the god of muhammad and of christ and of david is the same god. if you would study just a little bit deeper into your own religion you could see that.
    what i don't understand is when america stopped becoming this melting pot? was it after 911? or have you always been a bigot? how will your children be raised are you going to be sending them away to aryan day camps? they will get to see lots of white people and here lots of christian music.
    also i work at walmart and honestly do you want to work there? do you want to work at a gas station? both are pretty ### jobs, but we need them to support our families.
    in fact i don't know why i am wasting time on this you won't understand. you don't want to.
    just remember god said to love thy neighbor. regardless if you want them there or not.

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  • Pk
    pkr. Jul 19, 2009

    Sure the U.S. has been a melting pot of peoples from all around the world. But those entering out land were coming to make a new life for themselves and showed a love of our country. They learned English, and worked hard and took what the meaning of our Declaration of Independence meant and our flag and what it stands for and made it their own.
    But the objective of military jihad is not only to convert people to Islam but also to gain political control and excerise Islamic authority over a population (American's whom they hate), so that society lives and abides by the principles of Islam.
    Most are not Christian at all. They came here and built their Mosques which support the teaching of Mohammed. Islam is a religion rooted in seventh-centry teachings that are fundamentally opposed to democracy and equality. Radical Islamists are utterly contemptuous of all "infidels (non-Muslims) and regard them as enemies worthy of death.
    So, why would they come here to a democratic society (which Mohammed opposes), to a land of the "free" which Mohammed puts the husband in total control of wife (which all I heard from one man speaking to his wife and children was "shut up, shut up, and more shut up". There is nothing even Christian in speaking to your wife or children like this.
    I am neither a racist or bigot but an American who sees cells of these people taking over our jobs (in D.C. two weeks ago they were the only ones selling the all-American hot dot on the streets of our nation's capital. Where is the American who used to have this vending cart?
    Why do they get to have time during school to do their religious stuff and if we speak of God in the public school system then we loose our jobs. The U.S. was built on Christianity. As we let the work of our forefathers slide out of sight, so goes our morals, and acceptance of "anything" is ok.
    My father fought in WW II to keep us free. He would be turning over in his grave if he knew what was taking place in the U.S. today.
    If American's wanted to hear music from a county land that hates us they would go there. But we want to hear the music that has kept America and our apple pie traditions alive and well.
    The idea that they remain in their traditional dress would be alright...except is says they still uphold their views and call to Mohammed.
    Maybe you would be interested in reading a book about how radical Islam exploits the liberties America affors them while they set up their plans to abolish those same liberities. If you dismiss the prospect of worldwide jihad occuring then you misunderstand the ideology of origianl they work to indoctrinate juvenile delingqueents, gang members and convicts in the ideology of jihad. Some radical Islamic chaplins have even been found in the U.S. military, attempting, with some success, to brainwash our soldiers.
    Radical Islam teaches that no government has the right to exist unless it obes the Sharia, and that Muslims must wage war against those that do not---even if those governments are run by Muslims.
    All of this and more is supported in the book : They Must Be Stopped, by Brigitte Gabriel. She is a Christian who, as a young girl, faced the attack of radical Isalm and lived for seven years in a celler and went through a number of surgeries to correct the injuries from the bloody fight that she lived through.
    Yes, I am worried for America and our people. Especially those who don't want to see and understand what is happening all around us.
    All hell will break loosed one day and then see if you still want to hear music played on American soil by your enemy.

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  • Sw
    SweetRose Jul 18, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oh my god are you even listening to yourself?!? Islamists? What the ### are those? Do you mean Muslims or are you just trying to be as offensive as possible? what a racist freak.

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  • OhHowUnamerican Jul 18, 2009

    You sound ignorant and not very intelligent. Please stay in Kansas.

    First off, who are you to dictate what a person must wear or speak? Second, does your disdain for non American music also include masterpieces composed by Europeans like Bach, Beethoven, Handel, or even OH MY GOSH people in Israel or music from Bethlehem? Oh Little Town of Bethlehem MUST have been written by an American or else you would want it banned, too. Bad Walmart better not have children songs on their shelves like, London Bridge, or the Bridge of Avion. Those just are un-American.
    Also, what are Islamics?
    I find it interesting that a very, very, very large part of the world actually say similar things about Americans visitng their countries, lol...the God awful clothes, the smells, the LOUD and boorish talking and bossy behaviors they push upon others.

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  • Ea
    easygirl Jul 18, 2009

    whats wrong with arab music they are mostly christians too

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  • Ea
    easygirl Jul 18, 2009

    whats wrong with arab music they are mosly christian and i find you to be a begggot

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